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Re: Horror in South Africa as a blueprint for Europe?

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Published: 4 months ago
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Re: Horror in South Africa as a blueprint for Europe?

The subject of south africa is the future of north america--

look at mercenary magazines from south africa in the early 1970's...

look at the history of general butt naked

look at videos/pictures from south african people protecting them selves---those pictures never ever ever ever make it on the news never ever--because if they did, people would wake up

Then look at the visions of William Branham and what he said would be the end of North America---who would destroy the people of North America and he predicted his own death and sated many years before hand that the people that will kill him, will be an "example" of who will kill all americans and that all the _____ people will join in as all the cities burn and the evil demons all live beneath and orchestrate the destruction and after america has been burned to the ground as the queen desperately wanted--the millions of demons will emerge up out of the ground full filling biblical history of the devils coming from beneath....

These devils living underground, world wide---they are the ones destroying humanity and using the same people over and over again to do their dirty work inside the cities.

100% of all the politicians are all fakes/actors working for these devils.

LOOK AT AMMO HISTORY----for 10 years walmart // sams trucks by the thousands upon thousands transported ammo and guns under ground coast to coast and ammo on top was rare and expensive----then starting about 5 years ago, unlimited ammo is available to all----american business owners, farmers have been buying ammo by the SKIDS with the blessings of those in control---those in control want those business owners, farmers to slaughter all those that survive the burning of the cities as they enter the country sides raping and murdering and taking food..

The people from 190 different counties packed into american cities today is by design--not mistake----even the aliens have been saying DON'T DO IT, it is all false promises.

You today have military officers going on the news almost daily predicting war in every city in america and that mexican cartels were given those cities to control and they will destroy those cities rather than to give up control----precisely as William Branham seen in visions over 70 years ago.

The wealthy all have bunkers in New Zealand with private paid military protecting them 24/7

THE SLAVES??? We all have ELIJAH, Paul/JESUS who have said they will come back and Kill 100% of these evil people world wide with 1 simple command---BE GONE and 100% of them will drop dead.

The Alien confederation on earth has been signed since 1954----Aliens control it all according to Japan, just ask them, the brag about it all the time....thse Aliens control the military---JUST ASK THEM---Generals have came on TV and stated that ALIENS CONTROL EVERYTHING---via electronics.

100% of all electronics are ALIEN and Aliens have proven they can make any human sick anywhere on earth 24/7 and aliens stop the military from their own stupidity---

The question has been----are these aliens enabling the china/un goal of murdering 30% of all humans in 200 nations by the year 2030 or was that agreement signed in Canada a month ago all china/un working for japan...and then once they kill 30% their goal is like china and kill 80%.

Killing 80% of the humans on earth simple makes more room for aliens--in the USA alone, every time they find more BIG FOOTS, the military steps in and takes 5,000 acres and land and gives to the BIG FOOTS and kicks the humans out..... WHY do they do that, do they have a choice??? These alien creatures love to eat ELK and DEER

Is the 30 by 2030 an ALIEN AGENDA to exterminate people in favor of more deer and ELK????

LOOK at CHINA TODAY----they mass killed their people, herded people into CLUSTER CITIES where they are easily controlled and now building futurist LINE CITIES where people will be raised like zoo animals.

CHINA brags they are raising WILD ANIMALS by the millions and that humans must die and the land returned back to the wild predators on earth NOW

WHO eats these wild animals???? ONLY ALIENS EAT THEM.

the un/china/world has been working for these aliens since 1954 according to the millions of unsealed secret documentats TRUMP declassified.

These 900+ military bases work for the aliens

William Branham and 7 other american men were born in 1907 as WITNESSES to the college created world war 1 to exterminate th strong men of earth and destroy the mothers.

BRANHAM and these 7 men were given POWERS as an example of GOD's Return---these men healed people by the thousands, raised the dead and killed demons---then these 8 men all left earth.....they were close friends with the same PAUL of the new testament Bible and ELIJAH did the healing and the destroying of demons as an EXAMPLE of what he would do when he returns again---soon. HIS WARNING TO EARTH was to stay away from all these so called educated/hand picked organized evil people running the cities---STAY AWAY because these organized people are all GOD HATERS and murders of babies.

ELIJAH said when he returns, he is going to kill them all----at a time when self driving cars actually work and america has fallen and L.A. has slid into the Pacific....and as William Branham pre-seen with his own murder---when these people burn america to the ground. THOSE IN CHARGE want all americans to buy ammo by the skids, so the Americans fight and are killed and ______/________ walks in and simple says WE OWN AMERICA and you had all better jump in the ocean and swim away or we will make fertilizer out of you.

Just like South Africa 50 years ago---those in charge are using their same play book for America..WORLD WAR 1 never ended, never slowed down and the last stand is AMERICA

Once America is burned---slaves world wide will submit and never disobey again. _____will own the planet....then ELIJAH will return and all that will be left is evil people and they will all drop dead instantly and the process start all over again replanting earth with a new crop of humans.

OR NOT, those millions of demon people living beneath in cities may all just walk up and eat everyone.....

Current Alien history says ELK and DEER taste better than people......people no longer the preferred live stock.


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