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Re: is psyllium addictive? NO, butt do it right.

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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: is psyllium addictive? NO, butt do it right.

Either get Richard Schultze's complete program, or one of the other systems...for I see many here have products of their own, so I don't want to step on toes.

I am EXTREMELY familiar with this subject, as I have studied it under the Masters of Colon health like V.E. Irons (before he passed away nearly sixty years AFTER "the date" doctors had "given him".

What a man. And even in his late 80's, nearing 90, the last time I went to a single lecture just to hear his command of English and his vibrant demeanor and humor, I was taken back to our first encounter with this remarkable pioneer on this subject..

At that age, his face....I kid you not...looked more like a baby's butt than the face of a nearing 90 year old guy.

Man, that is CLEAN INSIDE!

Yeah, I know: If you're GREEN inside, you're CLEAN inside.

So the deal was: My wife had suffered for many years from female troubles of a most distressing kind, and constipation since two and three years old.

She had a strong strike against her from day one.


Back when that putz Spock had first begun his destructive teachings , and young women were sold on the "Keep the breast" looking good, etc and the convenience and the "modern" approach was the way to go, etc. , out came the now ubiquitous baby bottle

So babies, including her, did NOT get that vital colostrum and the other bacteria that provides a lifetime colonization of the right bacteria in the intestinal tract.

But I digress.

By the time I married her, a second marriage, she was pretty sick from that constant, she was too shy to even tell me about it....nothing new there, since I have been working in alternatives for thirty years I have met TONS of women who had given birth one to six times who knew nearly nothing about "down there". I was amazed to know that I knew infinitely more than they did about their sexual and bowel apparatus.

More than I WANT to know..........LOL

So the first thing we did , or I did after five years of that, was to convince her to "go alternative' and stop throwing money away on those doctors , who only wanted to talk hysterectomy.

Thank Heaven she was stubborn also............wait, I take that back.

The upshot was that this little woman, five foot six, 100 pounds to 108, who looked cute as heck, could wear a size six dress......during the day, but bloated up to a ten in the tummy area at night, was very sick inside.

Finally I got her to my friend's new clinic, where another doctor that I knew was the Xray person for legal purposes.

We did a lower GI......they had never suggested that to her in the previous fifteen years.


I went into another roon and the tears came streaming, for she looked like it was far far far too late, and she was only 34 then.

Mind you, to look at her, you would never know that ten pounds or a lot more of that 108 was a build up of the worst kind , as bad as any of the scare books you have seen.

Here's the difference. When she, or when each of us tackles something, there is no compromise or chickening out or as Richard Schultze calls it, "no smorgy" You dont pick and choose what you are going to do.

At this time, another woman was going to Jim's clinic and driving a hundred fifty miles each way to do so.

Her husband, a tinkerer, began putting together what became the world famous COLEMA BOARD back in the late 70's and the world of serious Bowel Cleanse was improved by light years, for in former times, you had to use that long enema tube WAY UP THERE to do the job right, and most people quit too soon. They always do, at anything.

But not my good friend D.

Victor (IRONS) told us, once that Colema board was on the market...ours is twenty six years old do the full week's fast, taking his Vit RA Nox (SP) products as directed and eating zero food, doing the colema treatment each night, or even AM and PM. We did that by the book, even though it's a hassle, for an early death was the alternative.

Her colon was stretched like taffy...if you know what that is....young people often don't, and as is common, that portion from the Hepatic flexure (under the upper right rib cage), where the heavily loaded colon had "dropped" (prolapsed) the diameter of her colon was less than half , more like a third of what it should be. It dropped on her entire reproductive system DUH..where were the smart doctors for thirty years with that information?.

And I have seen this many many many times since. The Uterus was nearly crushed flat, her colon actually HAD A LOOP IN IT DOWN WAY BELOW HER TUMMY BUTTON, and you can imagine the pressure on the bladder. A LOOP! The other two had never seen that ,and I don't ever want to see it on anyone again. I was terrified that it had "adhered" and we would have a real crisis if that was the case, not that we didn't already.

When a colon does that stretching, cuz the weight of it is pulling on the "bend" near the gall bladder, there is always a gas pocket with a bulge at the top, and sure enough, it was such that it had pushed the gall bladder pretty severely.

Likewise, you will have the same thing under your heart, and she did.

Thus began a TEN YEAR effort to get her system normalized.

We did the full weeks fast and the Colema board thing two times a year to begin, then he had us do it every 49 days one year, so we did........something about the perfect number,7, etc.

And the amount of stuff that exited that tiny woman was unbelievable over time.

Remember, when you undertake to get WELL alternatively, there is no pussyfooting around. You must be deadly serious, and we were.

I had the same results.

You do NOT dislodge all of the junk in your system...she was only thirty four and I was a touch older...with these one two three deals. You barely get a smidgeon of the easiest layer .

When you do the whole weeks fast, etc with don't get hungry, by the way, IF you take the stuff as you should and drink tons of water.

But most people look for an easy way. There isn't any, not to do a reconstruction job on yourself.

So within a while, this lovely lady began to have a semblance of a life again. Butt we did that for ten years without fail, and then every year or so after that. We're overdue.

This is a lot to learn, I know, but just remember that you will get help here from experienced people.

I am as experienced as most in this area, for I have helped many others, and also spent time enough to be an advanced student with Richard Schultze, not to mention taking cancer patients down to my friend's hospital in Mexico.

You might check the reading material and super good cleanse products at

Call Randy and talk to him about your needs. He is a good man.


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