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New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 16 years ago
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Congratulations on 8 succesfull days!

The soup recipe was by Detour....I'll copy it below for you. I don't know if roasting the veggies kills the vitamins but boy does it make the soup taste good! I had the broth last night and I'm am so looking forward to the soup today.

I went all out and bought tons of veggies. I roasted the ones for the broth. The fragrance was wonderful! I didn't get the sensative sense of smell during the fast that I hear others talk about....that is until I started roasting the veggies. I could detect the aroma of each vegetable. It was heavenly. I wasn't hungry when I was making them but I was really suprised at just how appealing they were to me. Frankly, roasted Celery is not something that I would usually get excited about! To tell you the truth, I had really considered cheating and using chicken broth for my soup. I'm glad I didn't because the broth last night was really good.

I started on my soup night before last. It took me longer to roast all the veggies for the broth than I thought it would. By the time I finished roasting it was bedtime so I threw all the veggies and herbs in the crock pot. There were so many that loosly packed it filled up the pot. I covered them with water and let them cook over night on low. The next morning I drained the broth out and refilled it and cooked on low again all day. This way I got lots of broth. Again, I can't tell you what this did to the vitamins. I added some veggies and didn't include some veggies based on what I like. Vidalia onions are in season...they really added to the flavor!

Last night I chopped up my veggies and threw them in. I started with the hard veggies and did my best to add things so that they would all cook with out getting mushy. Summer squash and tomatoes I didn't cook much at all. I roasted a few veggies to go in the soup like okra and red bell pepper but there were lots and lots of veggies that were not roasted, so there should be plenty of vitamins left.

I really enjoyed making the soup. It felt like a ritual for ending the fast (I know, corny but it was very sensory rich with the colors and smells and washing and cutting) I was really pleased at how much all this healthy stuff appealed. Perhaps it is just that I haven't eaten for 3 weeks but I will say that my 9 year old ask if he could PLEASE have some of my soup too, and my husband woke up this morning commenting on how great the soup smells.

So...Detour, if you are reading post....THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPE!

The recipe does say you don't have to roast the veggies. Here it is:

"End the cleanse right and make it yourself. treat your freshly cleansed body right!
It's so easy and so salt, yum...

here is how I make it...

take some sliced carrots, tomato,celery, onion, garlic and the 'decent' trimmings from whatever else you want in the soup, and roast them in a preheated oven at 300 for about 30 minutes,turning once. You want carmelized. Throw them in a gallon or two of water along with some fresh basil, some rosemary,thyme,oregano,sage, 2-3 bay leaves,etc--10 peppercorns and simmer at low boil for about 40-70 minutes.

While it's cooking away cut up your veggies. You cut up ,you...

Strain/screen (not a spaghetti collander)the broth and then toss in the 'harder' veggies(carrots,spuds,some minced garlic,ground pepper,cayenne pepper), then gradually throw in everything one type at a time,ending with mushrooms and the things that cook quick.

That's with it anyway you like...if you want some beans in there ,sprout them a couple days before and either pressure cook them or regular cook to soften ,then add to the soup. You can add barley with the carrots. However, if you did the Master-Cleanse to loose weight , stay away from starch for awhile. You'll soak it up.

Roasting/carmelizing the stock vegetables really brings out the flavor. You don't have to roast though if you don't want to ...I mostly make my stock with the trim that I throw away anyway, so it is not much more expensive other than some carrots , a few stalks of celery,onion,etc...I even use potato peels(put the meat of potato in h2o as not to brown ,till you toss in soup).

Carrots, tomato, celery, onion, garlic, trimmings

some ideas:

red pepper
green pepper
egg plant
bok choy
soy beans

anything else you like

An hour ,off and on in the kitchen for 3-4 days worth of food...a breeze and so much better than the shelf. I could eat it for a month!

Last Saturday I made the best batch ever. Make extra and freeze it if you like, though for me it is too damn good to save...mmm.

Ace the 'natural' canned are worth it...convenience???? How 'convenient' was/is the MC...only as convenient as you make it...

buy a pressure cooker and make your own beans etc...

It's so much fun and more rewarding to govern what goes in our mouths.

Get rid of the canned/processed lifestyle as much as possible and you won't have to do the MCs so often...your body will thank you . Don't you deserve it...enjoy!!!"


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