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Published: 17 years ago
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This appears to be a bio modified form of strongyloids nemotode. With the ablility to carry a bacteria capable of producing fibers. Interesting how the fibers autoflouresce. Obviously man made. I bet the reason was to either use the technology in the cotton plant itelf to make pest resistant or to use the nematode sprayed on cotton plants to transport the bacteria into the insect as a vector and the fibers would grow in the insect killing it rapidly. Imagine a catapiller problem on cotton plants, a fiber producing bacteria introduced through a natural vector to the catapiller would be logical. But maybe something was overlooked in the developement of bio friendly pesticides and super breeds of cotton.

The characteristic lesions are identical to a strongyloids infection producing many painful papule-like plugs which grow rapidly in size and must be physically removed.
These papule like plugs when examined under a high power hand lense always reveals fibers originating from some unknown mass.

Fibers can be seen in this mass that are developing inside this transparent mass, and where the fibers leave the mass harden into the dark fiber you see. Very strange. Seems to go through some type of metamorphis in stages. The body seems to become inflamed and infected in order to eject the mass. After 8 weeks or so it seems to burn out and heal. But then other infections are occuring.

Lesions are long lasting and grow in size. Secondary infection is emminant.

Very resistant hard to heal infections even when using high dose ascorbic acid, high dose amino acids and combinations of supplements.

Plan to purchase a high power microscope with digital attatchement for more knowlege.

Plan to use a combination of the antiparasitic recipe on this site combined with demodex soaps along with high dose supplementation.

If it carries a bacteria element chances are that somewhere in the process it can be interfered with.

I do know that ascorbate acid injections are effective as a powerful reducing agent as well as bowell tollerance doses of ascorbic acid. If you have infection this is paramount to do because there is a huge amount of free radicals being produced via phagocytosis fighting the infections.

Im currently following Dr. Robert Cathcarts methods of reducing free radicals. This is effective in fighting all free radical based diseases. Which this is not it is a parasitic one. But this will address the infection issue. This is highly reccommended from keeping the body out of an oxidized state. The ascorbic contibutes an extra electron which keeps the free radical from damaging tissue to gain that electron.

Ive currently made it 45 grams of ascorbic in 24 hours, taking every 4 hours divided with 400iu of vitamin e to keep blood cells strong. The idea is to reach bowell tollerence doses then back off and hold that dose just less than that which produces diarea. Maintain this for days. Back off to maintence doses of between 10-12 grams per day for life divided daily.

This dosage comes from the Vitamin c foundation and the great Linus Pauling worlds twice held nobel prize winner in ascorbic acid as well as Dr. Cathcart developer of the method. He has treated over 30,000 patients with many diseases.

To read more about this method which has been used since the 1950s visit:
Robert Cathcart. Cathcart orthomed.
He has effective methods of reducing free radical based diseases as they all work the same way. Bird flu, pneumonia, flu, infections etc, etc.

Will keep you aprised of results. If I can find something that will interfer with it I will let you know.


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