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Yes, hemp oil is delicious!

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Published: 19 years ago
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Yes, hemp oil is delicious!

Hempseed-oil is really delicious and one of the most balanced oil`s
Natures richest sources of essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6.
FLAX and HEMP are among the oldest plants that has ever been grown!
They are twin-plants, with its 1000-year history, cultivated in Babylon already 5.000 year (B.C.).

Greek and Roman scripts dated 5-600 years (B.C.), has shown
that they used theese seeds as healing plants.
Both plant-seeds contain vitamins, minerals,
aminoacids and the essential fattyacids we need.
(Hemp-seed-oil has all essential aminoacids)!

The last tenyears the sensitive Omega 3 and 6 fatty-acids has mostly been removed from foods delivered by the food-industry.
They remove the essential nutrients from food in this artificial way, to keep food longer in stock!

You can find the very best hemp-seed-oil pressing company right here where I live in Norway near Oslo. Norsk frøpresse AS.
I work for this company sometimes.
Theese oil`s are freshly pressed just before packing.

Fresh organic seed free from THC (tetra-hydra-cannabinol-acid),
a closed nitrogensystem makes the pressing protected in a cold and lightprotected enviroenment, because heat, light and oxygen will immediately harm the essential fattyacids. Then it`s kept refrigerated immidiately after tapping; And never kept long before sold; we press fresh oil`s every month! The oil is then tapped into dark bottles and filled up to the edge!

Never leave Flax- or hempseed-oils temperated, or exsposed to light; they become easily harch.
Keep them always in the refrigerator. If you see that your health-food-store keep them in the shelf or exsposed to sunlight.....don`t buy it!

In Germany and Norway you find the best deliverants of hempseed-oils. Even our Flax-seed-Oil is delicious; with a few secret combinations it is also more balanced and has a real nice taste.

Coldpressed Hempseed-oil contains;
Ca 19% omega 3 (LNA)
58% omega 6 (LA and GLA)
13% omega 9 (monounsaturated fats)

Hempseedoil is ideal if you want a long term balanced supplement
of omega 3 and 6; The only fatty acids our body cannot produce
by itself. Real cold-pressed oil`s are pressed slowly and the temperature is kept under 40 degree celcius.

Coldpressed Flaxseed-oil contains;
Ca 60% Omega 3 (LNA-Alfalinolenacid)
15% Omega 6 (LA - Linol-acid)
17% Omega 9 (monounsaturated fats)

Flax-seed oil is ideal for those who need a quick supply of
Omega-3, often used in canser-terapi and survival-programs
A break after 2-3 months is good if used every day (The Budwig-diet).
Or use hemp- and flax-seed oil!

Too much Omega-3 could cause imbalance if taken too long;
The Flax-seed-oil from Norsk Frøpresse; is well balanced and could be used over a long time, I often use different kind of oil`s.

* Cellmembranes in every cell in your body
* To get rid of dry and hard skin
* To shape prostaglandines
* Restitution of tired muscles
* Clean, elastic bloodvessels to brain, heart and to the
eyes netmembrane
* To prevent tight bloodvessels
* Nerve- and heartfunction (The brain contain 60-70% fats)

I will send you a bottle of freshly pressed Hempseed-oil to try out Skylah - so you can compare it with the one you just bought.
Our oil`s are tested in a norwegian laboratory to document the content of the essential-fatty-acids.

Use it as a everyday supplement; take a spoon or two 1-2 times
a day, morning or lunchtime is best. Some people who are not used to take oil`s every day, could feel neusea, just start with less; a teaspoon a day until your body gets used to it!

Use Hempseedoil in
Homemade spreads or in a Budwig-mixture:
Add cottage-cheese and oil in your mixer;
pour in a little water,
add greens or red peppers, cayenne or any spice you desire

With foods; just poor it over your dinner, potatoes, breakfast-cereals, on your porridge, your pasta or over vegetables to replace butter or cheap oil`s. For saladdressings or in
your potatoe-salad.

For children I`m used to mix a little oil into musli`s, cereals, yoghurts, porridge or fruitsalads with seeds and almonds.....
they just love the mixtures; especially if they don`t know that
I put oil`s in it!

Have a nice O-Mega-Day.....

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