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Human Levitation to Anti-Gravity
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Published: 17 years ago

Human Levitation to Anti-Gravity

Science confirms what Christians have known all along. Science and religion compliment each other in the end.

Levitation 101: Human Levitation
By Bruce Smith, 2003
This is a re-print of a draft for publication of 'Levitation 101: The BioPhysics of Human Levitation' by by Bruce Smith, an independent writer living in the Olympia area of Washington State.

Searching for the hard Science of human levitation has been like walking a forest trail at night. From tree branches high above me, the hoot owls of mainstream Science shout, “No. No. No. Please don’t ask me that question.” What happened to the safety of pure logic? I wonder. Even Jesuits with advanced degrees in physics are begging off from speaking to me.

I shake off my hesitation and move on. It’s dark, of course, and there is no moon to guide me, but I shine my flashlight upon the historical records of the Catholic Church, searching for the records of their two hundred saints who have reportedly levitated. But when I reach for a Church document, such as the Catholic Encyclopedia, a mist suddenly rises from the ground and fractures the beam of my light. Pages and pages of shrill, dogmatic history obfuscate what I am looking for. The Church seems to have forgotten, or even abandoned, its mystical heritage. But, like a glint of light bouncing off a rounded dew crystal, my persistence finds a word here and a sentence there, confirming that St. Teresa of Avila levitated in Madrid in 1640; St. Adolphus Liguori, in Foggia, Italy in 1777; and of course, St. Joseph of Cupertino, who levitated regularly and publicly throughout the early 1600’s.

Saint Joseph is hard to hide. Over a hundred public levitations, including one during a mass officiated by Pope Urban VIII when St. Joe crash-landed into the altar. That makes St. Joe the patron saint of levitating saints to me, but his feats triggered a political hysteria from the curia, who insisted that Joseph be put on ice in remote friaries of his Franciscan Order for the last thirty-five years of his life. But nowadays his story is easy to find, often being told with relish even in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Shining my light further, I see a commonality among the lives of the levitating saints. Namely, they all turned away from social consciousness, usually in a determined manner.

As a young woman Teresa was a cutie. It took a little doing, but she did not get caught up in an image-driven consciousness. A prolonged illness in adolescence, a love of God, her placement in a convent, and a watchful father all helped her avoid the traps of social convention.

In his youth, Adolphus was a hot-shot attorney in Naples and the toast of the town. But he too, answered an inner voice that wanted more than the fast lane. In mid-life a severe and prolonged illness resulted in his retreat into a monastery for recuperation, drawing him into the mystical, levitating life.

St. Joseph came into this life determined, seemingly, to have an alternative life experience. He disassociated regularly throughout childhood, “spacing-out” with no regard to his environment. Daily chores, such as washing dishes, were regularly interrupted by his intense day-dreaming, and the resulting piles of broken crockery generated heaps of scorn. Further, Joseph’s social incompetence earned him the reputation of town dunce, eventually getting him kicked out of his parent’s house and at least one Franciscan monastery. Only with his mother’s strident insistence to the General of the Order did the Franciscans take him back. Then, they put him in charge of a mule in an out-of-the-way friary. There Giuseppe had plenty of opportunity to contemplate an inner life.

Fortunately, Joseph was befriended there by his brother Franciscans, affording him the stability to deepen his love of God, nature, and the simple things of life.

“Giddiness,” as he called his levitations, occurred spontaneously and increased in frequency as he matured. A beam of sunlight popping through rain clouds is said to have put him into the ecstatic state from which his levitations came.

When he died in 1663, despite previous Church politics and his isolation from a supportive public, the church canonized him immediately.

Now, to understand how these folks levitated and how you might also, we should take a new look at the human body. Instead of seeing our bodies as heavy lumps that need to go on a diet, we should look at our weighty mass the way a “new physicist” might.

In her outstanding work, The Field, the Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, Lynne McTaggart sublimely describes a new theory of reality. The new thought in physics is that “matter” does not exist. This theory, held by many quantum physicists, is that our bodies are not matter per se, but energy fields instead. It is scientifically more accurate and more useful to view matter as simply more tightly condensed energy fields within a larger ambient field called the Zero Point Energy field (ZPE).

