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Published: 17 years ago



I can relate totally to what you're feeling but stressing is making matters worse. Believe that your body can heal itself (with you taking some steps to help it along). Your mental state actually can begin the healing process (your brain has a way to alter your body chemistry, too.)

I went the herb route but never did the Zovirax/ acyclovir because I was concerned about the side effects. Also, the virus can, in some cases, become immune to the suppresant and become a "super" strain.

BHT works (from what they say in lab studies) by stripping the lipid (fat) coat from the virus and exposing it to the body's immune system. Another component interferes with a protein the virus makes so that it isn't able to attach itself as easily to new cells.

My condition was very severe (with breakouts like blisters every few days). Mine were in the area of my lower spine. I tried everything I could think of including Cat's Claw extract, Lemon Balm capsules and oil, Indole (from Broccoli), Garlic, Bleach, Peroxide, Etc... Some of these things used topically burned my skin and left scarring.

After finding out about BHT, I searched the web and found a company, Vitamin Research Products, with the product. They have it in capsule (what I started out with) and also 300 gram containers. It is VERY inexpensive considering what it can do. I think their website is just I can look for the link if that doesn't take you there. You can also probably find them just by doing a search on the web.

I started out taking the pre-made capsules of 250/300 mgs. I took one with a meal (preferable with fats - BHT dissolves in fat and not water). By the third day, I was up to one with each meal (but 1000 mg is the limit - I wouldn't take more). Within three weeks, the breakouts subsided considerably. After about 2 months, if I started to get a breakout, I would dab the spot with olive oil then put some powdered BHT on top of it (I'd grind the crystals in a mortar and pestal). Within 1 to 2 days it would receed. At times it would happen overnight.

I've been taking BHT now for several months (probably 6 or so). On occasion, I get small pimples on my upper body which I believe are herpes related but they're not clusters and seem to go away with BHT oil (dissolved BHT in vitamin E or wheat germ oil) or just on their own.

I recently purchased some wheat germ oil and decided to dissolve the BHT into it before taking it. I put 10 tablespoonfuls in a bottle and dissolve 10 250 mg capsules into it. (I recently made some with 20 250 mg capsules - double the strength so that I only have to take a teaspoon of oil as opposed to a tablespoon). I let it dissolve completely (about a day or two) and then I take 1 tablespoon a day. (Sometimes 2 depending on what I've been eating - I seem to have food triggers). Except for the small pimples I get on my chest/back, I have not had a breakout on my spine for about a month - remarkable for me. The oil, used topically seems to work well too when anything DID start to appear. I'd use the oil then dab on some powdered BHT. Two days would usually resolve the problem with no advance in the condition.

If I had breakouts on my face, I'd probably try some BHT oil on a small area to see if it helped. I think taking it orally is a good way since it can begin to combat the virus from inside, too.

Again, I think the first step to healing is to relax and know that you WILL be able to help yourself. You CAN get your life back to place you're happy with. It just will take time.

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