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Re: A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods

Good Riddance to
Hot Flashes and More!

Nutrient-rich, phyto-nutrient and antioxidant...


Good Riddance to
Hot Flashes and More!

Nutrient-rich, phyto-nutrient and antioxidant...

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods

Spoiled Rotten

During digestion, hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach and the gastric contents range from pH 1 to pH 3.
Since almost all chlorides are soluble, that is, they remain ionized, the hydrochloric acid is a most effective way
of ionizing the food. Nevertheless, food usually contains products that produce ions other than chlorides, such
as the phosphates from meat and soft drinks, the citrates from fruits, and the lactates from milk, to name but a few.

To maintain health, the diet should consist of 60% alkaline forming foods & 40% acid forming foods. To restore
health, the diet should consist of 80% alkaline forming foods & 20% acid forming foods. Generally, alkaline
forming foods include: most fruits, green vegetables, peas, beans, lentils, spices, herbs and seasonings, and
seeds and nuts. Generally, acid forming foods include: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, grains, and legumes.

The average person is "Spoiled Rotten" - rotting from the inside out, with a dysfunctional intestinal tract that
is a breeding ground for disease. Did you know that the intestine is the first organ developed in the fetus?
Each of us is at war and we don't even know it! The private war we wage each day is the daily assault on
our body by bacteria, virus, fungus, yeasts, and molds. This is an onslaught of “terrorist” killer bugs become
stronger and stronger day by day!

Our immune systems are becoming weaker and over-taxed in this war…even the medical profession's first
line of defense (the antibiotic) is becoming less and less effective against the resistant new strains being
created daily as bacteria mutates. Although Louis Pasteur discovered the germ theory of disease that states “
…germs are the cause of disease,” note Dr. Pasteur's dying words: "The germ is nothing, the inner terrain is

That “inner terrain” referred to by Dr. Pasteur's statement is our biological terrain comprising our body's
digestive tract, lymph system, blood, urinary tract, intestines and intestinal fluids. Our bodies are alkaline
by design and acid by function. Maintaining proper alkalinity is essential for life, health, and vitality. Simply
put - an imbalance of alkalinity creates a condition favorable to the growth of bacteria, yeast and other
unwanted organisms. All leading biochemists and medical physiologists have recognized pH—or the
acid-alkaline balance—as the most important aspect of a balanced and healthy body. They have long
known that the maintenance of an alkaline pH in our tissues and cells is critical to cellular health. We
live and die at the cellular level.

All the cells (billions of them) that make up the human body are slightly alkaline, and must maintain
alkalinity in order to function and remain healthy and alive. However their cellular activity creates acid
and this acid is what gives the cell energy and function. As each alkaline cell performs its task of
respiration, it secretes metabolic wastes, and these end products of cellular metabolism are acid in
nature. Although these wastes are used for energy and function, they must not be allowed to build up.

One example of this is the often painful lactic acid, which is created through exercise. The body will
go to great lengths to neutralize and detoxify these acids before they act as poisons in and around
the cell, ultimately changing the environment of the cell. Most people and clinical practitioners believe
the immune system is the body's first line of defense, but in actuality it is not. It is more like a very
sophisticated clean-up service. We must instead look at the importance of pH balance as the first
and major line of defense against sickness and disease and for health and vitality.

What We Can Do

We must get in there and cleanse the body to get it under control. This all takes time. It is not
easy to reverse acidity once we become too acidic. After it is under control, we have to support
the body nutritionally to build new cells. We are in an era of malnutrition because of the lack of
minerals available in the soils where are foods are grown. What we have is a lot of food but very
little nutrient value in it.

I've heard experts comment, "If you don't want to take supplements, you haven't got a chance".
The quality of the supplements you do decide to take will make all the difference in
the world because not all supplements are created equal. Most of the calcium compounds
(lactate, carbonate, citrate) that are available on the market are NOT properly absorbed in the body!

Some suggested ways to keep your body's biological terrain at a healthy alkaline environment
· eating alkalizing foods including lots of green foods and super foods (remembering that the
nutritional value of foods is questionable…)
· limiting our intake of phosphates, which bind to calcium and prevent its absorption (dietary
phosphates are commonly found in all carbonated drinks, and in all animal protein…)
· adding digestion enzymes in the form of supplementation ( specifically plant-based microbials…)
Alkaline Forming Foods

Highly Alkaline Forming Foods:

Baking soda, Sea Salt , mineral water, pumpkin seed, lentils, seaweed, onion, sweet potato,
lime, lemons, nectarine, persimmon, raspberry, watermelon, tangerine, and pineapple.
Moderately Alkaline Forming Foods:

Apricots, spices, kambucha, unsulfured molasses, soy sauce, cashews, garlic, asparagus,
kale, parsley, endive, mustard green, ginger root, broccoli, grapefruit, cantaloupe, honeydew,
citrus, olive, dewberry, carrots, loganberry, and mango.
Low Alkaline Forming Foods:

Most herbs, green tea, mu tea, rice syrup, apple cider vinegar, sesame seed, cod liver oil,
almonds, sprouts, potato, bell pepper, mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, rutabaga, ginseng,
eggplant, pumpkin, collard green, pear, avocado, apples (sour), blackberry, cherry, peach,
and papaya.
Very Low Alkaline Forming Foods:

Ginger tea, duck eggs, oats, wild rice, avocado oil, most seeds, coconut oil, olive oil,
flax oil, brussel sprout, beet, chive, cilantro, celery, okra, cucumber, turnip greens,
squashes, lettuces, orange, banana, blueberry, raisin, currant, grape, and strawberry.

Acid Forming Foods

Very Low Acid Forming Foods:

honey, maple syrup, vinegar, cream, butter, goat/sheep cheese, chicken, gelatin,
organs, venison, fish, wild duck, brown rice, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil,
sunflower oil, pine nuts, canola oil, spinach, black-eyed peas, string beans,
zucchini, rhubarb, coconut, guava, dry fruit, figs, and dates.
Low Acid Forming Foods:

Vanilla, alcohol, cow milk, aged cheese, soy cheese, goat milk, game meat,
lamb, turkey, wheat, white rice, almond oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, tapioca,
pinto beans, white beans, navy beans, red beans, lima beans, plum, prune
and tomatoes.
Moderately Acid Forming Foods:

Nutmeg, coffee, casein, milk protein, cottage cheese, soy milk, pork, veal,
chicken, maize, barley groats, corn, rye, oat bran, pistachio seeds, pecans,
green peas, peanuts, cranberry, and pomegranate.
Highly Acid Forming Foods:

Tabletop sweeteners like (NutraSweet, Spoonful, Sweet 'N Low, Equal
or Aspartame), pudding, jam, jelly, table salt (NaCl), beer, yeast, hops,
malt, sugar, cocoa, white (acetic acid) vinegar, processed cheese,
ice cream, beef, lobster, pheasant, barley, cottonseed oil, hazelnuts,
walnuts, brazil nuts, fried foods, soybean, and soft drinks, especially
the cola type. To neutralize a glass of cola with a pH of 2.5, it would
take 32 glasses of Alkaline Water with a pH of 10.

Some pH Food Values:

Egg whites 7.8, Water 7.0, Shrimp 6.9, Corn 6.3, Butter 6.3, Potatoes 5.8,
Asparagus 5.6, Bread 5.5, Beans 5.5, Carrots 5.1, Bananas 4.6, Tomatoes 4.2,
Raspberries 3.4, Strawberries 3.2, Rhubarb 3.1, Grapefruit 3.1, Apples 3.1,
Vinegar 2.7, Lemon 2.1


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