In fact, this ZPE field is so profoundly vast that all things are in it and all things spring from it. There is nothing outside of it, nor independent from this ZPE field.

So, instead of trying to levitate the protoplasmic remains of last night’s chocolate chip cookies, glasses of wine, juicy steaks, and this morning’s mocha breve, we should view levitation as simply the altering of our energy field. Specifically, lift off is achieved by countering the attracting forces of our customary position within the Zero Point Energy field. C’est tout. The sixty-four thousand dollar question is how to do that.

For answers I talked to someone who levitates, Stan Kendz of Rochester, New York. Stan is a practitioner of what is commonly called “yogic flying.” To the casual observer, his Sidhi™ meditative practice might be described as “meditative hopping,” since the practitioners go up and down from a seated position, much like a bouncing ball.

Stan is one of the hundreds of thousands of practitioners of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s TM (Transcendental Meditation™) advanced level of Sidhi™. He has spent many hours in the “Ground Zero” of yogic flying, a large amphitheater-like building called the “Dome,” located at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. (There are actually two “domes;” one for men and another for women.) Twice a day at approximately 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., practitioners engage their discipline there.

Stan describes his yogic flying this way: “You can’t try to lift off the ground; it just happens. When I levitate I have no sense that I’m lifting off. All I know is that when I enter a transcendent state of bliss, where I am totally detached from any thought or feeling, I experience an explosion of ecstasy. The next thing I know is that I’m coming down and sense the landing back on my mat.”

How high can they go? Well, Maharishi University had a yogic flying competition recently, and the Des Moines Register reported that the “winner” in the height contest flew off his mat high enough to land on a neighboring stack of mattresses piled thirty inches high.

In a video on yogic flying sold by the University, Sidhi™ practitioners who reach this elevated height of thirty inches do so progressively after a series of hops down a thirty foot runway of foam mats. The practitioners start in a cross-legged sitting position, and the “bubbles of bliss” they experience pop them up in the air a few inches and they land a foot or so down the mat. Within a split second of landing they pop back up into the air a second time, this time a little higher. The process repeats itself dozens of times until they fly thirty inches high.

Now, I considerate it significant to fly three feet off the ground just by going transcendental, but is it really levitation? St. Joseph flew around his church regularly, once pulling a parishioner off the ground and dancing with him in the air. Now, that I call levitation. Still, yogic flying is a valuable lead in the search for understanding levitation, because not only does the Maharishi University have students who lift off, they have a physics department that endeavors to explain the science of how they do it.

Dr. Christian Tourenne, who holds the Chair of Physics at Maharishi University, put it this way: “It would be nice to have a theory for how levitation works, wouldn’t it? . . . I am in the process of researching how the human nervous system could generate states of macroscopic quantum coherence within itself. I believe that the subjective experience of transcendence, as induced by the TM technique, corresponds to the emergence of an extended, macroscopic quantum-mechanical wave function (and field) in the brain.” What exactly does that mean? Stan Kendz has this perspective on Tourenne’s theories.

“When I do TM, I believe I enter a state of biological superconductivity, where there is no consumption of energy. The state of bliss transcends the senses and switches the body over from a high energy, aerobic state of being, to one that uses a thousand per cent less energy, an anaerobic state.

“In this state of superconductivity, I believe the body produces a Meissner Field around itself. Nothing can penetrate it, no energy field, nothing. And since I’m in a low energy, anaerobic state, nothing is leaving my field. Thus, I am shielded from the effects of gravity. And then, with the subtlest suggestion of a desire, my intention to levitate, my body lifts effortlessly into the air. It is a totally natural response. The exact mechanism of that response I do not know, but this is my sense of the science of what is happening.

“Now, why I only lift off a foot or two or three I don’t know. I believe we have to reach a global threshold of acceptance of the possibility of levitation. Such a consensus reality would support the experience of extended levitation, and even long distance, high altitude flight.”

Stan continues, “I remember when I first started these practices, back in 1984. I was in one of the Domes with 500 people, all beginners, and we started doing our advanced TM techniques. A little ways into it I was disturbed by ripples of laughter from my neighbors. I looked up and saw what everybody was laughing about. A student had levitated onto the top of his head and his arms were dangling down and his legs were splayed to the side. He was saying, ‘I don’t know how to get down!’

