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Why not to drink Homogenized milk fats! Why they are Impossible to Digest!
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Published: 17 years ago

Why not to drink Homogenized milk fats! Why they are Impossible to Digest!

Hi Ya'll,

This subject needs some more attention for those wondering about using skim milk with the Probiotics!

Why can not the body digest Homogenized milk fats?

Milk with milk fats contains Protein and also the milk fats, which require different digestive conditions to digest properly!

Protein may be broken down and digested by digestive acids!

But FAT of any kind may not be broken down with any kind of acids!!

Example: What do you have to use to clean greasy, oily, fatty carbohydrates from your dirty dishes after a meal?

If you understand chemistry, and are able to read the ingredients on the dish soap, you will find out that only an ALKALINE ingredient will clean and break down greasy, oily, fatty carbohydrates!!

Now you need to understand what Homogenization means:
Homogenization is the process whereas any kind of fat, oil, and or fatty carbohydrate is blended into the opposite kind of fluid or substance, like milk fat is blended into the milk protein so the two will not come apart!

If you look at how nature designed it, a cows milk if left to set, the cream will separate and rise to the top of the glass!

This kind of milk most people could drink and have no problems digesting it , if their digestive flora is working properly and they have an Alkaline saliva!

What is important to understand is that a Healthy person will have an Alkaline saliva, which will start the digestive process of the fats, oils, and fatty carbohydrates in the foods you eat, and as the food enters the stomach, then the stomach acids will start the digestion of the proteins, fiber and minerals!

Now as the foods pass through the digestive system and if there are undigested fats, oils, and fatty carbohydrates, then the gall bladder releases an Alkaline bile to try to help finish the digestive process of the fats, oils, and fatty carbohydrates!

But if the fats, oils, and fatty carbohydrates have been Homogenized together with the Proteins, fibers , and minerals, then the body is unable to break this down, so the body is then unable to digest this product!

Homogenization of "ANY" food is one of the single most Anti-digestive products on the market, because of this "FACT" !!

Now "WHY" in the world would anyone want to do a thing like this to the food you eat???

Could it be that because of this process of Homogenization, that this provides more shelf life to the product and enables the sellers of this product to make more "PROFIT" ??

Surely people couldn't be more interested in making a "PROFIT" than in your Good Health, could they??

This is why if you drink Homogenized milk, that you should "ONLY" drink Skim milk with no fat in it, so you may be able to digest the milk then!

Smile Tis your choice.


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