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Re: Now for questions-liver
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Now for questions-liver

you wrote:
1-Does all or most constipation start with a congested or weak liver?

Constipation is a symptom, not a disease. Like a fever, constipation can be caused by many different conditions. Most people have experienced an occasional brief bout of constipation that has corrected itself with diet and time. The following is a list of some of the most common causes of constipation:

Poor Diet.

A main cause of constipation may be a diet high in animal fats (meats, dairy products, eggs) and refined Sugar (rich desserts and other sweets), but low in fiber (vegetables, fruits, whole grains). Some studies have suggested that high-fiber diets result in larger stools, more frequent bowel movements, and therefore less constipation.
Imaginary Constipation.
This is very common and results from misconceptions about what is normal and what is not. If recognized early enough, this type of constipation can be cured by informing the sufferer that the frequency of his or her bowel movements is normal.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Also known as spastic colon, IBS is one of the most common causes of constipation in the United States. Some people develop spasms of the colon that delay the speed with which the contents of the intestine move through the digestive tract, leding to constipation.

Poor Bowel Habits.

A person can initiate a cycle of constipation by ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement. Some people do this to avoid using public toilets, others because they are too busy. After a period of time a person may stop feeling the urge. This leads to progressive constipation.

Laxative Abuse.

People who habitually take laxatives become dependent upon them and may require increasing dosages until, finally, the intestine becomes insensitive and fails to work properly.


People often experience constipation when traveling long distances, which may relate to changes in lifestyle, schedule, diet, and drinking water.

2-If I "lightly" steam or cook foods, is that the best for digestion? Is that enough?

It is nice to have some warm food each day. Certainly it smells good, with various aromas being carried to your nose by the steam. Just avoid high temperatures and don't cook your food to death. Cooking destroys about 25% to 100% of the nutrients in food depending on the cooking method.
Enzymes are needed to properly digest your food and cooking at temperatures above 116°F destroys enzymes.

Lightly steaming food destroys about 25% of certain vitamins and other nutrients. Microwaving food can destroy up to 100% of some nutrients. Plus, frying, deep frying and baking at moderately high temperatures (350°F) and microwaving can create carcinogens such as acrilamide and transfats in the food. To protect nutrients when cooking, you should always cook with water, thereby ensuring the cooking temperature never exceeds the boiling point of the water. Properly cooking certain foods can make the foods more appetizing and soften the food thereby increasing the availability of nutrients. The overall diet, however, should consist of only 30% cooked foods and at least 70% raw foods.

3-Does the liver have to digest lightly cooked foods since the enzymes are still intact?

Let me repeat ( over 116 degrees ) KILLS
enzymes. So why would anyone think that the enzymes "lightly cooked foods" would be intact?

If you must eat cooked foods and do not want to take a digestive enzyme supplement then you should look into dehydrated foods as an alternative to cooked food. Dehydrators make foods taste cooked, but the enzymes remain in the food, as long as it was dehydrated at less than 116 degrees.


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