“Everybody cracked up at that point and the gales of laughter just catapulted us further into ecstasy. We all started levitating, shouting, and laughing. It was great. And it happened in waves, just like waves at the ocean. You could feel the energy building and you knew another levitation was coming. It would build, build, build and then, whamm-o, we would all lift off and shriek delightedly, filled with bliss. It was great.

“Nowadays, these wonder-waves happen most when thousands of levitators gather together to diffuse social stress, like we did in a documented U.S. government study conducted in Washington, D.C. in 1994. Known as the ‘Taste of Utopia Experiment,’ it scientifically validated that large groups of levitators, practicing together, can reduce social stress and end war. (Crime rates were statistically reduced in Washington, D.C. during this exercise.). TM levitators practice levitation not to fly through the air, but for the powerful, peaceful effects it has on world consciousness.”

Stan’s perspective on the mechanics of levitation jives with emerging scientific theory. Superconductors are known to be surrounded by a field that has no polarity. These fields, known as Meissner Fields, have no north or south pole, such as exists in a magnetic field. These Meissner Fields are impervious to penetration from any other kind of field, such as an electromagnetic field. And it is also known that superconductors allow for the transmission of energy without any loss. Researchers wonder if trance states can induce superconductive states within the body, but if so, exactly what becomes superconductive in the body?

It may be the iridium and rhodium in the tissues of our brain according to the research findings of David Hudson, as presented by Sir Laurence Gardner in his latest book, “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark.” Hudson researches the effects of superconducting materials he calls ORME’s, (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) which are those elements from the “platinum group” of transitional elements. Hudson is said to have discovered that iridium and rhodium, two of these seven “platinum group” transitional elements, compose 5% of the dry weight of mammalian brains. He suggests that these elements have the property of being able to transform from a high energy, low spin state of normal atomic configuration, to a low energy, high spin state of deformed nuclei configuration, or superconductivity. If true, this would confirm Stan Kendz’ hypothesis that he is in a low-energy, superconductive state during his Sidhi™ meditation practices.

So, our bodies might be able to create superconductivity within them via the pathway of trance-inducing practices. This internal superconductivity may be like a switch that we turn on to enter a levitating state.

Or perhaps superconductivity is always present and trance-producing practices like meditation or ecstatic prayer removes the off-switch that blocks the iridium and rhodium, and thus allows their superconductive field to radiate throughout our body. This superconductivity may then transmit throughout our entire body our intent to levitate.

Dr. Tourenne suggests that a body-wide coherence is achieved during Sidhi™, and as I understand it, every cell, organelle, atom, and sub-atomic particle then resonates at a new “levitative” frequency. This new resonance may be a Meissner Field, as Stan suggests. Or it may be a wholly new kind of “levitative” field. Regardless, the body is thus shielded from gravity.

This would be akin to putting helium in a balloon. The helium makes the “inner” field of air in the balloon lighter than the surrounding, ambient “field” of air. Thus, the balloon “levitates.”

I had hoped for confirmation, or at least commentary, from the mainstream scientific community on this. But the best my entreaties could manifest were comments similar to those from The Institute of Noetic Studies. They told me they had no specific knowledge on these issues, and knew of no one doing research who could comment responsibly.

What we do know from science is that superconductors have high spin states. But exactly what is spinning? In quantum physics, the term spin refers to the “dance,” or the movement, rotation and orientation of a particle. In certain states, a particle such as an electron may be doing a kind of “quantum waltz,” or it may be doing an imitation of a mosh pit. But when it is in its highest energy state, put there by trance or focused thought, its new juking and jiving state of being may be creating a torsion field, which is a specialized field much like a tornado. This may contradict the speculations of the Sidhi™ practitioners who feel they are entering a low-energy state when levitating.

