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Men who watch p 0 r n disgust me and I refuse to date one
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Published: 77 days ago

Men who watch p 0 r n disgust me and I refuse to date one

Men who watch p 0 r n. I REFUSE to date one.
First off, I'm not interested in a man who finds the objectification and abuse of women arousing. Secondly, the acts shown in most if not all p 0 r n is a twisted perversion of reality and morals.
3rd for all you men who think whacking off to some chick...pretending it's you on the video...these videos for a 15 minutes portion can take up to 7 hours to film and up to 48 hours ( literally 48 solid hours of straight editing / fixing/ slimming / beautifying. For filming theres makeup, wardrobe, hairstylists video editing ( editing of bodies & faces) fake semen made of icing as in the white stuff on cinnamon rolls, fake squirting mechanisms and look at these girls and the stupid fake faces they make and they can't hide the fact they're in pain much of the time. There's even the "cartoon" and anim versions which consist of anatomically impossible figured for instance which for example a typical body measurement would be bust 42 waist 18 hips's all bullshit. Not to mention p 0 r n users are contributing to the exploitation of children and women and child p 0 r n. Furthermore, I will not date a guy who aroused himself by watching and fantasizing and ogling over other women / using their imagery for the purpose of arousing himself only to then want to put his aroused penis in me. I am not his cum dumpster nor am I his sex toy or self-gratification tool or his only redort. In other words, if I'm not enough to cause you to be aroused & aroused enough to want to f**k, then you have NO BUSINESS PUTTING YOUR DICK IN ME! I HAVENT even mention the harm it causes to our society, families, marriages & relationships
Mainstream media has done a great job of selling it as "normal" or even acceptable behavior to watch other people have sex like wild, uncivilized animals. They're completely brainwashing society into eliminating the entire reason for sexual contact other than reproducing...that is LOVE. SEX is supposed to be meaningful and an act an intimate private act between two who are expressing their love for one another. It's not an extra-curfivular activity or sporting event or spectator sport. The newer generations have been completely brainwashed into thinking it's ok to have p 0 r n disrupting the relationship! It does. Men know it's a form of cheating and that's why they hide it!

I honestly don't know one woman who truly enjoys watching p 0 r n...I mean, I know some do. But very few of them do so on their own accord it's mainly due to being pressured by their bf to watch the crap.
I'm sure if it was men being depicted as objects or animals they'd lose interest in p 0 r n. If their gf was running off by herself to watch sexy, well endowed, GQ model look-a-likes with 6 pack abs
f*ck ...if a guys gf or wife was doing this, watching and fantasizing about some other guy while playing with herself, far away from YOU, HER husband or bf...hiding it, lying about it. I'm nearly 100% certain men would have a problem with this. Especially when his gf can no longer get aroused without her 6pack GQ guy freshly seen and still on the brain.

I'd rather be alone than be with a guy who watches and/or whacks off to p 0 r n.

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