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herbal books
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Published: 64 days ago

herbal books

I have read LOTS of herbal books and health books dating from 1700's with extreme small print to modern day herb books---some of the greatest books always had 1 thing i common-----CORRECT the diet, seek the sun and learn to correctly "FAST" with fruit juice.........

Herbal books always promote the herbs and medical books most always condemn what they were taught in the college and to RETURN TO NATURE...

OLIVE LEAF by Dr. Walker is by far the cheapest and superior book that promotes Olive Leaf and when understood and correctly used---it is by far the oldest historical used herb, cheapest herb and one that "amazes" when understood and used "correctly"-----Herbs are DOSAGE RELATED and they are FOODS....not toxic drugs, never to be confused.

Olive Leaf you use as a "powder" and a tea is OK, but the powder used correctly is by far the cat's meow....

Olive Leaf the king of the Powdered Herbs

YET ---If I had a choice between Wild Oregano Oil verses Olive Leaf----Wild Oregano Oil wins hands down----both superior books of education----DR. WALKER was a PAID AUTHOR and those that know how to read, understand what they read----they will find in the Olive Leaf Book---where Dr. Walker slips in the "TRUTH" and that is amazing and admirable --even though he was working for BIG PHARMA when he wrote his many health books.

Then on the other hand---the author of the OREGANO OIL BOOKS----it is easy to see that Big Pharma would want that man dead anyway possible and it seems a pretty big secret how he did die and Dr. Walker most likely just died from old age------(death by water)

Both authors dead---but that does not mean what they had to teach was "wrong"--those that understand what they are reading can easily discern what is good and what is bad in every book they ever pick up and read properly----SADLY the greatest, wealthiest, most highly educated drs and scientist I have ever know---100% of them all had 1 thing in common---they could not read worth crap and always admitted they learned those bad habits while in colleges... they admitted they speed read to obtain the desired answer and that was it---they never ever read 1 book properly in their entire lifetime..(and those types rule the planet)

I have read many great books------they all have a few things wrong....your never going to find a book that is 100% correct---BECAUSE it takes hundreds that all stumbled upon great things and you must read many books until you finally understand WHAT KILLS HUMANS and then every book is easy to see if the author was on to something or was still lost.

IT is extremely easy to spot the QUACKS, the nut jobs and plain thieves....

The Oregano Oil book perhaps is the greatest of all the herbal books--because many great sub4ects are covered and by that way---it is easy to understand that the author REALLY KNEW what he was talking about--- HE understood far more than just "herbal" use...and what he wrote about those subjects---proved he was the real deal, BECAUSE most authors/drs NEVER EVER have a clue.....most are just FAKES making a buck $$$$

Wild Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf when used properly----is true medicines aka JUST FOODS, the least toxic foods safe and when people say things like SAFE AS WATER---They have no clue what they are talking about....most people drink very toxic water....water leads to the premature death of most humans on earth.

The 1 thing people world wide understand in the past few years is that evil people are consuming the planet rapidly----using the economy to crush normal humans......NEVER EVER in medical/military history has humans had a place to depend upon for their health.....ALWAYS humans have been on their own and your MOM as your family physician...not some quack in a white military suit.

THE GREATEST BOOKS, such as Dr. Hay, M.D. states plainly that his little book was written to enable the normal human---to become their own physician.....1 thing most all these great authors have in common is the fact they all are dead.......their books were written for the future....those that understand, they understand that those books FIND YOU....

ALL GREAT BOOKS find you at their proper time........."IF" you think your in are NOT, you never were......people that think they are in charge---all they do is hit brick walls all their life......they put them selves first, $$$ first....


Never ever think you have read it all.....the longer you by book will come along at just the correct time...... "IF" you do extensive orange juice fasting and direct correction via the Dr. Hay Way...long past dead authors will make sure; "you" discover their books.....they are no more dead than you think you are alive.

WHEN you understand Dr. John R. Christopher and Olive Leaf and Wild oregano Oil---then the greatest herbal blend on the planet that becomes the "KING" is a blend of all of them...done correctly based on what all 3 believed and you "adjust" what needs adjusted.....that is what Dr. John truly taught, you learn and then you ADVANCE what you learned...just like he learned from the greats and then he spent his lifetime advancing what he learned.


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