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to acnebegone, more info on acne treatment, drugs, and friendly flora
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Published: 16 years ago

to acnebegone, more info on acne treatment, drugs, and friendly flora

Here are some different sites with information about acne: Although I do not necessarily agree with all the information on these sites, they give a much broader perspective than what you are likely to get from your doctor. Maybe I got a little radical in my last message, but I wish someone would have warned me about the dangers of antibiotics. After I had been taking an average of 4 courses of antibiotics a year for 15 years for chronic bladder infections, my problems began to get much worse. By this time I knew I had a problem with candida, and that drugs were making things worse. After spending an afternoon on the internet, I found several medical articles, published by doctors, stating that bladder infections seemed to be caused from a lack of friendly flora, that the more antibiotics you had taken, the more likely it would be that you would get another bladder infection. Thus I knew I was caught in a vicious cycle. Furthermore I found out that a completely natural substance (D-mannose) could have been used to treat the majority of these infections without any negative side effects whatsoever. They've known about this substance which was tested in certain clinics since the early eightys. It never caught on with MD's of course, because it is a completely natural substance which carries no profit motive for the pharmaceutical companies. This information would have been very useful, but it was information I didn't get from my doctor and I had to find it on my own.The AMA won't even recognize chronic candida syndrome, despite the overwhelming evidence for it's existence. Why should they recognize a problem that is caused directly from their overuse of prescription antibiotic? So you will excuse my healthy skepticism towards the medical establishment. You should know that I am not totally anti-modern medicine, I believe that in some cases drugs are necessary, but I believe in informed choice. If you're going to take drugs, you should understand the possible problems and side effects of these drugs, and also know the statistical chances that these drugs will cure you in the long term. And it never hurts to see if you can fix your problems through other more natural means. As for a doctor assuring you that drug xyz doesn't kill off friendly flora, that is simply not true. Most doctors know next to nothing about these things, because your body's natural flora is not a subject covered to deeply in the medical schools. If it were, doctors would have a natural abhorence in prescribing all the drugs they use to treat patients. I've been studying this in detail, and the truth is we have just touched the tip of the iceberg. We know next to nothing about it. The human body has 500 different strains of bacteria living in the human intestine. They say there are more bacteria in your intestine than cells in your entire body. These friendly flora perform many different functions in the human body that we are only beginning to discover. Other places where friendly flora are present, but in lesser quantities are the skin, ears, eye's, nose, lungs and vagina, every orifice that has contact with the outside world. (These are all places of opportunistic infection.) These friendly flora are an important factor in fighting off disease. Here is another website that discusses this in more detail: You don't justs "catch" germs and get sick, these mechanisms are compromised making you very vulnerable to disease. In the last 2 years I have been diagnosed with giardiah, amoebas, c. difficile, salmonella, and staphylococcus aureus. These are all organisms which cause disease in the intestines. I have immediate family members who eat the same food, live in the same environment, yet they do not get these diseases. So how can a Doctor possibly tell you which of and how many friendly bacteria are going to be killed from any particular drug? They can't. Once your intestinal flora has been wiped out by to many antibiotics, the only thing they can suggest to get it back, is taking lots of probiotics or eating yogurt. If this was all that was necessary to get it back, this website wouldn't exist. All I'm trying to do is point out that once the friendly flora is gone, for some, getting it back is a long, difficult process. As for the specific drug your doctor is recommending, minocycline, it says right in the PDR on this drug: "As with other antibiotic preparations, use of this drug may result in overgrowth of nonsusceptible organisms, including fungi (yeast). If superinfection occurs, the antibiotic should be discontinued and appropriate therapy instituted." This drug wouldn't cause candida if it didn't kill off large amounts of friendly flora. It does state later on that this drug seems to be less harmful to the intestinal tract than other drugs, because it is completely absorbed into the bloodstream. (I guess other antibiotics may have components not absorbed, thus killing bacteria through the entire intestinal tract.) Some people can bounce back from antibiotics, without serious longterm consequences. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for me, nor many others on this site. If you decide to take the drugs I would also suggest improving your diet, and taking lots of probiotics during and after your treatment to improve your chances of success. If this drug doesn't work for you, I wouldn't consider more drugs as the answer. Good luck with your treatment.

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