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Re: Creation arguements for a young earth are bunk IMHO
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Creation arguements for a young earth are bunk IMHO

i got this from the discussion section of the website:

Now I knew the assignment. How? How could the Earth grow. That it grew was almost insignificant if it was simply a unique phenomenon. Logic! If not, by logical extension the Universe does not work the way they tell us it does. Here is cosmology's description of our universe, little changed for 150 years. "There's this whole bunch of floating stuff. Gravity comes along and collects it into suns, planets, moons. Add Hubble-red shift adn a little Big Bang and well, it's the same thing, isn't it? Funny how suns collected mostly hydrogen, isn't it? Odd?

Since the Earth grew a whole new set of rules apply. Without these new rules, only new bad and worse theories would arise each infected by the wrong rules of the past.

I am not aimed at scrabbling down a few loose tiles and replacing them. I am going after the basic super structure that hasn't been challenged since Newton. There's a lot of bad shit.

Here's what will change.

1. No Big Bang (stupid idea.)
2. A sun, again. a sun builds its own planets. (One hundred million tons of electrons and ions flies off from the sun every second where a-hem where does it go?) Multiply that by 5 billion years.
3. The interior of the Earth, the core is filled with super-heated gas and plasma with no solids and gravity is inverted, cause no solids. The electron-magnetic field of Earth flows through this plasma perfectly! (Why don't we know this? Cause scientists are not engineers and they don't understand pressure and gravity and the difference between the two.) I studied it.
4. No particle in our universe can be larger than the mass of two electrons (or an electron and a positron.)
5. And light is neither a particle or a wave.
6.You can't have plus one and minus one without having zero, no matter how hard you try.
The scientific community will, most assuredly choke on this. Call it tough love. They will recover and, as with many things before in my life you'll start hearing "You know, I always doubted that one." And "Hard to believe, I've been developing a theory along those same lines.

Thanks for your concern, but when I go to war (with a smile) I risk no one but myself. But between you and me, I've done my homework. And finally, who cares if I fail? I'm just some crazy comic book artist.

Just a reminder. Your first note told me I must do the second part or you-just-don't-care. Do you see the first part without the second part has, in effect been done. It needs the second part. That's the key.


i heard this guy talk on the radio. it was quite a rap he had. and after seeing the videos on his website, the rap made a lot of sense.

i think he answers most of the basic questions a person could have on his theory. he is not a particularly smart guy, he just doesnt have any of the restrictions put on his thinking that people who are thought to be specialists do. he doesnt have to play by the rules - hes a comic book guy. but he is intelligent enough to recognize when something makes sense. i think his stuff makes sense. at the least, its better than never questioning, especially about things that have no solid proof, only interpretation and theory.

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