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Published: 19 years ago
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got page one an look fo rhte toxin/ lymph drianer oil
i fyoucan 't get fresh strawberrie so rthe bnetoinite..
i woudl sugges tyoumight use this and maassg eit in your hip area alos maybe grat eup soem ginger and kaolin with it ( kaolin is a cosmetic clay b ut not as drastic drawign as bnetonite) youcna buy it at any good herbla tyeponlin e place.
i liek, and also
fresh ginger root / youcan buy in a grocery store..
hmm ta tis a tougth question..i knwo you said don't do work out s but suinc eyouar eworkut midne di am goign to suggest a poten tail oen you migth consider..
sit down / on knees
( not crosse legged)
now put both hand palms o t gether abov eyour head calspign each other.
keep them there and do not use them to pullyou up !!
rise up slowly til your body is upright bu tyou are still with knees and lowe r shins on floor.
now thei time lowe rslowly but NOT onto kneee.. instad try to sit your butt otn eh floor next to you leags 8)
still hol darma ave head.
agin rise up to the 90 % angle and sit this tiem on OTHER side of legs buttot floor
it is alot harder that it look or sounds ..a ndit specifically will work away t teh lov ehandles.. gradually..
also on teh floor lie flat. lift on e leg to 90 degree and with hands tucke behind head not body turnign allowe d ( as littel as possible) slwoly lower leg to as far as it willgo acrros body til toes touch flooe.
i fon teh right leg then you will go to touch right foot to teh floor on your left sdie and vice versusas

youwill FEEL this try to keep shoudler fla ton floor / youwill ahv eto roll slightly but try nto to doa big roll onlyas much asi sneed to no ttear a muscle..
you will FEEL this all alogn your sides.. when doen pull both legs to yoru chest .. stillon you r back and sLOWly roll form sid e to side.. to relax back muscles anda gin you will start feelign your hips itch probel bythrn as hte start getting tat great adrenal endophinfat eatign stuf fgoing..
tha tis the KEY in these doign tehm sLOWLY to burn the fat wasy form there.. not fas to r it won't work.. 8)
after wards massage yoru hips good.. with soem ofhta t oil
and amybe do soem light skin brushign too ... then go take a ncie warm shower and fish with it cold/
tha t woudl be my overall sugestiton..
2 tiems a day i woudl massage those areas deep ly to help brek up the deposits htere i ahve ha dto to dht esame with soem areas of my body... to breka up ols lumpy bumpies *) it will talke a bi to ftiem an dyou don't wna tto ahppen fast anyhow, cause htere are toxins store ditn at stuff too... and tha t woudl be a toxic ove rload if it all goe free tooo mcu at oen time..
i fyou do thsoe thigns probaly by the end of a motn eh you will see a reduvtion and a natural slimign takign palce / youmgith se e it sooner sicen yoalreayd arein geoo d d shape evyer wher eelse,,

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