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Why THEY won't let you know of the CURE!!!
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Published: 15 years ago

Why THEY won't let you know of the CURE!!!

It has been suggested by scientists and proven to an extent through analysis like in the first link below that the HSV virus has been on earth for much longer than mankind. It has been evolving for millions of years, much longer than us, and to suggest that we monkey men are going figure out a way to kill it and rid our bodies of it is considered by many scientists to be *ridiculous*.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that when herpes is in a dormant stage, it is completely latent or inactive and hiding deep within the nerve cells at the base of our spine. It is in stealth mode.. not doing anything AT ALL to create any type of immune response whatsoever or chemical trail. It is turned off. It is INVISIBLE.

Now.. how are you going to kill something that is invisible?

Forget for a second that this latent substance is even a virus. Let's pretend that it is some sort of microscopic inanimate object, like a pebble. Let's say there is a teeny tiny microscopic pebble inside your body somewhere which is causing zero immune response and leaving no traces of it being there at all.

How are you going to create a medicine and/or medical procedure to destroy this pebble? How are you going to chemically tag it? How are you going to create any sort of immune response at all toward this silent invisible pebble? And even if you could cause this invididual pebble to activate and become 'illuminated' in some way, what about all the other microscopic pebbles which are still dormant?

This is essentialy exactly how Herpes has been explained to me by several Physicians and Virologists whom I have met/sought out over the years.

They have told me that the NATURE of the herpes virus is why it is IMPOSSIBLE to cure.

***That being said, LOTS can be done within medicine and health/nutrition to ASSURE you of NEVER having another outbreak! We should all strive for this of course and continue reading, researching, and experimenting with every bit of knowledge we can get our hands on! There is definitely MUCH potential in medicine to create new substances to SUPPRESS it!!***

but as far as some miracle that will lead to you testing negative for the HSV blood test becasue it has been eradicated from your body, it may do us all some good to take a deep breath and accept the fact that it is most likely never going to happen and very well may be COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE due to the nature of the virus which has been evolving on earth for much longer than we have.

Take a deep breath and let it go. There is no reason to become clinically depressed or develop an anxiety disorder over strife relating to your search for a "cure" for herpes. There isn't one now and there will never be one.

If you NEED to understand why this is so, consider applying to medical school or getting your doctoral degree in Virology. :)

I know this can be hard to do, but just accept it as part of YOU. Give it your blessing, and show it respect, because, after all, it's not going anywhere...
Of course, kick it in the ass.. keep it in remission.. keep it 'invisible'. But it will never be 'gone'.




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