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Re: Giddy as a school girl
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Giddy as a school girl

Hi Zapp.

I wish you luck. You many have to stop taking HCL w/pepsin prior to taking a test to get accurate results. I just want to point something out to you. Candida does cause serious nutritional deficiences. And even though you feel you may have erradicated the candida, that would not have corrected the mineral imbalances. Were you/Are you taking supplements? I might want to add that that mucoid plaque will seriously hamper mineral absorbtion.

I would wonder if low stomach acid is the culprit. I am concerned about the use of HCl. Only because my experience with many years of GERD reflux. I took many acid reducers for many years. But when my dog got kidney disease I started researching her options. I do not know about people , but with dogs when their kidneys are not working right they tend to be very acidy. She would routinely vomit acid and it actually bleached out my carpet. IN any case, as a remedy we were giving her one zantac per day. After a few weeks we noticed that she began eating alot of grass and was still vomiting up a small amount of acid. My answer to this was to call the vet and confirm that I could give you more zantac, which was recommened. At two zantac per day my doggie got worse. She was vomiting every other day. Huge amounts of acid. It was bizarre. A friend of mine whos dog was also going thru the same thing started doing some research. We came across an interesting article/study completed at a top notch medical hospital that found that taking acid reducer causes a rebound effect where as the stomach will keep producing more and more acid and a person may need more and more acid reducer to work. This made sense to what was happening to my dog and actually resonanted with me also since I had always taken zantac. And it was true , the more I took the more I needed.

So we lowered the dose for the doggie and I weaned myself off of it completely. Abnd I mean you have to slowly wean yourself off and find some other way to deal with the nausea , heartburn that insues. With my doggie I feed her bread to absorb excess acid. For myself I just try to keep something on my stomach. It worked , I have not taken zantac in 6 months. And when my dog has an acid attack she gets some dry toast and it ends it right there.

My point in telling you this story is that IF taking acid reducer actually causes your body to produce more and more acid then what would taking more acid do? Could it actually cause your body to make less without it? I wonder if taking HCL is the answer to the problem or an indicaotr that there are some kind of malabsorbtion issues. For instance , while reading a long article about mucoid plaque I discovered that this plaque can also be in the stomach and small intestine. Mucoid plaque forms to protect the body from toxins, acids etc. It is thought that if the body does not absorb enough minerals then the bile and therfore the acid of the stomach can become too acid. Acid enough to do damage, so in response the body will build up mucoid plaque to protect it. This hampers absorbtion and so on. The snowball effect. By taking HCL you are adding more acid , over time is it possible you will build up more mucoid plaque to protect you from additional acid and be right back at square one where you might need more HCL to do the job.

I feel as though the answer is to remove plaque. I am certainly not one to argue with success. And for those getting results, I think it is great. I myself know that I cannot take even take the milder version plant enzymes without getting that burning sensation. I know I have enough acid. But my heart burn and burning stomach tell me it very well may be too acidic. Too acidic in an attempt to maybe get more vits and mins out of the food I am eating. But all it is doing is creating more plaque and less absorbtion. I also suffer symptoms of minerals deficiency. It is actually my main problem now.

So it will be interesting in the coming months to see how everyone makes out with this approach. I just wanted to point this out , it is important to be aware of. Hopefully everyone will report back on successes.



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