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New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 64 days ago report - deflation and drag queens

deflation and drag queens


Why is deflation bad? Easy answer: Because the banks won't forgive you the inflated rate.

Let's say you get a loan on a house with currency units that have X value. And statistically, that currency loses value at a rate of y thus making it necessary for the bank to charge you an "interest rate" of Z to offset that on a loan, and then make profit. Then, suddenly, that currency, rather than being worth less, is suddenly worth double what you got the loan for? And the bank is still charging interest that is based on that currency losing value rather than gaining it? That bank is going to jump for joy while you FRY. And that is exactly what is happening and will happen in Russia if they can't keep the value of the Ruble down to what people were expecting when they financed stuff. Yeah, it's cool to see a currency do the opposite of what is normal, but the consequences to the average vlad won't be worth it. The average vlad is going to see whatever he produces get him less money for his work because what he produces will subsequently cost more abroad, thus reducing demand, while he gets stuck paying back twice the value of his loans or more even though the numbers look the same.

Human skin for robots

This is the beginning of how it will happen. It is crude at this point, but it is fairly obvious that this is the start of literal "terminator robot skin". This is how it will happen.

Copperhead snake antivenom treatment $200,000???

Read this article where they try to say why antivenom is SO EXPENSIVE. But in that report, they clearly state that the actual cost to make the antivenom is 1/10th of ONE PERCENT of that $200,000 price tag, with the rest of the costs literally going to scammers. The antivenom itself costs $200 USD, and the middle men scammers then increase that price by 1000X.

Here is reality: The hospitals know they have you over a barrel and that they can take opportunity of a disaster to literally rob you at gunpoint. There's absolutely no difference between the hospitals using the threat of death to rob you, and a street thug using the threat of death to do exactly the same thing. Both are in exactly the same criminal class, it's just that the now rigged laws allow one group to get away with it. Imagine this in the 70's - the FEDS would go into any hospital that marked up treatments that much because "refuse it and you die" and they'd burn it to the ground. Hospitals doing this to people - the extravagant markups - are the new criminal class.
All of the anascorp antivenom sold in the U.S. is made under the name Alacrex in Mexico and then re-badged as Anascorp in the United States. The cost to just walk in and buy Alacrex in Mexico is $50 USD per dose, and it usually takes 2 doses for a total cost of $100. The only trick is to find a hospital that has it in stock. The state hospitals do, some of the private hospitals do not. And when American hospitals give the exact same thing that costs $100 TOTAL including hospital fees in Mexico, the American hospitals always charge $50,000 USD PLUS and sometimes up to $200,000 That is the type of thing that destroys nations. It definitely destroys lives but heck, "You'd have been dead anyway," RIGHT? Well, maybe no. I got stung by one of the bad scorpions 10 years ago here and all I did was pay attention to how the poison was spreading (it felt like strong electrical shocks constantly for about a week) and it got the left side of my body but did not start affecting my heart, so I blew off even a $100 treatment. I did not go in for anything. the stings are not always going to get you.
And I'll tell you what would happen if a hospital tried to charge me $200,000 because someone I loved needed the shot or they'd die - I'd do an investigation, it would succeed and then I'd issue street justice to whoever got the money from that. 10X. It is as wrong for a hospital to use the threat of death to commit a medical "carjacking" as it is for a hood rat to do it in the hood, in fact, it's far more wrong for a hospital to do that because they are not supposed to be criminals and anyone who goes into the "hood" ought to know there might be problems.

The left is MAD about what "Angry White Males" did to the American indians, and then the left turns around and has "drag queen story time" in "The number one Native American culture and art museum!"

I'd say that's worse than getting shot, and if the left tried to pull that crap 150 years ago they'd have so many arrow holes in them they'd be unrecognizable. In fact, I think that if the old school tribes had to choose two battles, they would have unanimously voted to shut this down before attacking Custer.



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