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I may have tripped across the real issue, finally
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Published: 17 years ago

I may have tripped across the real issue, finally

Well, if you all have seen my previous posts, you know that I too am fighting the Canidia. The last few months have been all about the sinuses - two steps forward, one step back. But, now I may have come across something else at the heart of the issue.

I developed a step throat like virus in mid May (my biggest health issue is a repressed immune system, which is probably why I have Canidida overgrowth).
I got mostly better but then went on a trip to New York and the upheaval caused my almost healed virus to go into yet another sinus infection. During the infection, I noticed that the tissue around my one root canal (only dental work) was red and puffy. I then noticed that the one side of the sinuses cleared up whereas the sinus next to the tooth took much longer to clear out and heal. I had read about the dangers of root canals, but have had this for 8 years and didn't really think it bothered me. However, the gum tissue around the tooth has always been a bit puffy and red versus my other teeth. I also noticed that sometimes when using Collodial Silver under my tongue, if I swished it in my mouth and it hit that upper tooth, I could feel something. Not pain, but something very different from the other teeth.

So, on a hunch I started swishing Collodial Silver for longer periods around that tooth daily. I definately felt something on the verge of pain (by the way, there isn't supposed to be a nerve there, right?!) I added a placement of a drop of tea tree oil on the gum area once a day. The result: for 3 days I increasing pain. Finally, I took an Advil (usually, don't touch the stuff). The fourth day, the pain subsided but I can still feel...activity. I am using the CS, Tea Tree Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract, alternating daily. I can tell there is still an issue but some of my symptoms are improving dramatically. I feel better. My fatigue is noticeably less, my nasal discharge of candida is almost nothing, and like I said, I just feel better.

Thus, I think the root canal has an infection or parasite or some nasty thing in it that has been causing a systemic infection and depletion of my immune system. Thus, the Candida overgrowth could be just a side effect of this infection. I am both frustrated and thrilled that this could be my main issue. I'm not sure what to do next - see my dentist, wait to see my alternative MD in July and keep doing my treatments till them before seeing a dentist. I had just been to the dentist 3 weeks ago and they did xrays and didn't note an absess or such.
What do you guys think? Could this be the root (bad pun) of all the ills?

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