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Re: Carnivore Diet: the real Game Changer for performance.
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Published: 3 months ago
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Re: Carnivore Diet: the real Game Changer for performance.

meat eaters are THIN

Many german amish eat 3 meat meals a day and the men often weight 130#------not until elderly will some put on weight-----------while the pie/bread eating women that have a child every year---if they live past age 30, they have blowed out abdominal muscles, huge bellies and if they ate allot of pork---they end up with trash leg



Those that eat allot of PORK, they can take on pig features---literally their faces can take on an appearance of a hog

WORSE YET---those pig eaters CAN LITERALLY --just like a hog, develop an anus on their leg and waste ooze out their legs.......this will happen to people for the rest of their lives-----they call it an OPEN SORE that never heals (an anus)

PIGS and HUMANS should never mix, yet medical uses pig organs in humans....

With the HOG---it is easy to see

with sheep, goats, cows, dogs, cats, deer, etc........what damage is done when eating them???? Maybe not easily seen today, but damage is done.

PARANORMAL animals EXIST----do not fool your selves; THEY ARE REAL, same as PARANORMAL HUMANS ARE REAL---in their PARANORMAL EXISTENCE those dogs, cows, horses, deer, etc. are powerful and they probably did not like being killed and eaten by humans....just guessing.

EVERY LIVING CREATURE on earth that has the ability to LOVE and protect their offspring------ODDS ARE more equal to humans that humans ever want to believe---BECAUSE HUMANS WANT TO EAT THEM.........that is the only thing that makes the human superior, is the ABILITY TO KILL and eat others.

WHEN YOU DIE in a hospitals-----you will see dead children, they will try to get you to go away with them. Is that a TRAP? NO ONE KNOWS, because those dead people --never return to say.....the dead that see the man in WHITE, that tells them that they will not remain dead, because their time is not up---they will awaken and explain how the man in WHITE directed them back into their body----a medical MIRACLE, because medical killed them, but they did not stay dead.

Many hollywood movie producers / stars try to expose what they believe---the old movie GHOST? Who knows, maybe that is more real than people would want to think----the difference between good and evil people after they die...NO ONE KNOWS until they are dead----but PARANORMAL proof, proves animals equally exist after death and if the cow you ate comes up to you after your dead---that may not end well.

The military believes the PARANORMAL creatures---humans and animal---are aliens that appear via a split dimension------ POWERFUL paranormal creatures/humans can appear at will, while most need a 12 volt battery to appear-----I have zero doubt that many people dying along highways after dark---died as a result of seeing a paranormal creature appear beside their car or in front of their car that caused them to wreck....These creatures appear on wet nights and will suck your car battery dead as they appear....with no head lights, these kids often wreck and die---victims of the paranormal.

Humans eat meat and those that eat allot of meat, become very thin........because they can not digest meats---what they are doing, is CONSUMING THEIR OWN CELLS, they literally are EATING THEM SELVES---the get addicted to their own cells that release

When people live on meats, they are living on their hydrogen energy as they perish trying to digest meats.


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