Torsion fields may be a critical element in levitation since they seem to be a key ingredient in the current understanding of anti-gravity technology and field-effect propulsion systems. Researchers, such as “Dr. Dan Marckus” of Nick Cook’s The Hunt for Zero Point say that for levitation (or antigravity) to occur, a torsion field is necessary and it has to be in three dimensions, not just the customary two dimensions of rotation and a single vector of movement. When we see a tornado that is standing still, we see a simple torsion field in two dimensions. It swirls around and has one vector of movement, namely down. But when it adds a third aspect, such as moving across the landscape, it then enters a higher order, what Marckus call hyperspace. There, the tornado melts the effects of gravity and inertia, giving us anomalies such as blades of grass stuck perfectly into a mirror, or a stick embedded into a telephone pole with no cracks or fissures visible on the pole.

So, do focused thought and trance practices put a new spin into our sub-atomic particles? Do they then develop sub-atomic torsion fields? Or do they band together to create macro-sized torsion fields made out of some yet to be identified energy field? Remember, torsion fields are structures within a medium, like a tornado is a structure of air within air, and a whirlpool is a structure of water within water. So, do we have a new kind of torsion field here, made out of energetic fields within the ZPE fields?

If so, what is the torsion field torqueing against? Is the torsion field torquing against the actual particles of the Zero Point Energy field or it it pushing against their charge in some kind of energetic effect? Either way levitators may levitate like a rock-climbing helium balloon, crawling, pushing, and pulling against the stasis of the ZPE field, rather than just being “different” and floating up.

Are there particles in the ZPE field to torque against? Researcher William Lyne offers a possibility in his book, Occult Ether Physics. Lyne suggests the ZPE field has an even smaller field, which he calls an omni field, and he bases his speculations upon his understanding of Nikola Tesla’s theories of the “ether,” which was Tesla’s word for the ZPE field.

Lyne says this more sublime field is built by omni particles, the smallest elements in the physical world, and are found shoulder-to-shoulder in all directions, filling the ZPE field. These omni particles have different charges, but in their vastness they have a consistent net charge. To exist in this physical world it seems we build a counter charge to the charge of the omni field, which then gives us gravity. This allows us to interact with other energy fields, all of which were once known as “matter” in the “old physics.” But if we build a new charge, let’s say by TM or trance dancing, we then put a new spin into our sub-atomic particles. This gives us a new torque, or push, against the omni field. In essence, we crank ourselves up, up, and away. Got a ratchet?

But, with our sub-atomic particles changing spin, torquing this way and that, how does that affect the body? Isn’t the physical geometry of our molecular beingness getting twisted? Hmmm?

One answer may be in how the superconductivity of iridium and rhodium occurs. The theory of superconductivity of the transitional elements comes from their being in a single, monatomic state. Mike Wright, resident physics meister at BeyondtheOrdinary.Net web stream radio, explained it to me this way.

“Imagine atomic life as being like living in an apartment. You can live your lifestyle any way you want, but only up to a point because you’ve got lots of neighbors who restrain your intermittent impulses to play Led Zeppelin fully cranked at 3:00 a.m. That’s life in solid form, where electrons are shared jointly with neighboring atoms. It is stable, but restrained.

“But in a superconductive state, certainly for the platinum group, these atoms can act as if they were all a single individual. That means a couple of things. One, you don’t have any neighbors to worry about. That’s cool, but unstable. How are you going to pay the rent on the whole building? For the platinum group, whose elements have lots of unfilled energy states for the neutrons and protons in their nuclei, it gets real risky. In fact, their nuclei deform, and even break apart at times. But, with the deformation comes a new stability. It would be like transforming the apartment building to free-standing condos.”

Perhaps that isolation, or disconnected monatomic state, effects the more macro level of molecules. Perhaps the “unity” that superconductivity creates in a superconducting material gives those particles a geometric slippery-ness. Maybe that explains why meditators feel nauseous and dizzy when they come out of a trance too quickly. They’re “spun” back before they can adjust.

However, two researchers, Anders Wistrom and Armik Khachatourian of the University of California, Riverside have added to the concept of spin when they found that static electricity can cause rotation in spheres. In their research, suspended metal balls revolved when a charge was put into them. According to an article recently published in The Golden Thread magazine, scientists had known about electrical attraction between particles, but they had not known an electrical charge would cause particles to rotate. Since we have an on-going electrical current (which are charges in motion) in our bodies, we might have a stasis of spin. So, when we enter a levitating trance perhaps we alter that rotation. That might be another explanation of how we change our spin relative to the pull of gravity.

