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Re: Carnivore Diet: the real Game Changer for performance.

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Published: 18 months ago
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Re: Carnivore Diet: the real Game Changer for performance.

every living thing of "flesh"---has parasites, but far worse, they have accumulated chem trail heavy metals....

flesh eaters--- rip and swallow or like gators, they often like to bury their meats and allow them to ROT FIRST

Bird rip and swallow and have the acid that can dissolve the meat and bones------dogs can swallow, but they too like to bury and dig up later---much later.

Fish swallow whole or shred their catch in their gill plates that can be as sharp as razor blades....

Bare handed Humans in the wild would fall more into the ROTTED MEAT eaters----scavengers.....chew as they like, their meat will exist their butt the same size that they swallow it. UNLESS it was well rotted first.

Humans long ago, liked to rot their beef until it "blackened" at least hand it a month and let the bacteria eat the meat and make it "soft".

A REAL CARNIVORE does not have a blender, a knife or an oven and grill...........face the facts: HUMANS are not designed to eat meats---they adapt to eating anything and everything...

THE GOOD is that their meat goes down and out unused and that is the secret to their success.......their meat does not enter their blood, does not enter their bones. It goes down and out to the ground.

1 MMA fighter lost much of his intestines---did not bother him a bit; once healed he could fight as well as ever.

A HUMAN at the very best argument would be like the others----they would eat the guts first, the organs, the brain---------

HOW MANY PEOPLE WE GOT TODAY bragging they are eating fresh kill; guts and brains?

Humans in a perfect world are breath-air-ians---the smartest ones can master their body in ways that defy logic--------a well trained man can create electric / fire from his hands---a well trained fighter can keep fighting, even though he has 3 swords through his belly and shoved out his back----they have the video to prove it........LOG AGO, 100 years ago, MEN WERE MEN and in some countries such men still exist---they are mean, ruthless and can live on eating dirt if they must............while the tribal people world wide----they found it much easier to just eat each other------TRIBAL PEOPLE fit the carnivore category best----they eat their parents, the elderly by chopping them up in pieces....most video show them cooking in pots full of water---but they never explain how those people wre given pots----REA: TRIBAL PEOPLE just eat he guts first, smash the skull and eat the brains---when they can catch a monkey----they "IF" they know how to make a fire---burn the hair off, rip the guts open and pull out the intestines and chow down----smashing the skull and eating the brain is their delight.

GUYS TODAY that say they are carnivores---surely all lie---all of them. Sure they are meat eaters---but they drink wrong and eat other stuff and not 1, is real, they do not hand kill their food and eat raw---like a CARNIVORE does------ONLY with tools, heat and seasoning will they eat meats.................BECAUSE not 1 human exist that was created in the womb as a carnivore......they may be cannibal only because they are lazy. They kill and eat their neighbors and when that is too much effort, they just kill and eat their parents.


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