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Old Jimmy

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MH 108 8 Views: 114
Published: 47 days ago

Old Jimmy

Old Jimmy goes by the name-old hillbilly...I think he originated out of the South, down around the Carolinas.

Jimmy was the personal caretaker of the late Pastor Vayle. Pastor Vayle wrote the first book about his best friend, William Branham. The prophecies of William Braham have been coming true for the past 80+ years and with Billy Branham turning 86 years old, the last of the prophesies are not good news and 80+ years ago explained self driving cars and at the end---the destruction of your $$$ via hyper inflation that will make your car worthless and your $$$ so worthless that you can use it to wallpaper your wall with it.

Jimmy never was into herbal use; he has always been more like a walking talking encyclopedia of The history of the Branhams--Jimmy knows every human that was closely associated with the Branhams, pastors around the world, due to being the butler for Pastor Vayle for many years.

Old Hillbilly is very old now and he refused to ever remove that BUCKET MOUTH full of MERCURY and he never was very happy that Pastor Vayle one day told him that he did not see Jimmy in the "TENT"........the tent being what Branham seen in one of this thousands of visions about the end times and what to "expect" after you are dead.

Many if not all the old people I crossed paths with---refused to remove their dental disasters---exactly like Dr. Hulda Clark knew they would.......this is why I alwauys believed that if they do not undo what their dentist did to them by age 50, odds are they will not.

To keep that disaster in your mouth destroys the signals from your brain to the rest of your body---no human can function properly with poison in their mouth.

HUMANS ADAPT, but no longer are not considered adults and ready for marriage at age 120-----today, thanks to 2,000 years of war, humans are so toxic that by age 80 they look age 500+

The Old Hillbilly has noticed 'things" are not working like they use to------so now, he is self-exploring herbal use. He watched Pastor Vayle and pastors around the world believe in Herbal use and finally he is waking up to the idea.

I got Jimmy onto True Wild Oregano Oil many years ago----but he hoarded it into 200 small bottles----probably selling it or collecting it---allot of old people collect herbs and to not take them.

He has been using the wold oregano help his old buddies around the country defeat this covic scam and recently a few days ago he wanted to take what Pastor Valye took.....

I gave him a couple of bottles and I gave him a bottle of spray that I accidentally made way too strong the morning that he came and i said this bottle must be for you--BECAUSE like Branham and Vayle truly believed, there are NO MISTAKES, everything you do, is something you must do.

So Jimmy took the spray and liquid herbal formula, but he did not like the IDEA of spraying herbs on his skin, so he DRANK THE SPRAY

I have always said the sprays can be sprayed in the mouth and breathing in the sprays is how some of the best results have been discovered, etc.....BUT NEVER knew anyone would drink the sprays---especially a mega hot spray, an extreme use spray.

So he said he was taking 1/2 teaspoon of spray and 1 tablespoon of the syrup, first the syrup and follow with the spray---both formulas adult or super adult strength.

The hot taste does not bother him.

He comes back in 3 days and explains what he did and says I want a gallon of that all mixed up into 1 formula. I mix the first gallon and then he said, give be 2 gallons. we determined based on his initial use, he would take 4 ounces every day---------BELIEVE ME THAT IS ALLOT

I know amish that have did similar and always told me there is no words in the german / english language to describe what they felt.........

It is very strange for Jimmy to be doing this---but for him to give $$$, is rare enough, but to take such powerful herbs, is even more rare. YET, nothing happens by accident---the old hillbilly is going to be a great learning experince as was Pastor Vayle for many years in his late 80's, 90's.

"IF" Jimmy would only pull all that metal out of his mouth---he would experience real freedom.

Those that have read the spray stories, know some weird results came from their use--such a restored hair, eye sight, skin, erase past pains, etc. etc. and enabling to write with the opposite hand, etc. was just allot of "strange" side effects.....and the reversal of sun burn was one of the greater education in my time of self-exploring with herbs.....but to DRINK the sprays-----well JIMMY surely is the first and the oldest. I have seen old people give their eyes an enema with the Eye Spray, but never drink it..

The Old hillbilly has at least 2 fatal problems---his mouth of dental work and he takes an enema each day......both are extremely destructive.


So very SIMPLE---you watch people die and what they died of and make sure you did not follow their mistakes----been doing that my entire life.

NO smoking, no coffee, no dope, none of that crap for me---seen my family and friends be killed by that garbage...............operations and prescription drugs/vitamins? That ### KILLS

IF YOU WANT TO LIVE----you learn from the dead.

DO NOT BE SURPRISED that the "DEAD" may not be so dead----the tv channel---TRAVEL CHANNEL shows what people with cameras are recording all over earth and discovering many if not all old scary tells told around the world for centuries---may be based on factual monsters and gouls and things that will chase you out of any building---MUCH is FAKE, but much is also factual---there are things that will trike fear in any human alive and make you go the other direction---then consider ALIENS-------this world is loaded with aliens---been seeing those critters since the early 1970's and their flying machines----they know some of them "bug critters love eating cows and elk and surely humans". Do not be surprised if gov feeds aliens humans. WAKE - UP and do not be their victim....being harvested is never a good idea.

MH 108

These are the types of subjects for the advanced use of the website

OH YEAH, I took a 60 second video of Jimmy yesterday---if I out that video on facebook, it would be removed within 5 seconds, but video, education is freedom within the best private website.


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