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Everyone plz read this! I cured my peeling lips!

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Published: 17 years ago

Everyone plz read this! I cured my peeling lips!

Dear Andreas,

About 2 months ago, I wrote to you this message ....

Dear Andreas,

I've had a problem with dry, peeling lips for the past 5 years. I've never had problems with my lips or any skin problems for that matter before. Well, about 5 years ago, I was smoking weed when I noticed that my lips were very chapped and peeling. Thats when I started using chapstick. However, since then, my lips never healed and returned to its "normal" state. My lips are always dry and they dry up quickly. Say for instance, I wash my lips. At that instant, my lips might appear to be fine, however, 1-2 hrs later, my lips will have dried up and start to get crusty.

I've tried everything from prescribed creams, ointments, chapsticks, balms, vitamin creams, oils, etc etc

Currently, I break up a vitamin E capsule at night and then apply it on my lips. Then in the morning, I try to clean my lips so to speak and then apply crisco which keeps my lips presentable for and hr or so. Then I have to wash my lips and either apply more crisco or apply some african shea butter so I can exfoliate the lip skin later on during the day.

The problem seems like my lip is unable to moisturize itself. It simply just drys up. My lips will dry up, either crack or get "hard" and then peel. The dried up skin also turns white when in contact with water. It seems to be worst on my bottom lip and on the middle bottom of my upper lip.

Currently, Im trying to order your book and I want to try liver cleansing.

I no longer drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs. I drink plenty of water and I exercise at least couple times a week by running.

This lip problem has taken my "life" away from me. I just want it back.

and you responded with....

The problem is not really in the skin of your lips, but reflects an inflammatory condition in the colon, parts of the small intestines and some in the stomach. The inner skin that enfolds the GI tract is irritated and may have developed small lesions. Drugs do that, and certain foods and beverages do that as well. The lower lip mostly represents the condition of the large intestines and the upper lip mostly that of the stomach. Eating a lot of acid-forming foods such as animal proteins and any processed, refined, micro-waved, frozen foods acidify the intestinal lining and walls and force the outer "skin" lining in both the intestines and lips to be replaced or shed more quickly and more often than normal. It is not a disease, but a survial mechanism. When you receive Timeless, Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation (, make sure to follow the guidelines for diet according to body type and the recommended bed and mealtimes. When the lips reduce the swelling you will know that the intestinnal wounds are also healing up. Then you can start liver cleansing. In the meanwhile, to support the body, you may use colosan (now in capsule form from and a colonic irrigation of colema from time to time.


Since then, Ive used the colosan(2 bottles) and really tried to change my diet to my body type(vata). I see an overall improvement about 30%. I say 20% because although I noticed that my lip skins peels much slower, it STILL gets dry and eventually peels. Also, it gets white when in contact with water. I'm currently applying east african shea butter throughout the day and night and sometimes even crisco. I find your book to be AMAZING, and I have not yet finished it because of my current busy schedule but Im really trying to focus on the recommended diet for my body type and Im also trying really hard to not eat dinner beyond 7pm. I'm also applying borage oil on my forearms and stomach before I go to sleep. Someone with a similar problem to mine did this for couple days and his lips were HEALED(he had this problem for 5+ yrs too). However, it seems like its not working for me.

Andreas, I am currently ordering more colosan and Im trying harder to be more discipline in my diet. In the meantime, what would you recommend that I apply on my lips during the day and night to keep it from getting hard and dry. Out of everything that Ive tried, it seems like the eastern african shea butter is working the best.
I still have hope in your "treatment" and I just wanted to ask you if you could give me some advice on what to do.........

Thank you so much

His response:
I would stay with the African shea butter, if that works for you. There is no other reason for dry lips than digestive trouble. Liver Cleansing is the way to break into the vicious cycle, and along with colon cleansing and a more alkaline-forming diet it should completely restore normal lip skin.


someone else immediately responded with

Andreas's message to you is spot on!

I had nasty, dry peeling lips for many years .. so cracked that they would bleed when I smiled! After my first liver flush, my lips literally shed a thick layer of skin (I felt like a smake) and underneath, suddenly I had gorgeous, smooth and pink lips - all plump and moist! I never need to wear lip salve now.

My lips have not been cracked since .. occasioanlly when I have had a few days of eating junk tyoe foods, i can see my lips getting dry .. but Liver Flushing and changing eating habits have ensured I never have that condition again.



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