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Published: 6 months ago

Dr. Sears

Dr. Sears published a huge article about how Frankincense Oil is a "miracle" medicine for humans--better than any drug/medicine scientist have fabricated in their synthetic drug labs for BONE PAINS , the muscles and joints.

Dr. Sears calls this herb the BIBLICAL BUSH and he is correct---not the Biblical BURNING BUSH

If you read what he wrote, people would think WOW, I need that---that is what drs do and who know what he is a dr of, because colleges hand out free dr cards to the most ignorant people on the planet--the white house today is a perfect example.

The BIBLE HERBS have the history:

Frankincense and Myrrh



Take these 4 that are true steam distilled (not synthetics) and blend all 4 and you have the BIBLE COMBO

WHY would Dr. Sears discover that these herbs help stop aching muscles and bones? DA, Lymes has been the earth's last GREAT PLAGUE for 300 years--every mammal is born with LYMES WORMS---every herb that aids in killing those lymes worms---makes one FEEL simple, so easy, yet all the colleges make such a game of human health so they can use toxic drugs and cut on people.

People have been using these 4 herbs for EVER.


Frankincense and Myrrh are a great blend for the HEAD---those anointing oils and the ignorant do not stop to think WHY did people apply these oils to someone's head???? SIMPLE, when an elderly person is struggling to die and just can't------ya rub some of these 2 herbs on their head and fair chance they will RELAX and take their last breath almost instantly---"IF" you simple tell them IT IS OK TO DIE---GO HOME NOW.......SO BEWARE when your playing with herbs you have no experience with and have not read the history.

OTHERWISE if Dr. Sears took the BIG 4 Bible herbs and not just Frankincense and put 1 dropper of each into a 16 ounce of Spray 2 and then used that to spray those sore bones and muscles and sprayed inside the mouth often------he might discover that what he thought he knew---might be 10x better and 10x easier.


Take these 4 biblical herbs and blend into the proper amount of "pure' grain alcohol and then ad just the correct amount of WATER and DO THIS-----Essential oil of CEDAR was also a GREAT BIBLE HERB---the herbs that created the SPICE TRADE....take these 5 herbs and do it correctly and use these in your HOME to SPRAY the air / bedrooms and I bet you that the demons hanging around inside your house----WILL RUN AWAY........and as well leave those that they torment.

IDEALLY for LIFE from birth till death---take those same 5 herbs 1 at a time or all 5 and use properly in a room purifier machine that holds about 1 quart of distilled water and you ad your pure essential oils at bedtime.

CHASING the demons out of your body and your home is STEP ONE to being a HUMAN and not one of these "termites" that hate their life, hate the children and condemn humanity.

SUCH herbs drive demons CRAZY-----spray the air in your home and watch and see----the really possessed will start to cough and snort and hate the host.

Use such herbs around a near dead person loaded on drugs and had operations etc. and do not be surprised within the medical drug induced demons ---show them selves and warn you to stop or they will come after you next.

MONKS chanting and essential oils are ancient methods to DRIVE DEMONS OUT---too bad the curezone does not have anti-demon control in the past 10 years.

ONCE the demons are gone---don't be surprised if the person then wakes up---goes gets a job, takes a bath, stops being a termite to society , sames some $$$ and wants to get a girlfriend and build a home and have lots and lots of BABIES----that idea will expose all the curezone demons for what they are....

GET those demons out and they will love CHILDREN and want a family and become a human.


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