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Re: How to treat a huge external tumor.

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: How to treat a huge external tumor.

Hi By5751,

I am late responding compared to others. Hopefully by now you have made great progress and this is less needed, but here is my two cents.

I read quite a few of the posts and there were many good suggesstions. I did not read all of them. What I have learned in many years of research is that there are many ways to climb the mountain. There are many people out there who have gotten past supposedly terminal illnesses through various natural methods. They all tend to have some basic things in common. Like diet and cleansing.

I tend to go for what is simple and powerful. So these are my preferences. What I would do if it was me.

First and foremost would be Far Infrared. If you have not studied that you might want to do some web searching. I have heard some amazing testimonies recently of recoveries from terminal cancer with FAR Infrared. The specific device that was use was a Far Infrared Dome called a Hot House. And most use it 6-8 hrs a night. Here is just one story.

Man with six large inoperable prostate tumors. Considered terminal. His doctor recommends this FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) unit and he uses it as mentioned above, 6-8 hrs a night while sleeping. He starts to lose alot of weight and becomes concerned as this is a sign of late stage cancer and happens before cancer people pass away. When he expressed his fears to his doc the doc said. "well lets just get another MRI and see what is happening." So he got the mri and found that five of the six tumors was gone and the remaining one was half the size it was previously. He has continued and become cancer free. This took about 5 months.

His doc told him the weight loss was due to the calorie burning effect of the Far Infrared dome. Apparently, for some people, it is the equivalent of rowing a boat. So he was burning calories as if he was rowing a boat for hours every night. So his doc recommended he up his calories to prevent the extreme weight loss.

I have heard a multitude of such stories, breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer. Some used the unit 24 hrs a day for three or four days and then backed down to 6-8.

Far Infrared is used in Japan as a mainstream treatment for cancer. They have a Far Infrared Medical Society devoted to increasing knowledge in this area.

FIR does many things that discourages cancers survival. It heats the tissues to a level that is fine for healthy tissue and deadly to cancer. It also boosts the cancer fighting abilities of the immune system in a meaningful way. It also increases circulation which works in the body to change the terrain of the body and make it inhospitable to cancer. It also increases nitric oxide, which is foundational for the bodies own tumor ousting abilities. ETC.

It also boots out heavy metals and toxins that make us more vulnerable. It is just good stuff and it is extremely pleasant to use. So compliance is high.

Another thing that is extremely important to look into when dealing with Breast Cancer is IODINE. Do a web search on Iodine and breast cancer. Great info out there. Iodine removes the cancer promoting estrogens from the body. This is simple and foundational. In fact I read one story of a woman with a breast tumor that painted the tumor with Iodine and it seemed to seal it off and it fell out leaving a huge hole. Some were of the opinion that taking some internally first and letting it shrink some first would have been a better plan. I did not hear the end result, whether or not it filled in. Sorry.

Another thing to consider is that cancer cannot live in a wel oxygenated body. There are a number of reason for this. Too long to teach here, but a web search on oxygen and cancer would lead to a host of information. My preferred choice for oxygenating is the CHi Machine as it not only oxygenates but it moves the lymph.

Moving the lymph can lead to seeming miracle cures all on its own. One of the things that people are hesitant to do when they have a Breast Cancer is to massage the breast. I guess we think that we will make it spread. But the truth is that iincreasing circulation helps the body rid us of the cancer. Richard Schulze talks about this and recommends hot and cold water therapy. You can find that info here at Free for the taking.

Circulation is huge. In fact some people have cured themselves of terminal cancer with hot and cold therapy alone. Simply getting in the shower and running hot water for one minute and cold water for one minute for a total of 15 minutes or so. Can't get any easier than that or cheaper for that matter. Directly on the breast is what Schulze recommends.

If this is not welcome, then frequent light massage of the breast. a few minutes every hour. This would be recommended by Dr. C. Samuel West. This can be done in addition to the hot and cold treatment.

Back to the Chi machine. It oxygenates the body and moves the lymph, which moves out acids in the tissues and makes the body way less hospitable to cancer.

Shulze also recommends poultices of garlic and aloe or cayenne. Garlic kills cancer and he has said he has seen breast cancers totally healed with twice daily applications of these things.

And beet juice. This needs some muscle testing to determine if it is right for the person. But I know a woman who had a liver tumor. Quite terminal. She had no $ and lived in a country without good health care. He daughter told her to do raw beets daily. She did two a day and went in to get checked again and they said the tumor was totally gone. So simple and inexpensive.
I personally would not trust it alone, unless like her I had no option, but I certainly think it is worth doing if you can tolerate that much raw beet. It can be so cleansing ot the liver that you can feel really bad so it is not for everyone.

Another option is rebounding. This moves the lymph fantastically and also triples the white cell count for fighting cancer in just 2 minutes of rebounding. Some people have gotten past cancer with doing 2 minutes every hour every day until they won. Very simple and pleasant and affordable. Again, I would not trust it alone. I would take steps to cleanse and nourish.

Other things that I personally would do:
Fulvic acids
Beta glucan.
structured water ; do web search and then know that fulvic minerals will restructure water
Homozon to cleanse the bowel as I think Dr. Schulze s cleanse is too irritating for me and many.
Dr. Schulze s liver cleans herbs and kidney cleanse herbs and blood cleanse herbs. (formulas free for taking here on

Well I am out of space. Blessings on your effot to get well.

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