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Re: I never had a problem with evolution

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: I never had a problem with evolution

The ideas of Adam and Eve, and evolving from a monkey, are not mutually exclusive. Just as the "larger" ideas of evolution and creationism are not mutually exclusive.

Here's something you said:

"Personally I believe everything the Bible says. If I were to question ANYTHING it would be some people's interpretation that the world began 6000 years ago."

The key word there is INTERPRETATION. Even within Christianity, nobody seems to be able to come to an agreement on WHAT it is that the Bible is "saying". There are a million different interpretations of what it all means, ranging from very literal to highly symbolic.

You say you believe everything the Bible says, but "what" is it the Bible says? How do you know your interpretation of it is what the original authors of those passages intended? Keep in mind that all those other "sects" of Christianity think THEIR interpretation is right, also!

I suspect many parts of the Bible were meant to be highly symbolic, representing deeper spiritual processes that can't be easily expressed in "normal" language. But a problem arises when people take teachings literally when they were originally intended to be symbolic. Kind of like how some extremist muslims can take parts of their teachings literally, when they were most likely meant to be HIGHLY symbolic (you know, like, the parts about beheading your enemies and stuff).

You also have to consider that much of these writings (of all religions) belonged to a certain CONTEXT. They were written for a certain culture, a certain mindset, and not necessarily intended for people thousands of years from then. When taken out of the original context, it becomes much more difficult to ascertain the original meaning and intent.

Back to the Adam & Eve thing. Interpretation.

It's very possible that Adam & Eve are merely symbolic figures representing the "first", early humans, with the story of Adam & Eve representing all the other aspects involved with moving from a "slave to nature" animal-mind, to a more aware, conscious, "freedom of choice" mind. If this is the case, then the "monkeys" would have come before "Adam & Eve", and "Adam & Eve" were the first "step up" from the slave-animal (no free will) mind. Where is the conflict?

Adam & Eve, symbolically, were the first humans. But that doesn't mean they didn't also evolve from a "lower" state of awareness and manifestation.

Here is my ... understanding ... on evolution if you're interested:

But, really it doesn't matter. People don't seem to understand that it's not the specifics that matter. It's the "essence" lying behind the story that matters. It's the underlying teachings that matter. Not whether some couple named Adam and Eve existed, or whether they were instantly placed here by God or whether they evolved out of a prior form of manifestation. It doesn't even matter whether some guy named Jesus existed or not. It's the ESSENCE, that is important. The essence that, when meditated upon, reaches to you on a deeper level and brings you to a greater level of spiritual maturity and understanding of YOURSELF.

I see people all the time running around preaching their chosen religion, about how you'll be "saved" and all that. But look at them. Do they look peaceful and tranquil to you? Usually I see a great deal of fear and anger. That's because they miss the point of religion completely. It's not about changing OTHERS, it's about changing YOURSELF. It's not about externalizing and convincing others of literal details. It's about internalizing, and allowing the deeper essence that lies "within" the teachings, to touch and CHANGE you on a deeper level.


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