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Re: Threelac - what do I do?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Threelac - what do I do?

Hi, Rachel! Your experiences sound very similar to mine.

I've been on one packet per day of ThreeLac for a month, and have recently upped to two packets per day now in my second month. I started on just one packet per day at first only because I was too weak and thin when I began to risk any major die-off symptoms. I noticed in the first week many nice subtle improvements after starting the ThreeLac, then after that first week I had some die-off symptoms come and go, two of which were the feeling I was coming down with a cold or the flu (which never materialized, thankfully), and feelings of Depression with no external cause, which also came and went. I expect more of the same, if not a bit elevated as I've upped my dosage, but if it gets too bad, I'll cut back my dosage for a few days then try it again.

That said, I am on a fairly strict diet by my own decision to help things along, and I supplement with essential oils, lean proteins, and crackers and pancakes I make from buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa. A few seeds and coconut meat. Also, well cooked beans don't seem to bother me, though I take everything in moderation. Ask me how I feel if I pig out on several bowls of beans in one day and I may have a different story. ;O)

I eat LOTS of vegetables, and make sure to steam the more difficult-to-digest ones just to be on the safe side. I don't cheat on my diet right now. I'd rather feel healthy. In fact, I rather like this diet despite it's Spartan-ness. But, it will be nice when the day comes that I can be a little less strict. I did, ahem, allow myself a thin slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving last week. It was a real treat but I realized I'd been away from sweet things for so long now that I'm losing my taste for them. Whoddathunkit.

I take a very effective vitamin and mineral duo (vit's in the a.m. and min's in the p.m. which are fast helping my pH get back to normal), digestives at every meal, immune support supplements, lots of pure water, preferably distilled, and am researching other things which will help me detox and heal. I am making certain to take everything slowly, though. Giving what I've got a chance to work and measuring my body's response so that I'm not shocking my system.

I am also undergoing accupuncture twice per week which is a blessing. My homeopath also gave me a remedy specifically tailored to my needs which aids in stress management and allergy symptoms. I do gentle yoga each day to help the detox and when I run my errands (which never seem to end) I try to park my car a little further away from my destination to get my body back into walking again. However, I did notice my detox reactions are a little stronger if I've stretched/walked more than I should, so when that happens, I take it easy for a day or two, but don't quit the exercise completely. Exercise is vitally important. Just do what your body feels comfortable with at the time.

I also like Shelley's suggestion of lymph cleansing exercises such as lying on the floor with your legs propped up on the wall, and the hot baths and sweating. Very practical and sensible, especially for someone just starting out. I've ordered some detox bath packets and will begin those in a few weeks. Just taking my time with what I've got going on for now.

I tell you all this because I think the ThreeLac is helpful, but you have to be committed to healing with other things such as supplements, diet, exercise, and how you approach your stresses as well. I began the ThreeLac before making any of the other changes (except the accupuncture which began at the same time) and noticed some immediate changes in my energy levels and "female moisture balance/urinary area", as well as skin problem relief. My swollen glands are slowly decreasing in size and sensitivity to where most of the time I almost don't notice them now, and I will attribute that to my whole healing program, but do give ThreeLac some of the credit.

I was on other multiple healthy bacterias for a couple of years which did help, but nothing like what I got after just a few days on ThreeLac, so I do think their combination of "stuff" can be helpful for some people in ways other things can't (and vice versa. everyone's body is different). All that said, should I find the ThreeLac does not help me significantly over the long haul, and I will give it time to see if it works, I don't have any qualms about looking to other avenues. I'm always open to new ideas.

You are welcome to email me on occaision to ask about my progress if that is not against board policy. (I don't know that I'll be posting here that often. I usually just read and take notes and then get back to work as I should.) I offer because you sound like you are where I was about 1 month ago with the thinness, the one pack per day, and the reactions. And, if you find it helpful to ask, I am willing to share. Knowledge is power! And, I wish you the best of luck in your healing! :o)

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