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Re: Ozone! Ozone! Ozone! (Personal experience)
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Ozone! Ozone! Ozone! (Personal experience)

Hey everyone just wanted to add my two sense here. I have had great success in a multiple approach to my condition. First off I have used a solution of 70%DMSO/30%Aloe Vera mixed with ~3.5% Hydrogen Peroxide, topically on the affected areas. This is great for pre-existing outbreaks or outbreak prevention. Just try to apply this solution about 1-3 times daily depending on how religious you can be. I have had outbreaks disappear or not even occur. If you have had enough outbreaks you can kind of tell when they are about to begin (usually that itchy tingly sensation). This is the best time to use this topical solution.

I haven't seen it mentioned here too often but the Herpes virus lays dormant in the trigeminal ganglion (nerve tissue cluster at the top of the spinal cord) and the sacral ganglion (nerve tissue cluster at the bottom of the spinal cord). This is crucial because these areas of the body are very hard to reach with certain treatments, thus the reoccuring effect of the outbreaks. During those times when you think everything is going to be all right that pesky lil' bastard is just waiting to be triggered. Diet, Stress, Sexual Activity and what not can all trigger these outbreaks (if not in conjunction with eachother). I have read that you might be able to reach these areas with DMSO. DMSO works because its basically a heavy duty solvent can dissolve both organic and inorganic materials. Also it has a high affinity for water (it is drawn to water). So these properties together means it can readily transverse through body tissue. This used to be tested in schools by placing a small amount of DMSO in your hand w/ coffee grounds and shortly after you get the sensation of coffee taste in your mouth!!! Lastly DMSO is a source of oxygen and is a great carrier molecule (O stands for oxide). Being a carrier molecule (hence carrying the coffee taste) DMSO can be used to transport oxygen to body tissue.

This is why mixing it with Hydrogen Peroxide helps. I usually buy organic food grade (35%) Hydrogen Peroxide and dilute it to about 3% by mixing it with DISTILLED WATER ONLY. WARNING if you buy 35% hydrogen peroxide make sure you buy food grade only... there is an industrial grade (BAD!!!!!) don't get confused just because they are both 35%. ONLY USE DISTILLED WATER. Mixing hydrogen peroxide with tap or spring water can result in the creation of certain free radicals which are extremely unhealthy.

After this is created you can apply it to the affected areas and too the areas around the trigeminal and sacral ganglions (top and bottom of the spine). In theory this oxygenates those areas in which the immune system cannot effectively reach.

Ok sorry for this rambling but I have to run. SOme time in the near future I have a great post which also includes diet tips and methods of inducing lymph drainage and even zapping helps too. Good Luck and remember this is only part of a regimen that should be used to combat outbreaks.

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