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boosting your immune system: 4-Life Transfer Factor
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Published: 17 years ago
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boosting your immune system: 4-Life Transfer Factor

herpes is a virus. if you want to defeat it before it "surfaces", then you must bolster your immune system. remedies (lotions, topical creams, etc.) only attack the symptoms. furthermore, drugs (of the acyclovir family for herpes), such as valtrex, only inhibit the virus from replicating. valtrex doesnt actually kill the virus--thats the job of your immune system. valtrex merely slows down the virus in order to give your body more of an edge in the battle. the natural killer (NK) cells that your immune system produces are what actually kill the virus particles.

the key to beating herpes is to attack the virus INTERNALLY on an EVERYDAY basis with good overall health, particularly when it comes to your immune system. look into immune system supplements. and, of course, you should eat right and exercise.

the strongest immune system supplement out there that ive discovered is 4-Life Transfer Factor. thats the brand name. ive been taking the "advanced" version for about a week now, and ive noticed that my skin has begun to clear up. i can positively say that i no longer "feel" like i have the virus. i have no prodromal symptoms whatsoever. i dont get "outbreaks"--and by that i mean, i dont have lesions or sores or any of the other classic herpes symptoms that are always hyped up. my symptoms are really more of very small bumps that appear to be under the skin. theyre almost like little pimples that you cant see unless you stretch the skin, and they are accompanied by a general pinkishness of the skin. its very slight, but of course, still herpes. this is what im trying to eliminate with the 4-Life Transfer factor products, and at the rate im going, im pretty confident that i will eventually have perfectly normal skin.

of course, there is always the matter of asymptomatic viral shedding to consider. this is when the virus is replicating under skin in very small quantities--you dont have symptoms. but you can tell its happening by spraying hydrogen peroxide on your skin (3% H202; you can get it at the grocery store for about $.70, usually in a brown bottle). if your skin "fizzes" white, theres something alive on your skin, such as herpes. this is a great way to sort of monitor whats going on with the virus. since ive been taking 4-Life Transfer Factor "advanced" formula, ive had no fizzing. this means that my immune system has lowered my viral count to a low level.

you can consider this my endorsement of 4-Life Transfer Factor, but if you want a topical remedy to take care of an actual open sore or lesion, there are a lot of things you can do. i havent had a such a severe symptom for a long time, but what once worked for me was to apply a BHT/olive oil mixture to the affected area. its very simple. you buy some BHT (a food preservative--it dissolves lipid envelopes, such as those that surround herpes virus particles) online and create a saturated solution with olive oil. you need to heat the solution up to make the BHT dissolve completely, or just wait a day or two. then apply to the wound. it will wipe out the open sore completely--but i found this only works with open sores.

sorry for the long post. go buy some 4-Life Transfer Factor! boosting your immune system is the only way to ultimately beat this virus, and youll also be the healthiest youve ever been in the process.

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