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And Now
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Published: 17 years ago

And Now

Gen. 1:1-2
1“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”
Now, look up the original Hebrew definition for the word was is, right after the word earth in the second verse. You will see what is translated as the English word was, would better be translated as the phrase 'It came to pass'. Or if you want a word for word translation, instead of was, it should be became. The original Hebrew verse meant, "And it came to pass that the earth became a wasteland empty and chaotic."

This is the full meaning of verse two in the original Hebrew, not as it was translated into English. Look up the original Hebrew definition for "without form and void." They also mean chaotic and empty. As you can see, there is no word for word equivalence in English for the Hebrew words of hayah, tohuw and bohuw. Taking their full meaning it becomes clear that there was a lot of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. It is the events that are not mentioned between these two verses that led up to the earth becoming a chaotic wasteland. The missing information solves the mystery of Evolution vs. Creation.

The Infinite nature of God makes all things possible, even a Universe that supports life just as Science describes it. Reality is simply a complex pattern that is ever changing. Life is just a one of the many patterns of reality.

Once Earth was created, God revealed his plan to his Angels. A plan so important to God, that he sent Lucifer and the third of the Angels under his leadership to come to Earth and help the life forms here achieve their ultimate potential. And for millions and millions of years all was according to God's plan.

So what upset the apple cart?


Once mankind evolved on the planet, Lucifer discovered the true meaning of ultimate potential. He learned it was man's potential, or destiny, to achieve God Consciousness. Life on earth was going to evolve to a level of intelligence capable of understanding God and God's plan. It is man's ultimate destiny to become greater than the Angels themselves.

Lucifer didn't like that.

Remember Genesis 1:2, And it came to pass that the earth became a wasteland empty and chaotic. I'm now going to tell you why the Earth became empty and chaotic after millions and millions of years of evolution. It’s called the Rebellion of Lucifer.

Lucifer finally perceived the full meaning of what a souls ultimate potential to be. God's plan is to create millions and billions of God Beings through soul evolution.

Why did this upset Lucifer so much?

Lucifer felt betrayed by God. Lucifer thought he would always be the Third Highest in the Infinite Realities. Instead he discovers God is creating God by the billions and it was Lucifer's Pride to be of the Highest. Lucifer felt he had to maintain his most high status at all cost.

What cost?

The cost was a War of Angels of such violence that it ultimately ended the Earth's ability to sustain life. Lucifer made war against God. God commanded Michael to resist Lucifer. Michael and his Angels fought with Lucifer and his Angels. Lucifer tried to overthrow Heaven but was defeated and was forced to return back to earth. Lucifer fell back to Earth like a bolt of lightening. The Angels that rebelled with Lucifer were hurled back to earth too. God had commanded Lucifer to watch over this Earth and Lucifer had not yet been relieved of his duty.

Lucifer became enraged at his banishment to the very Earth he had once desired and now had come to hate. To add insult to injury, Lucifer was still under the command of God to help mankind achieve their destiny. This further enraged Lucifer. It was detestable to him to be commanded to help beings achieve a station higher than he. The Earth contained the very seed of billions of Gods. God seeds that someday would all exist higher and more glorious than he. Gods more powerful than he. Lucifer devised a plan to destroy the Earth's life giving properties. This is how the Earth ultimately became chaotic and empty of life.

Lucifer destroyed this world's ability to support life because he wanted to stop the soul evolution. Lucifer knew that Reincarnation was how God was making it possible for the souls of mankind to have enough opportunities to finally discover their God Consciousness. The Rebellion of Lucifer is also the missing information that ties Evolution and Creation together, as well as the paradox of Reincarnation and the Resurrection. Afterwards, Lucifer's name was changed to Satan which means “the enemy that destroys”.

The fossil records that indicate that life has been on this planet for billions years are correct. Gen 1:1 states God created the heavens and the earth, and Science does not contradict that statement with the Big Bang Theory. God always starts small like a mustard seed. The Universe started very small and look how big it is now, and growing bigger and bigger, at faster and faster rates.

The definition of was, in Gen 1:2 could better be translated as the phrase 'It came to pass'. The original Hebrew meant And it came to pass that the earth became a lifeless wasteland empty and chaotic, and that Lucifer's rebellion is what brought about this tragedy. The first chapter of Genesis is a record of God repairing the damage caused by Lucifer's war

Maybe it will help if you understood that there is no such thing as 'tense' in biblical Hebrew. Biblical Hebrew is not a 'tense' language. Modern grammarians recognize that it is an 'aspectual' language. This means that the same form of a verb can be translated as either past, present, or future depending on the context and various grammatical cues. So, when it references the Sun and Stars, the original Hebrew does not indicate when the Sun and Stars were made, (i.e. present tense) but simply a statement that God made them period.

Lucifer's rebellion and a mistranslated word and phrase created the illusion that Evolution and the Genesis are paradoxes. Like I said before there are no opposites, only compliments. Science and Religion compliment each other, when your mind and eyes are fully open.

Being a “fence sitter”, (like I've been called in here before) which is really a fence buster, where do I make a stand? The Sabbath. "And on the seventh day God rested and God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it.” This is where science stops and Christianity keeps going. I acknowledge our creator, and science like satan acknowledges themselves with their stubborn pride. Rejoice though! Some day science will catch up with the Bible, and it will be soon. Perhaps within the next twenty years, when science dogma stops long enough to admit the truth. Then they can shut down this room, and we will all look back and laugh at the current foolishness in here. (Including myself)

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