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Re: is this normal?- another thing
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: is this normal?- another thing

Well, I just read the book again about that woman I was telling the story about. She was about 80 pounds (I don't know her height but she was looking normal size on the pictures next to lots of other people), so you can imagine... Now, according to her we have to eat no more than 3 times a day, SMALL quantities... She was loosing weight too (I wonder from where...) and then when she was getting better, she started to gain.
What I'm trying to do now is gathering as much info as I can and I try them on myself, to see what feels comfortable. Right now if I eat more than 3 times a day, I mess up my whole schedule and it doesn't feel right too.. I used to eat an early breakfast, now usually I don't eat until 11am, I'm just not hungry...!!! So for me 3 times per day, no snacks. I also try to eat as much raw veggies as possible, I juice some too in the evening but this part for some reason is not working for me. I juice only greens (leaves!!! :) ) and my stomack doesn't like it at all. I used to juice veggies AND fruits, it was great, but this "all-leaf" juice is not right, so I decided I change it.
I have another book about candida too, it was written by a specialist doctor from Switzerland and interestingly both books say that certain kind of fruits are ok, as long as they are in season, preferably organic (it goes to all the food we supposed to eat!!!) Like plums, every kind of berries, apricots, peaches... No melons, banana, avocado... They both say oatmeal, millet and brown rice are fine. The other grain names I didn't find in the dictionary... :) That lady in fact was eating millet almost every day!!!
I'm just so fascinated with her story because of the pictures in the book in bathing suit - gosh, she was literally bones and skin, I look really fat right now compairing to her... :)
For some reason in Europe they like Nystatin to treat the problem - as soon as I read the book I asked my mom to send me some too (it's cheaper there) and guess what. What a coincidence: after this lady started to appear on TV and magazines and she got so much attention, finally she founded a non-profit organization - they withdrew Nystatin from the pharmacies... Maybe they got scared what would happen if people would get too healthy... :)
Thanks about the recipes, I'll check them. Even right now I try to eat as much raw food as possible.
I love the soup too (except the chicken what I'm not supposed to eat, so I make it from veggies only). I make it with cabbage, carrott, onion, garlic, parnsnip, kohlrabi, beets - it looks and tastes soo great!! They say after cooking there are no nutritions left in the veggies, so I eat only some carrotts and that's it.
I send you one of my favorites - hope you'll like it.
I used to love spagetti with meatsauce so I invented a healthy variety. I cook some millet with water and tiny olive oil accordingly. I make the sauce: cut the onions, sautee it on olive oil for about 5 minutes then I put some ground turkey on it (I put salt and spices on the ground turkey and mix it about 10-15 minutes prior - makes it tastier), I keep on breaking up the chunks and after it's done (about 10 minutes) I add some ready-to-serve organic tomato sauce (no mushroom or cheese in it! - Fairways have great selection), I mix the millet with the sauce and it's done. Even my boyfriend likes it - and that's a big deal!!! :)
Hang in there - today I was the cheater and I regret (birthday - some cheesecake...). I wonder what will I get on my birthday. Maybe a bunch of beets. Sometimes I hate this diet... :)

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