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Published: 4 months ago


The gov has destroyed your $$$, any form of $$ you use, they have robbed you blind--it is an attack on AMERICA from within as they destroy "you"

They pretend tp rob the rich and give to the poor, but like all thieves and murders they are cons and destroyers--what the world recognizes as demons. They are not real humans, they are college hand picked demons put in jobs that then destroy the human race as a whole as they conquer North America.

These colleges "use" race / breed of human and give them a license to rob any country---there should be a rule that IF YOUR NOT BORN in the country you want to be a politician, then your just an invader and only your children that were born on the land, should have a right to become a politician of any level, because unless born on the soil they then know as "THEIR" Home, they are nothing but an invading species with no "home" instinct and they naturally want to ROB anyone and anything so they can have their spot-----that is how every country was entered, killed the locals and stole the land for the kings/popes/queens......... AMERICANS only exist once they are born in AMERICA, their parents are just immigrants. Their parents bring values form other countries --that is the history of AMERICA, 200+ years of immigrants that the native species were mostly all killed by the invading species.......INVADING SPECIES never respect the land they were not born on--it can never be their HOME LAND, but their children make it their HOME.......their children can be politicians / lawyers, judges, cops----but their parents never should be permitted. WE SEEN what a foreign born president did to AMERICA, we seen what foreigner governors do and today we see the evil senators / congress from other countries have done / do to destroy AMERICA.

Foreigners are visitors that may stay legally or illegally ---some suggest over 100 million illegals are in America today--BECAUSE their relatives entered politics via colleges and then destroy AMERICA so they can allow another 100 million enter and literally destroy AMERICA----in fact, AMERICA today is a CONQUERED NATION..........via INFLATION because every politician / banker has ROBBED AMERICAN people that have worked their entire lives to have enough $$$ to live on, only to have the politicians DESTROY the $$$$ systems in just a few months.......

Since January 20th 2021, the evil politicians all organized from all sides and literally entered EVERY HOME IN AMERICA and robbed them all..........

WHO DID THEY HURT THE MOST? Every poor person, every illegal person in AMERICA.........every child...................that is what thieves / murders all do. THEY HARM THE POOR---every politician and fake news employee along with every cop, every judge, every mayor coast to coast as robbed AMERICANS in an act of war against the entire country.

THESE SAME EVIL DEMONS from their colleges----TODAY, not only murder millions of babies every year and harvest their organs and most likely are selling them to demons for food---these same demons them selves are taking the organs of murdered babies and growing these organs on / in rats and God knows what all else.........

MURDERED BABY PARTS are living in / on rats in COLLEGES..........the colleges and finally, now in 2020 / 21 are all known to be places of great evil that no AMERICAN wants their child to have to endure the presence of evil teachers that only want to harm the children.

SCHOOLS / COLLEGES obey the popes, they always have.....the people that all tell children they are the 'good"---always end up being the evil creatures that do all they can to harm the children and make slaves of them or just set them up to be destroyed / murdered.

It has came to the point that if it wears a lab coat or a uniform of any kind---AMERICANS want to walk the other way.

Even the common SUIT is becoming a sign of a thief / liar......and those with college / state licenses are known as places that are going to ROB you or hurt you in some fashion via lies and corruption.

THIS ALL HAS TO HAPPEN AS IT DOES---the evil people are not in control of their body...they are possessed with demons that have a job of destruction------DESTRUCTION of children and poor people.

3 years ago a poor person making $10 an hour----could they can not. 10 years ago a person making $15 an hour could build a new house and drive a new car their entire adult lifetime in after 5 months of democrats they are poor people unable to buy much of anything other than food.

TODAY every corporation is an evil facility owned by gov via 100% control of the $$$$ / rules.

Today after just 5 months AMERICA is in a world war from within and around the entire planet.........millions are being poisoned and killed by those that wear uniforms that were created in colleges.

Via EDUCATION (teachers) and books, evil people have destroyed this world.......all by lies, all by murder of babies and children.............the people that want to control people have all been exposed as evil creatures.

They have murdered hundreds of millions of babies--------making every hospital, every m.d. and nurse as evil creature that serves demons.......YOU NEVER EVER want to find yourself with seeing distance of any of these creatures, because they only mean harm to you...they want you sick, they want you dead. they already are dead---they are demons.

IN THE END all the good people are long gone and only demons are left.........

The Biblical History is all about good and bad and at the end of each earth cycle when ALL PEOPLE CAN COMMUNICATE and they mix races----THAT IS A SIGN that all humans are going to all be KILLED on EARTH and people "planted" by race in different countries with different languages so they NEVER SEE each other...JUST LIKE ALL FARMERS DO WITH FENCES to separate their stock.....

JUST LIKE FARMING...............

Even Biblical History clearly says ELIJAH traveled via SPACE SHIPS and he had enormous powers that he could give to another--such as he did when he left in a space ship and has came back to earth multiple times and came less than 100 years ago with a GREAT WARNING TO ALL LIVING HUMANS ON EARTH-------BEWARE all ORGANIZED PEOPLE---they are evil and mean to harm you!

