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Re: Don't Let Herpes Make You into a Victim
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Don't Let Herpes Make You into a Victim

For those of you who are really victim, pls don't be offended for you know someone will know you are a real victim. As I have been receving personal emails frequently from Herpes sufferer for support and answers, some ladies told me their cheating spouses gave to them after a decade of marriage, some boyfriends lied and gave to some young girls, some girls came from abusive family that the mother never care enough to educate the girls on STD, one girl has a DAILY OUTBREAK due to she is Korean that if she changed just a new brand of soy sauce nor salad dressing, she got outbreak right away. She simply can't eat the normal Korean food, and has to hide away from socialization, as it is hard to not eat so many common food in front of co-workers, business meetings with customers, church gatherings and your new boyfriend who has no herpes.

HERPES IS NOT A MINOR STD. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE MOUTH HERPES, YOU KNOW IT GOES TO THE GUTS AND DIGESTIVE SYSTEM that diarrhea happened right 30 minutes after consumed of even a glass of water, and stools are soft that there is a possibility that the food is not totally digested and nutrients might not be absorbed completely. If one breath in deeply, the viruses do not like oxygen and will run and piecing sensation is felt in the nose and sometimes up to the tummy. I am just tellling everyone the truth. Itchness and piecings are felt throughout the lymphatic system that even the tummy, fingers, toes felt them whenever they moved. One will be forced to stop at work and wake up in the middle of the night because the viruses just piece the nerves.

ONE CAN SAY OUT LOUD THEIR ILLNESS FOR PRAYER SUPPORT IF IT IS NOT STD, BUT NOT HERPES. HOW CAN I BROADCAST TO THE WHOLE CHURCH TO PUT ME IN LONG TERM PRAYER LIST DUE TO HERPES? M.S. GOT DISABILITY INSURANCE IN U.S.A. EASILY, one girlfriend just told me her co-worker was diagnosed with M.S., and the company just held a farewell party for him. I requested about his finance source and the girlfriend said he quited after he has diability insurance. Did anyone of you got luck for disability benefit due to HSV2? CANCER----most of them die within two years though some might struggle for over a decade before death. So Christopher's message is just like I told a male friend he is better off that he was dumped by a girlfriend while I have Herpes. And the guy retorted that how many people commit suicide due to broken heart, and I have no right to say Herpes is worse than broken heart. I continued to say God said it is better to die in Cancer than go to hell, even if God does not heal the person from Cancer, so shut up for all those who complained about Cancer pain. My male friend began to say there should be no comparison.

U.S.A. seemed to be the most affluent country but not everyone comes from affluent family and a lot of them are aliens or pave their way thru' hard works. Also, due to high taxation,cost of standard living and the way life is that most people can afford to save money after bills are paid. Some are even poorer than some Asian countries' folks. Years ago, my engineering company hired a consultant to see if our salary needed to be raised for U.S.A office got the highest face amount yet we still asked for raise. The result is the consultant said the standard of living is higher in U.S.A that even if the face amount is highest, the employees do not earn enough as their co-workers in some Asian countries, so we all got raises. Think about even in Nordstrom or Macy Department store, most of the items were imported from mainland China yet they are sold so expense while in mainland China the local people can get the same thing as 14 times less. Think about the foreign currency rate between U.S.A and China. Since Mr. Christopher lived in Canada, maybe he meant Canadians afflent which I don't know much. Also, U.S.A. got the most expensive health care system in the world that seniors went to Canada to buy medicines, and U.S.A. do not have a good health care system as United Kingdom or back in the days of United Kingdom ruled over Hong Kong, patients do not pay as much as the patients pay in U.S.A.

As for consuming more than our fair share of the planet's resources, think about the infant mortality rate, mortality rate of adults, hygiene, literacy rate and the population in each country. In U.S.A., one can not afford not to drive and bicyle like mainland China nor Vietnam can due to fewer people and geographic area. Due to more population living in a city, more shops were just open in one area and more business in one area that one does not need to drive for daily essentials or to work. To be more clear, those people living in Chinatown of San Francisco or some parts of Oakland, California do not need to drive. They can just take buses and Bart ( underground transit ). However, the place is so crowded that one can hardy find a parking space if one owes a car, and in one major earthquake happened around 1898, the whole Chinatown in San Francisco suffered major casualities due to gas pipes leaked and burned up all the stories of buildings who were so close to each other. Also, crime rate is relatively higher in those areas than other cities in the bay area.

The largest number of people who got Herpes are between the age group of 18 to 24 year old. So they do not distract themselves with pink culture from our television, radio and print media. They are just out in the world for the first time in their life, and with all the media telling them FALLING IN LOVE IS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING. YOUNG AND INEXPERIENCE. Are they not victims? The Media like to make money.

On the night that the guy who has Herpes, and who seduced me to sleep with me, my basic instinct is not to sleep with him. But I was stupidly in his house that the whole evening, I had no way out. Did anyone taught me not to have a date in a guy's house? No. Back then, I used the expert knowledge from Cosmopolitan magazine that " always talk with your partner before . " And now I understand if a guy want sex, he will lie and think his partner might not have it. Am a not a victim? As for abusive child, I had done a topic on the definition of abusive to children when I was in university, and I belonged to one. Abusive can be verbally, physically, emotionally, and neglect according to the U.S.A Department which I don't remembered correctly, so I am not writing what Child Counsel it is. When I was a teenager, my girlfriends often said " There is no problem child but problem family. " Even teenagers like I and my girlfriends back then knew how a kid got rotten or not being normally, why will there be statements like Mr. Christopher made? If an illness does not get to one's nerve, of course one can live in peace with it. Even babies and little children cried in the middle of the night due to illness, so can we just tell a 6 year old have peace with your toothache, you eat too much chocolate. I remembered my 6 year old younger brother waked the whole house with his cries due to a toothache.

The last is Chlamydia is curable STD. Some STD are curable, e.g. Gonohrea, ( I might not spell right and can't be interrupted to check. )Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Why Mr. Christopher mentioned those bacteria infection STD to compare with virus infection STD?

" The Lord will afflict you with the boils of Egypt and with tumors, festering sores and the itch, from which you cannot be cured. The Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind " .( Deuteronomy 28: 27-28 ) " The Lord will afflict your knees and legs with painful boils that cannot be cured, spreading from the soles of your feet to the top of your head ". ( Deuteronomy 28: 35 ) These verses striked me so much for I experienced them.


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