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Re: rare herbs by MH
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Published: 40 days ago
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Re: rare herbs by MH

It is not 'germ' warfare.

It is chemical(i.e. heavy metals) and frequency(radio waves and EMF) warfare.

The germ theory is a religion invented by satanists in order to bring in their satanic one world order, where if you don;t accept the mark of the beast, you will be beheaded.

It is very simple, all they have to do is to tell the sheeple that the people refusing the mark are the cause of the 'germs' spreading and the resulting lockdowns and the only way to stop the 'spread' is to behead those without the mark. Within a few hours you will see the 'world'/sheeple running around beheading the unmarked... for the 'good' of the community. Communism/bolshevism repackaged, THAT is what the germ theory religion IS.

A raw milk farmer was just shut down from who I buy my raw milk, why? Because they found TB in one cow. HAHAHHAHAHAAH. TB is in everything and everybody, just like ecoli and the other scary 'germs'...they are a natural part of every living creature. you see, based on a ridiculous religion, people are getting broke/bankrupt.

BTW, mad cow 'disease' was caused by rapeseed oil and canola oil. They were so poisonous, caused so much oxidative stress that the cows literally went insane from the pain these oils caused. And it was blamed on 'germs'..whatever the f**k that means in the first place. HAHAHAHAHAHA ... again, the sheeple will believe and do anything they are told by their gods prancing around in the hypnotist-box/teLIEvision/Idiot-box, acting confidently while smiling and laughing all the time WHILE lying to everybody HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAH

All of the so called 'plagues' in the past were caused by poisoning the water, air food with heavy metals and in modern times, frequencies came along.

How do you think the anti-christ and satan will win over the support of 90- 95% of the world's population?

The ridiculous, retarded, totally out of touch with reality helliocentrism and germ theory religion infects the sheeple with the ONLY existing 'viruses'', such as:
1. Virtue Signaling Syndrome;
2. Stockholm Syndrome;
3. Cognitive Dissonance;
4. Milgram Experiment;
5. Normalcy Bias;
6. Learned Helplessness;
7. The worship of the pedo-cannbial-satanist conartists prancing around on the screen of the hypnotist box/idiotbox/ teLIEvision;
8. Statism

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