Another understanding may come from a holistic view of the Observer Effect. This is the theory that the act of observing creates reality. This theory arises from the phenomena observed in the famous double-slit experiment: direct observation changes the position of moving particles as they travel through slits in a partition. It is thought that particles traveling unobserved travel as waves and have a greater potential of entering both slits. When observed, however, the particles act as particles and enter only one slit. Scientists call this phenomenon of observation “collapsing the wave function.”

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf in his latest book, “Parallel Universes,” illustrates how theorists have applied these fundamental ideas of quantum physics to involve not just the particles and waves of the quantum world but entire universes.

As I understand Dr. Wolf, the leading theory of reality these days is the “Many Worlds Theory.” It is also described as the “Parallel Universe Theory.” Regardless, both perspectives tell us that we have an infinite number of realities to choose from.

But how did we get an infinite number? Again, as I understand Dr. Wolf, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle plays a crucial role. That concept says that we cannot know both the location and the momentum of a particle or object. They can be anywhere and everywhere, so it is thought that sub-atomic particles exist in clouds of potentials.

Let’s say an electron exists in a cloud of vast infinite potential around its nucleus. Dr. Wolf gives a wonderful illustration of how those potentials can be collapsed into one reality.

He suggests this collapsing is like entering a theater with an infinite number of slide projectors. Each projector has one slide in it, one potential. When we view the whole theater we see a “cloud” of projectors, but only one projector gets turned on at a time, so when we focus on the screen to see the picture, we see only one reality at a time. We “observe” only one of the many potential slides of reality. Now, Wolf says this model is how an electron selects a reality.

But, how about us and our lives? Can we enter that same theater and observe any one of an infinite number of macro-reality slide projectors? Do we, just like an electron cloud around an atom, “observer-effect” our existence into being every split second of our lives, choosing from an ever-changing, vastly infinite number of slide-projector-reality potentials? As I understand Dr. Wolf and the “Many Worlds Theory,” we do.

So, following that understanding, logic tells us that there exists, right now, a potential for every one of us to levitate. We can choose that potential. We can select and observe it into reality. The question is for those of us who endeavor to levitate, why don’t we? What gets in the way? It’s like, “Okay. Beam me up, Scotty,” but we don’t get beamed (or levitated). What blocks that potential from coming forward?

Could it be that the “Observer Effect Process” is more than just a mental exercise? Are our observing faculties so hard-wired to social expectations, emotional awareness, or the conditions of our day-to-day world that we can’t levitate? Does that mean we must pull the plug on that conditioning in order to levitate?

That might be why trance states are required. St. Joseph wasn’t “emotionally grounded” to the standard reality, so he was free to fully observe a levitating state. Is that how it works? Do we need to be free of what “ties” us to reality to be able to fly above it? Is levitation a state dependent upon psychology as much as it is upon the standard laws of quantum physics? Do our attitudes and expectations, neigh, our requirements for existence and identity, determine the nature of our reality? It appears so.

The Observer Effect seems to be dependent upon absolute acceptance, a state of mind beyond fear or consternation. Stan Kendz, the yogic flyer, even seems to feel that we need a global acceptance of the potential to have full-scale levitation come forward as a reality. Whew! Yet, some Maharishi students have sufficient acceptance to rise thirty inches. And what about St. Joe? He levitated in the face of enormous ridicule and political opposition.

As much as social acceptance may be a factor, isn’t it really just one more field to deal with? Can’t a mind that can hold the focus of levitation also turn off the doubts of the world? Ramtha the Enlightened One, an entity who channels through a woman named JZ Knight, offers a perspective that sheds more light on the mechanics of levitation and consciousness.

Ramtha discusses levitation in his treatise, “Buddha’s Neuronet for Levitation: Opening the Lotus of a Thousand Petals.” In this booklet, Ramtha describes levitation as a process of organizing the energetic fields of the body, what he calls the “bands” of the body. He says that these “bands” can create what he calls a “resonant field” which, as I understand it, is a field altered dynamically to the ambient gravity-driven field around us. Specifically, he says:

“Now . . . when an entity levitates, it is because they have changed the resonant field of their bands. They are actually encased in a bubble of frequency that is greater than the time/space dimension that they are presently existing in.”

