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Re: veganism is a mental illness

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 3 months ago
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Re: veganism is a mental illness

Seed Oils kill?

Chia Seeds?

Seeds commonly fed as Bird Seeds? If seeds are poisons, all those birds would die...

Maybe you mean commercial "oil" kills and not the seeds? If so which oils "kill"?

Nut Oils kill?

Coconut oil kills ??????????????? really? The perfume chemical they ad to commercial coconut--that crap makes some people ill and their throat swell shut for the past 70 years---so the chemical can kill, but surely not the coconut oil?

Cold Pressed Oils, such as SESAME Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Fenugreek Oil, etc. are GREAT, but surely just chewing the seeds would be best way to get the oil.

I can't imagine your going to say OLIVE OIL KILL?

Corn Oils, Candida Oil (Canola), Cooking oils laced with silicone ---all that commercial garbage, that surely could make a person feel ill and i guess may kill them if they consumed it until they suffocated in it.

How about Sunflower Oil from sunflower seeds? Does that kill? It is a true seed......

Are to suggesting the commercial process or just all seed oil is toxic?

The main argument I assume could be that SEEDS are meant to be eaten and not digested and pooped out where they will grow new plants................beyond that, humans adapted to eating seeds in hard time----but that said, most people do not eat fruit seeds, but often berry seeds are too small to avoid eating them.

DO YOU HAVE A LIST OF SEED OILS TO AVOID? Or is this a blanket statement that every seed oil kills? If all seed oils kill, I guess I should be dead long time ago.

Drinking Sacha Inchi Oil is actually a luxury are many cold pressed oils from my experience, but I would like to avoid the ones that "kill"...

Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil is a VERY DENSE FOOD and that truly is a SEED, a specific GREEN SEED with no shell that they make the food from---at least 1 dr highly praised this dense food as a cure-all category of foods...

I have to place nuts as "seeds"-----and people eat nuts for their oils and minerals..

PETROLEUM OILS---now your talking, that crap is sold as "cooking" oils and even though it does not kill fast---it kills over a long period of time.

Coconut is a true seed/nut that people make oil from---it surely does not fall into your death trap of seeds oil? EVEN though, where they experimented with nukes---those coconuts are toxic....

I GUESS you could be somewhat correct if you bring in the world war depleted uranium they flew over and poisoned entire countries----their foods, all their foods, they are toxic and kill slow by design........but the way I read it---your saying SEED OILS KILL....that suggest all SEED OILS no matter what..

can you be more specific please?


Humans are hard to kill, my mom is proof of that fact as are many women and some men-------THEY CAN LIVE 100 years old on a life of corn syrup, wheat and all the bad foods..

THE TOWN DRUNKS that live to age 100 and still walking and drinking every day of their entire adult life---is PROOF humans are hard to kill.

Those that die before age 92, i truly believe were killed by medical unit 731 and their fault they failed to avoid the uniformed.

ITALY proved you can smoke cigars your entire adult life and live to age 100 as you drink 1/2 a gallon of wine with your smoke filled lungs----thanks to DAILY OIL that purges the liver daily.

So my theory is this----everything that KILLS before age 92, that stuff is to be avoided.......such as heavy metals/poisons.....most do not kill fast, but they kill before age 92

THE AVERAGE MEDICAL MINDED ZOMBIE on dope---can live to age 92....very few make it past age 92

THAT SAID, since 1992 the uniformed poison the planet to insure all children born after 1992 do not live past age 40-------billions and billions of $$$ are spent every year to insure those born after 1992 are not going to make it---actually they kill 1/4 of all children before age 1 or they are so damaged by age 1 that their kids will be born messed up.......just the affects of world war

ALL SEED OILS that KILL before age 92, we need that list

Those tasty cows, they eat allot of seeds----if you ever buy meat uptown, odds are that cow meat is just modified GMO CORN....the modern day beef is loaded with MARBLING BY DESIGN and that fat is true CORN FAT.

REAL BEEF live on WEEDS and weed seeds.........NEVER EVER buy your cow meat from a commercial minded farmer----IT COST EXTRA $$$ and more time to raise a CORN FREE BEEF

GMO CORN SEED bad stuff and now cow has ever been able to digest corn---but they love the stuff, they want that corn oil/sugar content....they become addicted to the stuff.

"I" Keep 1/2 a dozen corn free BEEF on the property all the time, that along with more fish than anyone could eat....... IT COST ALLOT to have natural beef and fish in your back yard.

The MAJORITY of all $$$$ should be spent on food/health and protection---otherwise $$$ is just to pay their taxes.....

As you get older---health should become the larger subject.........and use that $$$ to buy things that increase one's health---such as your own farm, your own foods, what ever they may be.

1 man's poison may be another man's craziness I guess.

I personally have eaten everything that has not eaten me first----it may take a couple of bullets to bring down something that prefers to eat you first....

I personally believe that 99% of what we eat--had better go down the toilet unused and not get stuck inside the flesh and bones.

I believe in the 1957 co-q10 theory (even though they chose wrongly) and that 99.9% of what we do eat---is garbage waste.

I believe all our food per day, could be obtainable from 1 tiny bottle----I am not there yet, but I am hopeful for the year 2023 to be the year...........but I have said that in past years.........

HERB OILS are that pathway along with 1 living creature's help.......and "IF" we nourish our body correctly, we should be able to eat more cows and fish many years longer---

Oils from herbs is a gigantic subject of which some great oils do come from "seeds".

LUCKILY when done correctly, your seed oil intake for the day would be a small fraction of 1 ounce, maybe that is why I have never experienced any ill affects from seed oil....or maybe they will get me after age 92---time will tell.

As far as beef go? I think the last time I purchased a piece of beef from a store may have been in the late 1970's.......................when I noticed large containers setting on the loading dock of a local beef facility that sold beef to krogers all over the east coast---I asked my buddy that worked there---what are those HUGE TOTES filled to the top with these large purple blobs???? He said that is all CANCER TUMORS from today's shift......thousands of pounds of CANCER being cut out of beef cows---back in the 1970's......

THINK about beef today being raised 100% on HORMONE GROWTH SHOTS and 100% GMO CORN----for that REASON, I only eat fish when eating out and often that crap is farm raised---if a farmer raised it---it could be very toxic.

RAISE YOUR OWN FOOD or buy the best you can and everything is toxic to a degree...including man made seed oils.


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