ELIJAH and his friends are not good news for the remaining humans on earth-----------------when they come back, they do not like seeing humans mixed with each other all speaking 1 is like the fences fail down and the live stock all went together and started breeding each other until there is no pure breeds left--because the farmer loss control of his farm.

TODAY---evil humans take the babies they murdered and mix them with every creature they can---they enjoy murder and torture ......the more babies and elderly they can murder the better they like it.

2021 the gov is saying that since 1920's and before----ALIENS ARE HERE and they are in GREAT NUMBERS--------when you see a tic tack UFO, 1 or 100, there is always a MOTHER SHIP near by.....

MOTHER SHIPS are GIANT in SIZE........................ENORMOUS and powerful...........and gov today acknowledges even the smallest UFO has powers that make gov war planes seem like "toys".

The gov by June 2021 is suppose to explain aliens.......naturally no one will believe them, because their job is to be liars.

TODAY, 2021 they finally admit UFO under water, fly just as fast as they do in the air--------------------and in the oceans......................UFO enter earth by the HUNDREDS an all enter the oceans to PARTY...

L. A.

William Branham / ELIJAH 70 years ago......made a point with BILLY BRANHAM that something REALLY BIG and BAD is going to happen in L.A. and back then as today------off shore a few miles of Southern California has been the EPPA CENTER of UFO flying in from space and entering the Pacific Ocean------UNDER L.A.

California is notorious for UNDER GROUND BASES, under ground subs and highways and cities----and websites that say the military is feeding aliens stolen children and today, since January, gov is openly taking stolen children from south america by the thousands ---paying evil people to DELIVER the children to the border---where they then disappear.


Good Aliens have openly told humans that BAD ALIENS are on earth and BAD ALIENS use electronics for evil purposes---known as BIG TECH.

Today, the entire world knows BIG TECH to be evil people out to destroy all good people that are left. BIG TECH has declared war against you by way of destroying your $$$$

IMMIGRANTS an care less, because they have NO $$$$$$$$$, so what ever gov wants for them---they can care less and if all AMERICANS are robbed to death, that does not bother them, they are the next generation of slaves to big TECH / Colleges....

TRUE WEALTH is how many do you own------PERIOD

Via fake gov $$$, they buy people as slaves....

AMERICA is changing to a 100% slave country..........they have been in that process for at least 105 years---just about the same time the gov today is saying that ALIENS became a great presence on earth.

That is the BIG QUESTION.......

By 1950 the RED CLEARANCE handle picked army soldiers were told way back in 1950 that ALIENS fight in SPACE and that movies have forever been trying to expose humans to such things and that STAR WARS is more real than you would ever want to know about----------BACK in 1950, a man I knew well, said IT IS WORSE THAN STAR WARS--------------WORSE than you could ever believe.......he recently passed as have almost all the soldiers pre 1950 and these types talk towards the end of their lives---because they do not care to be paid a visit by navy seals if they are caught talking. Evil people will kill anyone when told to....literally anyone- they enjoy murder that much. Dr. Mom's last husband spent his career taking AMERICANS on a 1 way trip out of AMERICA where they were tortured to their death....that is what military does--they murder. they poison cities, they believe all should be dead by age 40.

there are ALIENS and then there is ELIJAH............history suggest ELIJAH can kick their ###### anytime he perhaps ELIJAH has true control of EARTH and the people.

PERHAPS it is ELIJAH that returns to earth and hand selects human breeds to be kept to be restocked on earth----AFTER HE KILLS ALL HUMANS or as many such as NASA suspects---all humans are killed by JESUS aka ASTROIDS that splatter the heads of every human on this entire planet--------so literally, ELIJAH may send space craft and PICK YOU UP, take you away and then return you to EARTH and plant you on each country with a different language and tell you to stay away from all other people that do not speak like you or look like you---because that is what BIBL:ICAL HISTORY eludes to.....

PASTOR HOTEMA suggest the only 2 living men of BIBLICAL HISTORY----is PAUL (Jesus) and ELIJAH and ELIJAH kicks ass. ELIJAH less than 70 years ago that he is coming back soon.....and Billy Branham believes possibly before he dies and Billy is 84 years old now............and he has believed his entire adult life that he will be alive with L.A. splits down the middle and slides deep into the Pacific ocean......even the movie 2012 tried to show the same theory---based on the history of Billy Branham.



The kid in Russia did discover how to see flying saucers above cities using a common cell phone and a piece of glass and "IF" it is true that ALIENS are setting above each CITY TODAY--------------then cities are a VERY DANGEROUS PLACE TO BE............

Today in AMERICA hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the major cities and buying houses in the country and paying 25% more $$$ than people are asking---JUST SO THEY CAN LEAVE THE CITY FAST........

Something REALLY BAD is in the making-------UNLESS YOUR BUDDIES with ELIJAH or PAUL

The murder of millions of babies is a PRELUDE to the RETURN of JESUS and to see JESUS? What does the Bible say? TO LOOK UP.


DA, the ancient monks told the history and the popes distorted the history, because they are the gods of the colleges.


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