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To ALL ready to GIVE UP Their cleansing!!!

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 18 years ago
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To ALL ready to GIVE UP Their cleansing!!!

To ALL the people who are on the edge of leting go, giving up their cleansing!!!

A month ago, I was convinced that I was a case that nothing will ever work. I mean, how bad could it get- I couldn't have BM's on my own, when I took laxatives- they stopped working after a while and I knew that certain ones had already weakened my colon...even the enemas didn't seem to produce the same effect. At one point, I was not only watching what I eat (avoiding wheat, flour and sweets), but I was scared to eat, because I felt full (lack of BMs) and my belly would become really big with no reason. I had even started exercising, yoga stretches, massaging, jumping...drinking tea ten times a day! I felt at the end of my rope- there were few things I had hope for.I was ready juSt to let go of everything- the cleansing, making my choices in life- everything!

I have been reading the posts here for 2 years! I had read so much about enemas, and after the first year I tried them. I had read even more about colonics but i seriously didn't have the guts to go, i didn't know how to find a good professional, and for the number of colonics that is usually recommended- it was expensive.

SO, here is WHAT I DID- I did home colonics. I improvised basically because I never ordered the home colonics board (maybe one day I will purchase the folding one) - I got a board from my garage, that had a plastic top, 2.5 gollon water container (distilled), used the tubing equipment from the enema set ups they sell at wall mart (it fits perfectly with the water container), and arranged all that in my bathroom as it is usually shown on colema board advertising sites. Use plastic trash bags to prevent the splash from going out of the toilet bowl.
After the first two times- I thought I was in even bigger trouble- my belly was swolen, my back hurted, i felt pretty bad.
After 3-4 days spent in eating fruits and veggies, I had to move to a new place to live..and surprisingly, since I've been here I have one BM every day, in the morning, perfect for a normal BM! It probalby has somethign to do with the fact that I am trying to resolve a lot of my personal issues and problems, but also, I had a book fro mteh library, that i later purchased for $6 on ebay: Yoga for Common Ailments". I ahve flipped through quite a few books explaining yogic eercises, but this one is more aproachable -- I jsut liked it! I have bee ndoing the stretches every morning, drinking tea, bretahing exercises, getting 7 hours of sleep each night-- they are all important things! and also- very, very important-- eating regularly! at regular times every day! A lot of people who are new to the forum might be surprised at my joy over a "good BM"- it sounds strange to say, at the least,...but believe me, there is joy in knowing your body is starting to function right!!!!
I feel that I am still at the very beginning of the cleansing, but I have hope that my body is fighting the shortcomings I have put it through..and that is strenght!

SO please, PLEASE, DO NOT GIVE UP! Even if you haven't started and you are thinking "oh, i have nothing to give up yet becasue I haven't strarted - maybe it will be too hard and I can;t fo it.", the truth is YOU CAN! and you know it..that's why you will keep on thinking baout healthy life and improving your life- it might even be a ntural body function to MAKE YOU start doing something about yourself! Start living better, thinking more positively and open your mind to new ideas! You might not have the cure to all your misfortines right now, but you can't stop working toward it--and do you know why?-- because this is YOUR LIFE! so you kind of have to fight for it! even if the first fight will be will be with your subconsious desperation to leave everything as it is!
Why and how I went on with the home colonics-- when i thought I don't have the strenght to go on with spending more money than I could afford on organic flax seed, and equipment that I wasn't sure it helped hope for something that might never come, and I was sitting on my bed crying-- I realized that I simply can't give up! I didn;t know what to do if I decided to give up- go back to what? something that I KNEW will not lead me anywhere! There really was no way for me to believe I am living if I didn't go on with what I thought was right, good thing to do for myself.

I don't want to say it will be easy- because it wasn't for me, and for most people with other problems it's not. BUt don't think of yourself as an outsider, as someone who is taking a risk by doing something that is not widely talked about-- because you are taking a greater risk right now, if you are not following your body and your instincts.

If you still have doubts- it's understandable; however, keep reading and educating will gain courage and understanding as you start thinking more about yourself, your own situation and why things work for other people, what will probably work for you.
Just one last piece of advice: remember that not only doctors can know and understand how the human body works. Nature keeps things simple most of the time- we are the ones who compicate them. SO don't be afraid to pick up an anatomy book and read about the lining of your stomach and your intestines... YOu will see that you can FEEL your body and what it needs.

Most of all-- think positively, or at least try; try the yoga stretches, and try to see the world from a different perspective where you are happy!

Thank you for reading this- it's pretty long! : ) THis is only my advice and encouragement- I am on the same road as all of us are! Keep the hope and you will see your self! Try.

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