This enhanced frequency, as I understand from Ramtha’s booklet, is akin to playing a musical note on an instrument, such as a B-flat, but increasing the frequency so that the sound is louder, or “levitating.” This increased frequency of the bands is in effect an acceleration of energy.

He continues, “Field phenomena is sort of like radiation, microwave fields, (or) electromagnetic fields . . . . All fields are a product of a stream of consciousness . . . all fields known and unknown are subject then, to streams of consciousness. And what is the greatest accelerator that you now possess that can tune into different streams of consciousness? The brain.”

As the resonant fields accelerate, the “bands” are put “into a magnetic flux,” as I understand Ramtha to be saying. He continues:

“Now, when they do that, they are actually gravity-eaters . . . the field is antigravity because it is not resonating at ‘B-flat’ any longer. It is resonating at a higher, louder harmonic, thereby consuming gravity, thereby allowing the entity to lift off . . . . It is actually eating the ‘B-flat’ fields around you and taking them into a vortex of energy which allows antigravity to exist, which brings upon the state of levitation.”

So, as I understand Ramtha, with the right consciousness we can energize our “bands” which will in turn absorb or “eat” gravitational energy, which will then allow us to lift off.

All of this leaves me thinking we are at the beginning stages of understanding levitation. It seems like we are in the metaphorical equivalent of sitting under the apple tree with Sir Isaac Newton 350 years ago. We all hear a “thump” from a falling apple, and one of us turns to Sir Isaac saying, “Hey, Issie, did you ever wonder why apples fall down instead of up?”

In closing I’d like to share a dream I had in the middle of doing the research on this article.

I was a scribe in the laboratory of Leonardo DaVinci, writing down the maestro’s observations. DaVinci was examining a dead seagull on his work bench, endeavoring to understand how birds fly. He ran his hands over the wings and said with surprise, “Es cuve, es cuve, es cuve…” meaning, “It’s curved.” And thus was born the understanding that aerodynamic lift is created by air moving over curved wings.

All air travel today is directly dependent upon that observation, and I think we are at the same point with antigravity and levitation. Like the seagull, it may be that we who levitate, or seek to, who will point the way through the labyrinth of hyper-dimensional physics to anti-gravity, field-effect propulsion, and a future as bold to us today as O’Hare Airport would have seemed to Sts. Joseph, Teresa, or Adolphus in their day.

I’ll see you in the stars, baby. Ciao.

1. For information on the Maharishi’s Sidhi™ Mediation/Yogic Flying:, or

2. To find out where you can learn Transcendental Mediation and Yogic Flying in your area, write: Yogic Flying Clubs, Paterson House, 500 Wilbrod St. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N2. Or call 800-307-0369. In the USA call 800 888-5797.

3. For an on-going discussion of the physics of human levitation and other aspects of human consciousness, listen to “Tuesday with Mike Wright” on web stream broadcast.

4. For an in-depth view of the technology of antigravity see
“Antigravity: The Holy Grail of the 21st Century,” by Bruce A. Smith in NEXUS Magazine, November 2003, US edition:

5. Or see Nick Cook’s The Hunt for Zero Point, Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology, Broadway Books/Random Houe, New York, 2002.

6. For a deeper understanding of the Zero Point Energy Field, see Lynne McTaggart’s, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, Harper Collins, NY 2002.

7. To learn more about the omni field, see William Lyne’s Occult Ether Physics: Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It, CREATOPIA PRODUCTIONS, Lamy, New Mexico 87540.

8. For a full understanding of Ramtha’s teaching on resonant fields and levitation see RAMTHA’S FIRESIDE SERIES: “Buddha’s Neuronet for Levitation, Opening the Lotus of a Thousand Petals,” p.26-31; Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment™, PO Box 1210 Yelm, Washington 98597. Or,

9. The wonderful world of “Many Worlds” and more is described by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, in his “Parallel Universes, the Search for Other Worlds,” Touchstone Books, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1988.

10. The secrets of transitional elements are explored by Sir Laurence Gardner in his “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Amazing Revelations of the Phenomenal Power of Gold,” c/o Sir Laurence’s web site:


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