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Re: Diet questions - picking less harmful foods

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Diet questions - picking less harmful foods


I live in Europe :) Where are you going to? Anyway WELCOME :)

Okay a few things to consider here:

The worst thing you can eat when having candida is Refined carbs (cookies, crackers, etc), 2. White flour products and 6. White rice. Avoid avoid avoid. Candida feeds on simple sugars.

Fermented products (alchohol, vinegar, does not feed candida. If its quality fermented products such as UNREFINED apple cider vinegar and lacto fermented veggies which have live beneficial bacteria in it will actually help your gut in battling candida. Eat lots of this. UNREFINED/UNPASTERURIZED Apple cider vinegar will actually kill candida, and so will alcolhol such as wine. So you can enjoy wine in small amounts, everything that has been fermented in a natural way is ok. There are so many misunderstanings about candida-diet.

(Products with yeast (breads, croissants). Yeast will not feed candida, another misconception. Yeast don't eat yeast, and the yeast found in our food is not candida albicans bot other strains of candida which will not feed your candida. You can eat mushrooms and nutritional yeast flakes. But don't eat breads and croissant since they have lots of Sugar in them and white flour.

Nightshades. The thing is that when you have candida your immunesystem gets very compromised and you tend do develop allergies to the food that you have been consuming frequently. Potatoes and tomatoes are nighshade veggies that are often a part of the daily diet and consumed often, therefore it is more likely that we develop an allergy to it. Therefore it is advised that we avoid this allergen so that we don't stress our poor body further. But If you haven't consumed nighshade veggies alot in the past then you can enjoy maybe eggplant and tomatos, but avoid potato it is very starchy. Eat your meat with salads insted, is much gentlier for your digestive system as it is very hard for it to digest starch and protein at the same time.

Milk. Oh there is big debate out there going on with milk. Pasteurized milk is not good for us, just google "milk, bad" and you'll have tons of info why milk is bad. BUT, natural/sour/fermented yogurt and kefir which has lots of good bacteria in it is must when you have candida! They will repopulate the gut. But you need to have clean gut and pure/candida free environment for this, or the bacteria wont hve any room to attach itself.

White rice: No, has a lot of carbs and acts as a simple Sugar when you consume it. Eat brown rice, wild rice and spice it with pungeant spices (candida and parasites hate pungeant spices, it kills them!) and you can be safe with small amounts. If you really must have some white rice, spice it up like hell! :)

The trick is that we have to prepare food in ways that the candida does'nt like it. They hate pungeant spices, such as cinnamon, cayenne, cardamon, nutmeg, tumeric, curry and more. Prepare all your meals with pungeant spices and that will do the trick. It will even help digestion and blood circulation in your gut tissue.
Another thing with eating and candida is the foods transit time. If food stays long in our intestines it starts to ferment and rot, just how candida likes it, since its candidas job to break down rottenting food. If you eat three meals a day, you should go to the toilet alteast 2 times the other day to be sure that you eliminate the food you have cosumed.
Another thing to consider is that we need lots of b-vits when we have candida, since we are lacking beneficial gut flora we lack b-vits, since the good guys creates these! B-vitamins are crucial for our digestive system to work and our liver to metabolise and detox. B-vits they help convert simple sugars to complex sugars that the body need.
Eat a good b-vitamin complex daily and please eat some nutritional yeast flakes, they have lots of naturally present b-vits and lots of aminoacids that will help your liver greatly/digestion tremendeously.
If you have "cheated" on you diet the trick is to have these b-vits and nutritional yeast flakes on hand, along with some pungeant tea, like peppermint, fennel, cinnamon, to increase digestion and to help convert those sugars. You also need to chech your mineral supplies, as they are crucial when it comes to metabolising and PH in your body. Candida likes to live in a acidic environmet, and it starts to grow in us when we are over acidic because candidas job is to make us more alkaline, they try to save us from dying from over acidity! In the long run all that candida is not good for the body, but it is there for a good cause. So rather than killing candida, and risking to aggravate/irritate it further and just promote more growth, change the terrain it is living in. Eat alkalising food and alkalise your body.

Fermented veggies/vinegar is ok and very good.
Yeast does not feed candida, nutritional yeast flakes area actually life saving in a candida body (b-vits, amino acid)
Bread, cookies, UNCULTURED milk/dairy, white rice is just sugar. Don't eat.
Nightshade veggies are ok, if you did'n use to eat a lot of it in the past.
Eat b-vits (not to much, 25 mgs of each in a broad b-vitamin comples is enough) and nutritional yeast flakes daily.
Prepare your food in a way that candida/ parasites don't like it, spice it up and drink lots if pungeant/digestive supporting teas. If you have to eat that bad food, spice it up! rather take a piece of fruit and spice it up with cinnamon, instead of taking a croissant.
Wine in small amounts is ok, candida is already bombarding our bodies with alcohol, so morea alcohol could just be stressing your system further.
Don't have a "kill" mentality, rather change the environment it lives in. Antifungals may even be unecesseary, stick to commercial colon cleansers, colonics, pungeant spices and lacto fermented veggies.

Gosh, this became a long post :)

Good luck!


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