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this is it
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Published: 16 years ago

this is it

ok, so I'm writing to let you all know the recent news. The amount I stated on earlier posts is the amount that needs to be taken. It IS Valtrex not a generic brand, although maybe that would work too, who knows. As for my teachers friend who went to get retested, she hasn't gone yet, but apparently, she went from frequent outbreaks to zero. Hope we can share our experiences, I am going to go through with it, still stockpiling the meds.

800mg 3xday for 10 days.

since they only come in 500mg. or 1g. -
take 1g. twice a day and 500g. once a day for 10days

I haven't shared my past experiences and since some of you have been so kind to do so, I thought I'd go ahead and share mine. I have had genetil herpes for almost 5yrs now, since i was 23. I too, like herpologist, bought a copy of "never an outbreak", and for almost 2yrs never experienced any symptoms until after I let up on the treatment. I thought for a while that maybe I didn't even have it. Then I became plagued by the damn thing. I slacked off on the treatment even though I know what was helping me was the oxygen. Although when I was initially diagnosed, the DMSO knocked it out, I wasn't taking the oxygen.

I know this much, and this I am positive about. When you think about getting an outbreak, stress out about it, feel bad that you have this disease that everyone labels as completely dirty and repulsive, you will most likely get an outbreak.

There is something that needs to be said for oxygen. I was consistent with the BOL and DMSO for 4 months in which time, I slipped up a little, no doubt getting an outbreak. I really think that maybe the whole never an outbreak regime can work, but as I'm sure you all know, not for everyone. Maybe people weren't following it exactly as told and thought, this doesn't work for me. He offers so many supplements to take along with the oxygen. I must say, I have never been a big advocate for western medicine, but, I have recently been studying with a woman, who is a healer of sorts mixing in some western beliefs with the eastern eastern. She is a brilliant mind and extraordinarily knowledgeable. She is the one that told me about the 10day valtrex cure for herpes. When I told her a couple of weeks ago that I had herpes she she looked me dead in the eye and said oh ya, did you know that there is a CURE? I asked her what it was and when she told me I told her, ya i've tried valtrex, didn't do it for me. She said, I know, it's because you weren't taking enough. She said trust me, this is the cure for herpes. I have six dear friends, one of them my ex and they have never gotten an outbreak since. So I pass this along to you because I feel that no one, no matter how wrongly they feel they have gotten this disease, should suffer with it if they don't have to. Again, I haven't tried it yet, but maybe, just maybe it will work.
For those of you who can afford to get the BOL or figure out how to make it yourself with H2O2, I think it works well. You just have to keep taking it.

As for L-lysine, Dr. Hitt (he won the nobel prize for immunology) told me to take 3 1000mg. pills when you start to feel an outbreak coming on. He said that if you can stop the outbreak from ever happening and supress it, it gets weak and eventually you wont get them anymore. I have tried this and it works, but it really hurts my stomach. Hopefully some of you can tolerate it more I can.

BHT, it may work, but anything that is a synthetic chemical and preservative, puts me on edge. I know that i am pushing the valtrex cure, but at least it is a one time thing that you can eventually detox from. Maybe taking coconut oil would be a better option. Anyway, stay positive, it is the absolute best thing that you can do for yourself. As for now I am going to go ahead and start the 10 day cure very soon. We are all ok, and we WILL get better if we put our minds to it. Hope this finds you all well. Take care and thanks for being so open about your experiences.

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