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Dear Candida Killers,
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Published: 16 years ago

Dear Candida Killers,

It's clear that all people who are trying to rid themselves of this food sensitivity are of the best intentions, but I think it would be best to address the idea of strong survival and replication. If you kill 99% of the microbes of your body with some foriegn substance, what is the 1% composed of? The strongest microbes! So, if you have any imbalance in your body at the time of killing your microbes, any chance at all that they will remain cultured, those strongest microbes will come back as an even nastier foe!

I think that people on this forum could benefit a lot from creating conditions in their body that are *sustainable* and not all out warfare. Sure, it's important not to eat yeast, not to live in a moldy environment. And sure, it's probably a good idea to eat a clove of garlic minced before bed. But aside from those things, building up a strong immune system and not feeding the microbes like a pet (although some is necessary to not put them into survival mode) is the key to healing this *naturally*. It's the immune system that will eventually finish the job, so that's the way we should structure the way we treat ourselves. The more we throw at this, the more the microbes find a way to survive on things you thought were okay beforehand.

Example: I was nearly cleansed of this problem before by seeing a naturopath who had me on a diet free of wheat, barley, rye, alcohol, dairy, red meat, moldy nuts. I was almost there eating oats and vegetables, and using a strong anti-oxidant with garlic at night. That's it. No probiotics. I was also supposed to be making my stomach alkaline at night, so as to produce more acid, but I didn't even need to do that. Long story short, I cut corners, but still had great results simply from the small changes early on.

Months and months went by after I left for financial reasons, feeling like I could clear it out on my own. This made the problem much wose in the long run by attempting to do extreme cleanses on my own. This caused me to be sensitive to oats, just like I'm sensitive to wheat. Now I'm much more diciplined, but still having problems with things as pure as maple syrup. The point of all this is that please realize that what you're doing, although it seems right to want to attack something, is just making things worse for you in the long run by letting stronger microbes reculture and reproduce. They learn to survive on what you give them, that's why they didn't die when you tried to kill them last time, and the time before, and the time before. Please realize that like it or not these microbes have a relationship with you, and the stronger you make yourself by not eating any processed food to feed them, the better. The stronger you are, the more your natural immune function can rid you of this infection, and the happier you will be in the process. Please resolve to eat a pure diet, but also make a firm grasp *right now* of what you can handle. Yes, it's okay to have gluten, just as long as you haven't over exposed yourself to a certain kind. It's important not to be paranoid about every little battle you have with your microbes, because that really obscures the whole goal of the process, which is to make yourself strong enough to clear this out on your own, without the help of crazy herbs or fungicides. If you're strong eating fruit all day, that's fantastic. Use these things to your advantage. Whole foods are best, and that is a blessing in and of itself. There's plenty of gluten free recipies just waiting for you and your love for your health. Please, don't plague yourself. Think twice before your next big attack, because the stuff that grows back will be the microbes that knew how to deal with what you threw at them. In the end, nothing overcomes the immune system. Let it do it's thing.

With love,

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