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The surgeons
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Published: 4 months ago

The surgeons

The Recovery Diet

ZERO ANIMAL of any type, including gators, snakes, birds, fish---100% of everything that had eyes or a mother.

Fairly simple, if your trying to save your life---aka the reason you needed a surgery to save your life for 1 more day---the subject is INFECTION

Your BLOOD can repair you FAST, if your blood is free to do so.

Dental poisons surely are the top of the list of things that murder people-----mercury / lead and cancer causing glues in the mouth poison 24/7 the rest of your life---even after you pull the teeth, because such poisons enter the cells and bones------medical diets, etc. avoid all such topics, they never step on the toes of their colleagues.

The people that get these operations are CANDY / COOKIE ADDICTS and once out of the hospital after chinese robots cut this and that out of their body---they return to candy/cookies and say I will eat what I want----period. They are indeed-----ADDICTS, willing to die.

These drs are diet correct to some degree, they push the all purpose FRUIT SMOOTHIE and if you ignore their suggested vegetable use---they are "correct"......fruit diet does not increase INFECTION.

These would be the ALKALINE Drs....very few of them exist. They are anti everything in a food box, anti tv dinner, anti processed foods.

The ACID Drs., they PUSH the BEEF / DAIRY diet.....................aka the INFECTION DIET.

WHEN YOU ARE DYING from INFECTION---eating dead animals is not a cure, it is suicidal.

The Alkaline drs such as Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. / Surgeon, Dr. Jackson and endless others over the last 100 years---were correct, but all their patients exist on the BEEF / DAIRY, cookie and candy diet----CORN SYRUP by the hundreds of tons used in their death factories producing sweets of death. FED to children by the tons in every school.

INFECTION-------your not going to easily die unless you die from an over load of INFECTION that thickens your blood until you choke to death.


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