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Re: bumps on my penis
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: bumps on my penis

Pls go for a blood test and culture test. My gynecologist test for my Herpes 2 with both blood test and a slide to scrab the outside tissue while I had an acute infection. He also told me for those patient who denied they might have Herpes 2, he will poke open the sores and do a culture test from the blood opened from the sore.

I wonder why do you like anal sex. Have you ever had a diarrhea before? The bowel is for excretion of solid waste after the body breaks down the useful chemicals from food, and if we accidentally contacted bacteria/dirt in food, our body will try to get them out----and diarrhea is one way the body to eliminate them. So don't try to get the dirt back to your body thru' the uretha of the penis. I don't know how the penis is connected with other parts of the body, at least to the lymphatic system and to the butt and lower back. For a woman, cancer in cervix can spread to the stomach, and bacteria in the vagina can go to the lymph. So don't try to spread to disease to other parts of your body. Also, I had spent $110.00 on one Chinese Accupunturist who photographs illness, and of course people with all kinds of rare disease hope they can get help via alternative help, so I saw a Chinese guy with all kinds of moldy like black scales and scrabs grow on his lower back----he might have Aids. I've seen pictures of wart like growth on Aids woman's vagina, but maybe due to the skin colour of the the Aids woman is black and the Chinese guy is fairer, the moldy/ black scrabs looks different, and are not purple black in color. Again, I am not a doctor, but whatever the boldy/ black scrabs are on the Chinese guy's lower back gave me seeing is believing alarm.

I know our society has taught us a lot and not taught us a lot when we were young, and some knowledge are even outdated, isn't it safe for you now to follow the norm? At least there is more support from the norm. When I was in university, I picked classes that are tough and not the Chinese taking, it ended up I had no support from my fellow Chinese who ended up having easier life, more support from university to business work, and earning more money than I do, and easier work environment than I do. I took Industrial Engineering while they are now millionare in Computer Science or Electic and Electonics fields. My Chinese girlfriends only date their own culture because of poor English or not open minded, and ended up having one or two houses in Cupertino, California, and two or three kids while I date a half French and half Japanese and ended up having Herpes 2, and don't know who will want me as a wife. My English was when I took the entrance examination for university, and imagine how I got assurance to get an A among all the youngests in joint examination for entrance to university, and so many Caucasian kids in Hong Kong who took that examination, too. And even in the United States, my first English class is the last English class to take in university,but if I had followed the norm, I will not be like now----spending over $20,000.00 in one year for medical bills, not including health insurance premium and not being able to work when I was first critically illed. For every illness, the USA government breaks down the age, ethnic, income level, housing environment, education, etc as to see whether there is genetic contibution, childhood environment, behavior, perception, etc that contibuted to that. There is a professional name for that branch of science, in fact I have two friends' brother working for the government statiscal department in that. This is not stereotyping but just to find out the cause of illness. Chinese got a lot of people having Hepatitis B while they are fewer in number in Hepatitis C and Herpes 2. Also, Chinese got fewer number in Diabetes than Whites and Blacks, so it might be genetic component or eating habits that contribute to Diabetes. I am just trying to let you see there is a relationship between a person's behavior/ gentic components/ thoughts, etc. that lead to illness. It might be from pass down knowledge and no ethnic group is stronger than the other. We all learn from each other, and can make mistakes without knowing.

If you want to know more about how God thinks of anal sex, drop me an email. Take Care.

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