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Is it good for me??????
Claudio Acuña Views: 2,674
Published: 19 years ago

Is it good for me??????

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 09:01:21 -0700
From: "Russ Newman"
To: "Claudio Acuña"
Subject: Protocol for Claudio

As your Nutritional Consultant here is the protocol which we suggest that you follow. This protocol has been put together expressly for your particular ailment(s).
These are the products you will need: MHVAC Colloidal Silver (CS), Pure Lignisul MSM, Oil of Oregano, ESM oil.
In order to get back to optimal health, it is absolutely vital that we rid the body of all the toxins/pathogens that have been built up in your cells. All these products work synergistically to remove and flush any Candida/toxins/mold from your system.

1) Nutrients:
Vitamin C: It's vital that you take no less the 3,000mgs of vit C daily. Vitamin C bonds with MSM which carries all nutrients to your cells, to repair and restore new programed cells.

Oil of Oregano: take by mouth 2x a day, dosages will be sent with your order. Oregano Oil is a little tangy, but you will get use to it. The tissues under the tongue are the most absorptive tissues in the body. By putting the O of O under your tongue it goes directly into your blood stream and works much faster to destroy parasites. Also, drink plenty of 'steam distilled water', you cannot drink to much water, the more the better.

ESM Lotion: rub this on any aching joints, itchy hands/feet/or any rash areas. ESM oil penetrates through all the layers of skin muscle and right to the bone, you will see relief from pain within 5 minutes.

2) Pure powder Lignisul MSM- : Internally with a warm cup of water you will take your pure MSM daily, dosages will be sent with your order. MSM stays in your system for only 12 hours, the key is to create a 'residual level' of MSM going through your system 24 hours a day. Our Pure MSM will get rid of any joint aches & pains, rashes, puts a teflon-like coating on your intestines, cures digestive problems, makes the feces eliminate better, and promotes collagen and flesh production, stops hair loss/split ends, and hair will come in thicker, nails get thicker and stronger. This MSM is also a foreign protein scavenger and will aid in dissolving and elimination of all pathogens, dissolves any excess cholesterol in your system, while flushing lumps from your body.

3) MHVAC Colloidal Silver (CS): taken by mouth 3x, a day, dosages will be sent with your order. Our CS will destroy the the systemic candida in your system.
You will get a free eye dropper, nose sprayer, and bottle sprayer with your order. Several times a day you can use the CS/MSM spray in your nose and on any rash areas, cracked skin, and put drops in your ears. Your tongue is best indicator as to what is going on in your body, as all toxins come out of your tongue. Also, spray your pubic hairs twice a day to destroy any bacteria and Candida. Candida, mold and fungi, is a systemic infection and must be destroyed internally first, then topically any sores or rashes will disappear.

4) Water: I suggest drinking only 'steam distilled water'. Drinking well water, bottled water, or tap water is loaded with parasites and bacteria, and there are two many toxins in the city water. NO, fruit flavored waters. The idea is to not ADD anymore toxins to your system, when we are trying to get rid of them. Water is the bodies #1 detoxifier and you need plenty of it to help you eliminate the Candida and toxins. You should be drinking NO LESS than 2 quarts of 'steam distilled water' daily and more if you can.

5) Detoxing: You may/may not experience a "detoxing" reaction. This happens when your body is getting rid of toxins faster than you can eliminate them. You may have flu like symptoms, headache, runny nose, low grade fever, or even break out in a rash. This can last for a couple of days or more, depending on how toxic your system is. If you do get a reaction, thats OK, these are all toxins coming out of the body, and you know that the protocol is working. This generally lasts only a couple of days, just ride it out and it will go away. Again, DRINK LOTS & LOTS WATER, which eliminates the toxins in your system!

Claudio, this is a 30 day protocol, depending on how fast we can get rid of the Candida/parasites/toxins. I encourage you to listen very closely to the cassette tape on Pure MSM that I am sending you, and read ALL the CS information. With your order I will send you a 'suggested eating plan' for the next 30 days. I would also like for you to stay in touch with me every couple of days, so we can help you with your progress.

This is what you need to order:
1 Gallon of MHVAC CS.....................$104.00
1 Pure MSM........................................... .22.50
1 Oil of Oregano......................................29.95
1 ESM oil.................................................38.30
total...............................$194.75 + shipping

I can send you a 'money request' from PayPal for credit cards, just fill in the blanks, it all automatic and totally secure, or you could send me a check. This protocol is kept on file for 7 days, thanks.

I look forward to helping you get back to optimal health.

Russ Newman
Nutritional Consultant
125 N. 22nd. Place #20
Mesa, AZ 85213


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