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Re: Hello!!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Hello!!

Hi I am going to copy and paste your some of your message into my response to make it easier for me...
thank you so very much for taking the time to list everything and to explain, I cant thank you enough because your tip on calcium has finally got the ball rolling for me!

"The first one, and in my opinion the most valuable and most likely to be absent, is molybdenum. It has been critical in my battle with candida, my vision, and my energy. It is also responsible, at least in part, for moving iron out of the liver for general circulation and utilization. It is also critical to the breakdown, and function of several amino acids. The addition of this mineral has helped me use various forms of mineral chelates that I have had no benefit from, and apparently could not digest. Moly is also vital to another major mineral I believe could help you, but I will mention it a bit later. Moly is also key in breaking down sulfites which can cause allergic reactions in some people, and in breaking down acetaldehydes, found in many fragrances and perfumes, and a major toxin given off by candida."

Can you tell me a little bit about what kind of reactions you saw after taking moly and how soon you saw these reactions?

"The other 'minor' mineral that may be of assistance to you is manganese. It is closely related to iron, and is needed by iron in some processes in the body. If you consult, you will see that if it is low it can affect hypoglycemia, as well as, several menstrual issues."

Yes! I was taking a manganese and was feeling slight changes but I had to stop because it had a herbal base that was causing dry lips (I get dry skin and lips from veggies, herbs, cocoa, omega 3, beans and silica)

"The other major mineral I would suggest is sulfur/MSM. Sulfur is a component of bile, so low sulfur could affect bile. It is also a big player for the pancreas, which could have a role in both your hypoglycemia, and your digestion. A couple of tips for using MSM. It is great, and for many, produces no symptoms whatever, but for me with my low moly, I had to increase my moly first. Apparently moly's role in breaking down sulfurs also affects MSM, and moly is needed to help the body better use it. So I would first suggest supplementing your moly for a week or two before starting the MSM. Second, I would suggest using only about 500mg every other day when you do start. Then gradually build up to 1000-2000mg per day, if that works for you. Both moly and MSM are very good liver and toxin detoxers. The body needs time to clear the debris before it can take on more, so be patient with this process, and I believe it will pay off. You seem to have the same problem I have with breaking down and using supplements. Mine was generally resolved with using the moly for a few days. It even upped my response to the chelate forms that I had been able to use. Also, be sure to get an MSM with vitamin C. Even if C usually causes you a problem, it is unlikely with the MSM because the MSM will use it up quickly in processing. By the way, MSM is a synergist for selenium, which I believe has been helpful for you."
Ok, for some reason I get insomnia with sulfur based vitamins and minerals-selenium, MSM and I forgot what else (brewers yeast forsure) I linked this reaction to sulfur, but Im not 100% sure. When something causes me insomnia I STOP taking it right away. So are you saying that after a few days of moly you could "tolerate" other supplements that you previously had reactions to? Or did you notice that the supplements were now having a greater effect or are you describing that you couldnt breakdown the capsules/tablets before the moly? (Sorry I just like the gritty details it really helps me understand). Do you have idea why selenium and MSM would cause me insomnia, oh yeah vitamin C and almost anything labeled an anti-oxidant cause me insomnia too. Selenium did help with my blackheads which are my personal hell because they scar me. However I could not keep taking them due to insomnia. I think acidic supplements give me insomnia because the calcium has helped so much with it, is selenium and MSM acidic? Maybe thats why vitamin C doesnt work for me.
I do see that I have a lack of bile-stool are not dark and digestion is poor, I get fungal flares on my scalp, feet and face after eating foods high in fat.

"Also, I hope you have considered the saw palmetto. It is very helpful with the hair issue, and may help reduce your need for omega 6's or make the omega 6's more efficient."
Any herbs-even vitamins with a herbal base will cause me dry skin, lips and insomnia. Wierd yes I know even in tiny amounts.

I will get some more moly and magenese and try those. You mentioned before that minerals work fast, I have found that to be true for calcium but not sure about others. Would you say that moly and magenese should work as fast as calcium?

Also you did not say if you continue to get the peeling skin reaction from calcium. I get it maybe twice a week, and am not sure this is because it is constantly renewing my skin -like this should be a normal thing or if possibly I go into a deficiency when I am acidic and then when I replenish it goes into "renewal" mode. My source of calcium is eggshell calcium (has to be made daily) and sometimes I run low and dont get as much as I need to keep pH alkaline. This peeling reaction could also be what happens after I get fungal flares, like what I see happening on my scalp, face and feet after eating a candida no-no or fats.

Thanks again!!

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