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Published: 4 months ago


for the first time in months-----they shut the chem trail jets down and apparently for the next 4 days. So instead of 30-50 degrees warmer than normal, now the next 4 days is below zero, which is a little colder than it normally would have been 50-60+ years ago.

IF the air force stopped spraying heavy metal aluminum and titanium dioxides daily between the sun and the earth----------the earth would return to NORMAL WEATHER and people in candada would be pop cycles and canada / Alaska all waste land.

Alaska had a record breaking -57 degree winter last year----Nat Geo leftist trash producers can't stand anything that proves their global warming lies........the recent Alaskan Show about how people survive Alaska, "used" a local Native man and his family---------he always explained how the sever Alaskan weather kills people, he was the one showing the -57 degree record breaking extreme winter and that children can die in just seconds in such weather.............a none Alaskan native can walk outside in -57 and after a couple of breathes----their lungs freeze and they can be frozen while standing up------------american dogs can freeze standing up...BIG HUNTING DOGS 50+ years ago when the air force left the weather alone----have been found frozen standing up------pet house dogs can go outside and die almost instantly as their lungs freeze....WHEN the gov leaves the weather alone.

So what does Nat Geo do? To perpetuate their lies for their colleges/gov, they buy the Eskimo a brand new snow mobile, new chain saw and really cool guns......his next show, every 60 seconds he makes a comment how global warming is destroying / changing ALASKA-----------as he uses his new saw to try to cut a hole in the river so he can get water-----------the saw can not reach water, he cuts as deep as he can and then takes a long spud bar chisel and pounds and pounds the 4 feet thick ice------

Nat Geo is as leftist as all the gov channels and radios are---they seek to trash white people anyway they can and promote global warming lies.


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