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by 2030
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Published: 61 days ago

by 2030

all the same actors basically have declared war against Russia---all the fakes of world war 2...the "organized" that in world war 1 and 2 chose to kill their own people and even Russia is doing the same thing--just shipping in those they no longer want. The Ukrainians did the same--hand the elderly and the children a shot gun and said go that direction till you die for your country.

ALL the major actors can win / end any war they want in seconds since the 1960's with micro wave weapons or any form of energy weapons they have created since those days---just turn all mammals into piles of black dust and not harm the buildings...

They do not want that, they want their people dead, they want the old buildings gone, they always want to recreate the model of JAPAN---the marine motto, kill em all and let God sort the good ones out in the Japan, burn it all flat and then rebuild new modern cities----the queen of england 30+ years ago told all the wealthy people see desperately wanted to burn the entire USA to bare ground. All the cities are rotted, their sewage and water systems forever rotted, foundations rotted, people poisoned for 100+ years----those that put them selves in charge want it all gone---returned to the animals--what the un/china and 200 nations agreed to do 2 weeks ago---the 30 by 2030 agreement to kill 30% of the people on earth---only china has reached the UN goal of 80%, they have successfully killed and stacked their people into cluster cities to provide 80% of china back to nature and they say they grow enough food on 8% of their land to feed the entire world. The ultimate un goal is kill 80% of people world wide....return the land to nature so aliens can come and game hunt wild animals for FOOD, they must be bored with the taste of vaccinated humans and just want them turned into fertilizer.


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