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Re: Newly Diagnosed/Scared and Overwhelmed
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Newly Diagnosed/Scared and Overwhelmed

Don't be frightened. Take some Valtrex (need a doctor's prescription) and take L-lysine and try to follow some of the other treatments recommended on this website to see which ones work for you.

As so many people point out on this board, aside from painful outbreaks, there is nothing more damaging than the psychological trauma of knowing you are infected. I know it sucks knowing you have it, especially when you first find out. I have learned to take it in stride (initially I was devastated and sobbing in my doctor's office, but my doctor--God bless her--said it was no big deal and told me some of her friends had it and that it is really very common. She helped me see that I needed to calm down and stop stressing out about it as that would only worsen it). It really is nothing more than a skin disorder, kinda like psoriasis, which my boyfriend has, but unlike psoriasis, it's not genetic, so you won't pass it on to your kids unless you have the virus on your hands when you touch them--highly unlikely! If you freak out and let yourself get depressed, you will also dampen your immune system which keeps it in check. Take care of yourself, boost your immune system and follow some of the remedies for sores, if/when they plague you.

Other than that, you are not a dirty person because you have the disease. We have a screwed up mindset in this country that equates sex with evil. Yes, you may have gotten the disease through sex, but so what? Unless you have HIV, you will live a normal life and be rest assured that you can live a long happy life. Most people have sex and most people have more than one partner. It's through ignorance and scaremongering that folks like us feel ashamed of something that can happen to anyone, unless one is truly celibate!

You have your children and raising kids is stressful enough. Just relax and try to accept yourself. That sounds New Age and hokey, but it's true. Try what Dr. Mercola recommends called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for the psychological part of it. ( For the rest, supplements, medicine, rest, nutritious/balanced diet and stress reduction will help.

P.S. I have read that using "antibacterial" hand soaps, especially liquids, does nothing at all against viruses (and probably not much against bacteria, either). If you want to really make sure you avoid passing it on to your children, wash your hands thoroughly with a good BAR soap (apparently the mechanical action of washing your hands for several minutes (yes, MINUTES) helps scrub the little f**kers off, pardon my Anglo-Saxon. Also, if you have to touch yourself down there (to apply meds, use tampons, etc), you might want to consider using disposable gloves if you are having an outbreak at the time.

Ok, enough info! Hope any of that helps. And don't beat yourself up. From what I understand, 20+ % of the US population has HSV2 and 80+% has the oral type (HSV1). My doc said it would only be a matter of time before it is more normal for most people to have some version of it than not.

This forum will be here to help you.

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