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to Brian- Herpes is your Friend NOT Mine.
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Published: 17 years ago

to Brian- Herpes is your Friend NOT Mine.

I was reading Brian blog and was amazed by his ignorance of the facts.

If the herpes virus is invisible-then how do you know that it is invisible?

According to Dr Clark, in her years of research, PLUS, has herpes almost killed her, SHE SAID THERE IS A CURE. And she is the living proof of that!

She said, all living thing has its own FREQUENCY. Now, go back to Brian, invisible or not of the herpes virus, Dr Clark find its Frequency thru her invention called,
the Synchrometer. I happen to own one and it is the most accurate device I've ever experinment!

Many of my ailments, including my kids and family members. NEVER once the doctor find it. They always say, well, there's nothing wrong with you. (HELLO!) They cannot find anything! I bet all of us heard that before.

With the Synchrometer, I easily find it. And killed it with its own frequency. You can see it Burst in less than three minutes.

All you need is a microscope that can output the image to TV or computer screen.
See it for yourself.

Brian, if you never do your own experinment, just listening to people, they will blind and rob you. The way doctor explain, it makes alot of sense but in reality it doesn't add up. For example: Rat cure of cancer in the research, but human die of cancer (still) !

If you know that the virus dorment end of your spine, you know its there, NOT invisible, or else you would say its there!


Ps. You cannot cure eczema or Psoriasis with topical stuff. It only stop itch for the moment the medication is there, after that the itch comes back.

The ultimate cure is to kill the Ascaris or parasites, do liver cleanse. One of my friend has psoraisis all over his neck, then his whole body, first it start as eczema on between penis and thigh, ankle, behind knee, ears. He's been having it for many years.

The last Nov of 2005, we start the DrClark protocol---Parasites, bowl, kidney, liver cleanse. Now is March 2006, HIS WHOLE BODY IS SO SMOOTH AND HEALTHY SKIN.

The first time ever in his life as a man-crying so hard rejoicing.

Prior to this, he spent thousands of dollar on doctors and medication, cream they prescribe. NOTHING CURE!

I give him hi dose of Black-Walnut Xtra Strn 4x excd of DrClark recommend. Plus he took 3grm of CoEnzymeQ10 every third day for six weeks.

!Some doctor said, it will never work and most has this to say- Are you crazy, that's 3000 mg of CoEzymeQ10! You'll end up in the emergency room! I'll say, my friend is your living proof! YOU DON'T NEED MEDICATION-YOU ONLY NEED TO CLEAN YOUR INSIDE!


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