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Re: Long Covid?

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pathseeker2 Views: 867
Published: 8 months ago
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Re: Long Covid?

Thank you so much for all great infomation! :)

"Have a look at the following paper for some basic info about Biofilms>

Some things to read up on>

Quorum Sensing & Quorum Sensing Inhibitors to help remove the biofilms along with enzymes such as Interfase or the lesser Interfase+ which has less enzymes but tends to be cheaper.

I had not heard of Quorom Sensing before I shall have to study that. I have heard of interfase, I am quite worried because it is expensive. I'm a huge fan of enzymes and it looks great, I am living off social security and having trouble even affording the vitamins I got. I'm not sure what to do. Sometimes I think am I am ill from poverty as much as anything else :(

"Interfase+ is the less desirable formulation because the capsules are less easy to use outside the capsules which is necessary IMO. "

This is a great idea. I completely agree it can be so helpful to lose the capsule. I used to do this more often when I was younger and sicker. I guess I have become complacent. I always chew my liquicaps - fish oil or vitamin A, etc. I used to at one point take a B-complex out of it's capsule.It happened to taste quite foul but helped a lot. I wonder if I should do this with the bromelain I have right now, or any / all of my powder capsule vitamins?

"Using Interfase with some additional EDTA made into veggie capsules is a much better way."

oh maybe I misunderstood. There's a better way to make it into a different capsule? How does this work? :)

"BFB-1 and BFB-2 are some of the best QSI's and QSI's and Efflux Pump Inhibitors work together and both are needed."

Thanks I need learn to about these things, this is new to me.

"The biggest problem is that the micro-organisms are unidentified which makes it far more difficult to eliminate them. They could be virtually any biofilm creating micro-organisms. Removing the biofilm is the most important part and when they have been removed it can get quite uncomfortable. That is a good sign so if you do not feel that then you are doing something wrong. The more discomfort in different areas that there is the better.

It will be helpful to compile a complete list of natural EPI's and consume them when you make an attempt at destroying the micro-organisms. NEVER leave the biofilm intact when you take any antimicrobials because it will only make them more resistant! I did that with reduced silver and although it did destroy approx 2/3 of one of the biofilms it failed with the rest and made them stronger and more resistant."

Hmm I have taken Colloidal Silver on and off over years if I could afford any and it helps the mold infection so much, I always hope to use it more. I wonder if I could have induced any resistance with it, or whatever else is living in my compromised colon.

"No silver affects them now, although Pomegrante juice and maybe extract might help change that."

I have heard boiled pomegranate skins can be helpful, I never got to try it. I don't know how it works, or pomegranate in general (besides antioxidant power)

"If I can think about anything else I will follow up but ATM I am a little stuck for time."

Thank you so much!

I have wanted to do a P&B Colon Cleanse for years, but am using SCD to manage my IBD and Psyllium is not allowed. Also, of course, I simply cannot tolerate it. I looke d for an alternative and tried MagOxide b ased cleansing. I couldnt tolerate it - it seemed to extremely overwhelm my antioxidant capabilities, which I don't know much about. I tried again years later when I was "stronger" and it was worse - seemed to create a massive herxheimer reaxtion with the mold from new moldy apartment that had set in afresh :(

I tried increaes my bean intake instead, however since I caught covid in January i cannot tolerate them at all, and flare badly :( :(

I am very worried I need to cleanse badly as growing up my home had very bad diets and lots of junk food :( I rebelled as a teenager - too little too late I guess. I eat only healthy food now, but I have yet to undo the legacy.

"I hope that provides a little bit of extr
a help."

Thank you so much this is great information on biofilm I really appreciate it!!! :)

Also I am wondering if I should try a probiotic enema again. I haven't been able to afford acidophilous in a long time, but think of trying that, and a acidophilous enema. I wish I could do a flora / Fecal Transplant :(

"Oh BTW I almost forgot the Stephen Harrod Buhner COVID ideas can be helpful when treating COVID-19. They are at the bottom right of the page."

Thank you SO much for this exceelent article!!! I need to read it more carefully I skimmed and am so interested to see the virulogists believing the virus is still alive. It certainly seems that way!

I was doing so well with using therapeutic doses of vitamins, I slowed down my artemesia annua (expensive for me) and skipped a few days even. All my COVID symptoms came roaring back and I got SLAMMED for days worse than in months :( I learned my lessson! I wonder what dose is ideal?

I am so greatful to see herbalist info on COVID, yet immediately intimated of the cost of all the various herbs.

I focused in on his recommendation for one of my most problematic COVID symtpoms - diarheaa, and see taht he merely recommend blackberry root. I wonder if this is merely to ammeliarote the symptom, and not address the cause? I wish I knew more about herbs :)

I heard Niacin gets chewed through by detoxifiation systems real fast, esp in COVID. I am studying orthomolecular sources for therapetic dose info - it's helping :)

Like wise I heard Thiamine gets chewed through by immune system / infections. I am doing the same and its helping :)

I heard Vitamin C the same, but having trouble figuring out how to take it safely as i get ulcers from the regular over the counter stuff :( Camu Camu helps but so expensive for a high dose! I wish I could get a shot, I dunno what to do

Vitamin A is helping me, and E. I am very worried ab out anti-oxidant matters.

I tried to get ivermectin prescription and failed. I am trying to find what makes it work, and a m finally have seen a parrallel between artemesia annua as anti malaria, and HCQ, and finally seeing / wondering if its a similar mechanism with ivermectin.

Quite worried for months this virus has merely added itself to my bad flora in my vulnerable colon.

Definitely completely disabled by the effects of Long Covid. it's scary, i 've never seeen anything like this

Thank you so much for the help!!! :)
Best wishes! :)


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