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Re: Electric
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Published: 62 days ago
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Re: Electric

Rule number 1. you never ever ever ever apply for a pat., unless you want robbed and/or "erased"...that system was a gimmick to rob the working class

Water cars for 12+ years are mass produced in Israel , just put water in the fuel tank. The water makes the electric that charged the batteries---no hydrogen is stored

In the video, you can see the container where he is making a small amount of Hydrogen------

Back in the early 1970's a very short man made a car that ran on water---a common tiny honda car; this Russian man that the USA purchased from Germany as a slave was forced to make the hydrogen bombs for the usa. The usa sold him to AUSTRALIA---where he had to make hydrogen bombs. Eventually he was set free and he took a small honda car and converted it to water and drove it cross country over 3,000 miles on 2 gallons of water.

No such thing as nuclear or hydrogen bombs. Only in your brainwashed brain/imaginations.

This man had the video and news papers to prove he had the car 50 years ago

. It used the gas engine, only it recycled water

I MET this man, he had a hydrogen company selling hydrogen equipment 30 years ago----he traveled the USA on tour.....he had video of space wars, proving the world fights ALIENS and explained that is the reason no one can access true video from space........all countries shoot missiles at UFO commonly

UFOs are man made tech or fallen angels/demons travellng in the air.

This man made hydrogen machines for the military----such as incinerators that you can put bombs in and it evaporates them into "nothing".

He said he had his own personal flying saucer and tried to get permission to fly it to Philadelphia for a large show and the gov refused him a permit.

At his shows----he proved that HYDROGEN makes everything they teach you in school------is wrong; in that you can EVAPORATE the hardest steal man can weld glass to bricks, you can do things that school brain washed people have no clue about.....

Flying saucers were crappy back in the 1950's, by 1970's they were super modern, super fast/huge and this man said he owned one of them.... PEOPLE today that do not believe in UFO are so brain washed that they might as well lock the door on their pen and wait to be harvested.

UFOS are man made tech or angels/demons travelling in the air.


Best books say it is hollow and made of metal...

The moon is a self illuminated plasma.

GAS? if that was so----all those asteroid dents make that seem impossible to believe..
Asteroids only exists in your freemasonic/satanic brainwashed imaginations.

NO DOUBT the moon does not belong and was brought to earth to help farm earth----being made of gas does not seem possible. They say when they shoot it---it "rings" like a hollow metal sphere

The moon was created by God, same size as the sun, self illuminated plasma, circulates below the glass dome.


How to become an FREE american national:


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