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Here's what I learned...
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Published: 17 years ago
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Here's what I learned...

I started the Colon Cleanse 9 or 10 days earlier... I didn't have any big noticeable chunks of MP passing at that time, and I still haven't had any as of now. I wondered, but figured it would probably be safe since most people pass small stones in the beginning.

I felt fairly certain that whatever blockage I might have in the colon, any restriction I might have should be at least big enough to let a three-quarter inch or one inch diameter object through without getting stuck. I just used a little common sense and gauged it for myself. I'm 45 now, and still pretty healthy. Obviously, If you were a sickly 80-year-old, weakened by years of malnutrition and whatnot, you would want to handle things MUCH more cautiously. Like I alluded to in my first post, I've just been noticing that "middle age decline" is starting to happen... I'm not "on death's doorstep" just yet, or "clinging to life by a thread". I can see things starting to slow down a little bit, and I want to do whatever I can to stop that or reverse it. That's all.

So I decided to "go for it." Shelleycat's encouragement helped with that a little I guess, too. You just have to gauge it for yourself I guess. After drinking these funny "hay-and-clay" shakes for several days, it was just nice to see some results happening. It works, just like everyone here says. Cool!

I feel it's important to mention something, here, because I had an interesting experience with the Epsom Salt when I did the cleanse. I had already purchased most of the stuff I need a week earlier. Back then, I decided to try the Epsom Salt out just for a break from the P&B's. I mixed one tablespoon in some water and drank it. It just "tasted weird" and that's about it.

A week later when I did the liver cleanse, I read through the FAQ (Liver Cleanse page) and I ended up doing a "blend" of two of the different methods listed there. I also noticed in Hulda Clark 's method that she mentioned "visit the bathroom one or more times" at about 1 hour and 45 minutes after drinking the Epsom Salts . I remember thinking "that's a funny thing to say." "How can you make yourself go to the bathroom?" "Thats weird." I quickly forgot about it, and got on with the cleanse.

For whatever reason, I decided to use two tablespoons of Epsom Salt this time, instead of just one. One of the recipes recommended 2 tbsp. instead of 1 tbsp., so I tried it.

That made all the difference! About 90 minutes later, I found myself heading for the bathroom, or else! I spent the next 20 minutes there. Just water. And more water. And MORE water! Aha! So this is how it works! If you take enough epsom salt, you get this flushing action that dilutes the bile so it doesn't sit there in your colon burning away. Then it flushes it out of you quickly. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this.

The important concept here is make sure to do enough epsom salt to get this effect. I think it depends on your body weight, and bigger people will need more to get the right results. I weighed between 275 and 280 pounds at the time, and it took two tbsp. of salts to "make it happen". After this totally accidental discovery, I would have to say that if you've been doing cleanses and getting "the burning feeling" this is probably the cause. It may just depend upon your body weight or metabolism, and you need to use more epsom salt. Try 1Ĺ tablespoons and see. Then try 2 tablespoons. If it isn't sending you to the bathroom 90 minutes or 2 hours later, you need to use more epsom salt.

I was going to do the coffee enema too, but after the "flood" I didn't really see any need for that. The whole experience went trouble-free. I didn't have any headaches, vomiting or anything else. Maybe a couple teeny-weeny little "oil burps" after drinking the oil down. I slept well too with the ornithine. Later that next day I weighed in at 268!

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